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Slot Type:
video slot
50 000
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol

Viking Runecraft Slot Review

Viking Runecraft is a video slot that explores the ancient life of the warrior tribe of Vikings. This slot game, which is provided by Play’n Go, delves into the spirituality practised by Vikings at the time. The set includes a blend of Norse mythology in this respect, which allows players to ride to war in the presence of famous gods like Thor, Odin, and Freya, and each one is packed with unique bonus features.

Viking Runecraft Overview

The Vikings’ theme is explored by software developers far and wide, and Play’n Go joined this list in 2017 with the release of Viking Runecraft. The slot machine is a visual slot wonder that exploits the popular themes of Vikings and Norse gods. With seven reels placed over the same number of rows, the Viking Runecraft playtable towers over that of regular slots. The game straps players in for a unique ride through gifts from the gods, upgradable levels, bonus rounds, and winnings of up to 100,000 credits. These features and others offered in the game are discussed in this Viking Runecraft slot review.


Viking Runecraft video slot is relatively uncomplicated when it comes to gameplay with only two steps to take, and they are achieved using the control bar at the screen bottom. Punters have to choose from the presented bet range between 0.10 and 100 credits, and they can scale through the choices using the (-) and (+) keys. Spinning the reels can be done using either the spin or autoplay function. The payouts of each round are displayed in the WIN section.

Wager Limits

Play’n Go’s Viking Runecraft slot machine accepts stakes from as little as 0.10 credits to as much as 100 credits. The bet choices are preset and presented on the UI panel for gamers to select. These betting limits are similar when playing the slot for free and actual cash. The chosen value plays a role in the wins offered for character combinations.

Payout Percentage

Viking Runecraft online slot has a Return to Player rate of 94.66%. This RTP rate places it slightly behind the average slot game, which spots 95%. The percentage plays a role in vaguely predicting the winnings likely to be provided by the game over a long period. With high volatility, Viking Runecraft is also expected to award rare but sizeable winnings.

Viking Runecraft Winnings

Viking Runecraft slot machine presents players with a cocktail of payouts and bonuses that can be collected randomly in any spin. The pokie machine takes an unusual approach with its rewards to feature elements that are unique to its theme. These incentives are as follows:

  • Symbol winnings

Viking Runecraft slot features nine symbols – the first five, which are denoted by the Runes of Valhalla, award the small payouts, while the other four (god sigils) grant the big wins. This slot game pays for the cluster formations of five or more symbols. The lacking use of paylines means that the combinations can be formed anywhere on the grid both horizontally and vertically. The payouts change according to the wager used, and here are those offered when 100 credits are placed:

Icon Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Twelve Fifteen
Green rune 20 3o 40 50 100 250 500 1000
Lavender rune 30 40 50 80 150 400 1000 2000
Blue rune 40 50 80 100 200 500 1500 3000
Brown rune 50 80 100 150 300 600 2000 4000
Plum rune 80 100 150 200 400 700 2500 5000
Armor 100 150 200 300 500 1000 4000 8000
Axe 150 200 300 400 700 1500 5000 10000
Helmet 250 400 500 800 1000 2500 10000 25000
Hammer 500 750 1000 1500 2500 7500 25000 100000
  • Gift of the Gods

This bonus is activated after any round that does not land a winning combination. Players receive a gift from the god standing to the right, and they are as so:

Thor Five to nine symbols become wild
Odin Four wild symbols created in groups of two
Freya Four wild clusters that only disappear after at least one win
Heimdall A wild symbol on each reel
  • Level

Viking Runecraft slot includes levels that are scaled when players clear winning clusters on the indicated patterns. Each level is graced by the presence of a god.

  • Runes of Valhalla

This bonus is given when at least one of the runestones is collected in a payout cluster, and the level pattern is cleared. In the offer, players are presented with a wheel covered with ten spots, five of which carry winnings.

  • Charge of Destruction

Collecting winnings using twenty symbols activates this offer, which grants one of four bonuses, including:

Fury of Fenrir Two diagonal symbol lines are removed while another two are changed to the same icon.
Judgement of Jormungandr Most icons on a chain are destroyed while the rest turn to the same character.
Scorching of Surtr Three icons are selected, and all adjacent characters are destroyed while the chosen ones duplicate.
Lure of Loki Two symbol groups are selected – one is destroyed while the other is changed to the same one.
  • Ragnarok

When the charge of destruction is filled with twenty more symbols, and a free spin is awarded. Each win drives up a multiplier bonus, and it can go as high as fifteen times.

Slot Presentation

Viking Runecraft slot shows off Play’n Go’s ability to use 3D and cartoon graphics in imaging. The game is set on the icy plains of the northern hemisphere with snow blowing around the seven by seven grid. At any time during gameplay, one of the four Norse gods stands to the right of the screen.

Winning Tips

When engaging the Viking Runecraft, it is recommended to play the slot game for real money, which makes any winnings withdrawable. However, those not willing to lose any cash can play the slot demo where no cash deposits are necessary. One should understand that winnings are random, and there is no definite approach on how to win aside from luck dependence.

Device Compatibility

Viking Runecraft online slot is suitable for gameplay on both desktop computers and smartphones. The game operates in a no download mode on both platforms since it uses the modern HTML5 technology.

Highest Wins

Viking Runecraft slot features one of the most significant fixed jackpot amounts, which amounts to 100,000 credits. This win is offered for a combination of fifteen or more hammer symbols and when the highest wager of 100 credits is placed.

Final Comments

Viking Runecraft slot game is one of the most entertaining releases by Play’n Go. The game gives players a lot to look forward to with multiple bonus features that range from wilds and duplicate symbols to free rounds and multiplier incentives.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Is there a wild symbol in Viking Runecraft slot game?

Yes, there is. The game features four wild symbols that represent the sigils of the Norse gods Thor, Freya, Odin, and Heimdall. However, it does not include a scatter symbol.

What is the highest payout in the Viking Runecraft online slot?

The highest payout in Viking Runecraft slot is 100,000 credits for a combination of more than fifteen Thor hammers. This amount is reserved for the maximum bet of 100 credits.

Is Viking Runecraft slot safe to play?

Yes, it is. Play’n Go is among the most credible online gaming software developers with licenses from the UKGC and other established regulatory institutions.

How is Viking Runecraft free play possible?

Playing Viking Runecraft slot for free is possible when using the demo version. This variation is available on our site and some online casinos. The free play slot uses fun credits to play instead of actual money.

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