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Slot Type:
Video Slot
Slot features:
Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Multiplier, Free Spins


It is very nice to see our beloved movie superheroes on a video slot machine. The game is here to bring the thrill of the caped crusaders, of the 70s, back! Nothing beats seeing wonder woman as the theme of a 5-reel and 40 payline slot designed by Bally.

Since there is a trend of showcasing superheroes on TV shows and films, there is no doubt that a lot of people would love this casinos online slot! The only question to ask is if wonder woman would be as adventurous on a slot as she normally would be!

Basics of the Wonder Woman Gold Slot

This amazing online casino was cut about 40 years ago, but the fame of this superhero lives on like a wildfire in a dry Sahara plain! It captured the glitz, disco sparkle, and glamor of that era. Those that are age-long diehard fans would get the gist.

Amazing Features

  •         On this online casino, there is a screenshot of Wonder woman at the left side. Lynda Carter played the role of this character, and she killed the role with her stunning beauty.
  •         She was the lead of the show, and it is not surprising that she is more noticeable than the name of the game. She shines brightly as the stars trail behind her in the background and surrounding her name.
  •         There are also little stars spread all over the purple and orange background. On the right side of the reels, there’s a spin button and a button that functions when bonuses appear. Everything seems perfect, except for the three jackpots located at the top.
  •          They are not quite as flashy as the rest of the icons on the reel. The three of them have a colored star on both sides of each, yet the colors are not as bright as a shiny star would.
  •         However, the major jackpots have golden stars. This now leads us to the diagrams of the winning lines in the paytable – that is where all the action is!

A Wonderful Experience

Not to brag but, there are only a few shows, if any, that have their own game. Besides, how many of them have an actress that looks so good, that the show promotes itself on her beauty and skills? Carter appears on the reels twice as wonder woman and Diana Prince.

Diana Prince is Wonder woman’s alter ego. But keeping it all on a lower key, there are other characters on the reels. Steve Trevor made it to the reels too! This slot is full of delights that give you glimpses of the chills and thrills the show gave its fans.

The Whole Wins

For those that did their homework and understand the do and don’ts on a Wonder Woman Gold casino slot online, the ultimate prize here is 600 credits. Bear in mind that the ultimate prize is for Diana Prince.

There are also clips from the show that you would also get from the ultimate prize with a winning line. This also comes with a ‘nice win’ with coins flashed across the screen. The picture and the card symbols now merge since the boot icon has the same worth as the Ace – you get 120 credits for accumulating five of a kind. The king, Queen, and the jack are not worth more than 80 credits.

Since you get the hang of the Wonder Woman Gold slot free of charge, it is time to bet! There are just 5 bet options you have – 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, and 2.25. Once you have touched the option that your heart wants, then there is no turning back. The only thing you can change is muting and unmuting of the music.

There are quite some beautiful looking bonuses in this Wonder Woman Gold slot game, especially if you are a fan of the show. You will also get lots of clips from the show – this is fan-heaven! There is a wildcard with a three-striped symbol on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, and the reel extends down to the game photo.

The scatter symbol of the Wonder Woman Gold slot is very attractive. This symbol will get you 200 credits and take you into the bonus territory. You also get a clip from the show, and you get to choose the number of free spins you can play with.

Going for eight free spins makes the game symbol replace the King, Queen, and Jack.16 spins make the special picture replaces the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.25 spins allowyou to replace the Queen and Jack with the same symbol.

If you feel this is too far fetched for you, then buying bonuses is another great option for you. You get this offer even before the game starts. However, you can win jackpots by playing smart. All you need is to get a blue, golden, or red star on the 1st and 5th reel. The gold star triggers a jackpot of 500 credits, the red triggers one of 50 credits, and the blue triggers just 5 credits.

Concluding Lines

There is much this game has to offer, except high credit prizes. However, the intent is to have fun while playing the game and having the liberty to make money while being at it. You can play Wonder Woman Gold slot for real money.

But the extent to which you make money is dependent on how well you use the winning combinations to your favor. This game is going to intrigue you to the very end.


You can play Wonder Woman Gold slot machine online and have all the fun you need. Make money while enjoying the beautiful animations of the show.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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