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Arrow’s Edge Review

Established in 2014, Arrow’s Edge is a relatively newer company that hasn’t got fully established in the industry yet. Known for its hard-working team of developers and software engineers, the provider is quickly gaining success. Collaborating with some of the most respected online casinos, Arrow’s Edge has managed to put forward a healthy competition for top providers in the industry. 

Products of the company are limited to online games provided for mobile and PC platforms. Its portfolio consists of about 30 regular slots, 5 table games, including blackjack series and more than 10 video poker options. The company is truly known for its comprehensive supply of jackpot games, with over 40 titles on the shelves. 

Unique Feature Offered by Arrow’s Edge

While talking about the features offered by Arrow’s Edge, the first that has to be mentioned is graphics. The developer uses the latest tools and tricks to come up with some of the most stunning visuals featured in online gambling games. 

Other than the graphics, these are some other unique features of the software provider:

  • Enormous payouts in Arrow’s Edge Jackpot Series. 
  • Mobile-friendly gameplay. 
  • A perfect blend of modern classic themes. 
  • Healthy bonus rounds. 
  • Available in 5 languages. 

Other than the games, the company has also been providing other services for the online gambling industry. These services include complete casino suites, mobile casino integration, jackpot servers, gambling tournaments, back-office tools, affiliate and reward programs. 

From the services offered by the developer, we can assess that the company is going in the right direction and will surely be among the top developers in the industry within a few years. 

Arrow’s Edge Casino Games 

This is a company constantly expanding its portfolio, keeping up with the innovative approach, and introducing new games almost every single month. Currently, their portfolio consists of well over 70 titles. The games include video slots, classic slots, blackjack, poker, and a healthy choice of jackpot slots. 


As stated above, the company has a well-built list of jackpot slot machines called Super Jackpot Slots. These games offer some enormous progressive jackpots ranging between ZAR 40,000 and ZAR 75,000. Along with these high-paying machines, the developer also offers few mini-jackpot titles featuring a mini jackpot of ZAR 2,000 to ZAR 5,000.

Video Slots 

Featuring modern designs and stunning visuals, Arrow’s Edge slots section is filled with titles of all types and genres. From modern 3D to simple classic machines, you will find everything that you want.

Top Arrow’s Edge online slots include:

  • License to Spin
  • Alice in Dreamland
  • Dragon’s Cave
  • Zimba and Friends
  • World Leaders
  • Mad Road

The best thing is that you can play Arrow’s Edge free slots before going for the real money play to get used to the gameplay. 

Other Options and Tournaments

Along with slot machines, you can also play table options provided by the manufacturer. These options include a healthy supply of blackjack and poker, along with few specialty games. 

One of the major advantages for players is that they can take part in weekly gambling tournaments organised by Arrow’s Edge. So, roll your sleeves and compete with top players. Use your skills and try to be among top winners to get yourself a fair cut of instant cash prizes. 

Arrow’s Edge Gaming Platform for Mobile Devices

The number of mobile phone gamblers is increasing each day, and the demand for mobile gambling platforms is on the rise. Being a modern developer, Arrow’s Edge uses the latest tools and technologies, including HTML5 framework. Hence, all of the games provided by this developer are fully compatible with smartphones. These mobile games support all of the available mobile devices, including Android and iOS. 

Social Media Platform for Arrow’s Edge Games

The second market that is on the rise is the social gaming industry. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are visited by millions of customers on a daily basis, and hence are a perfect ground for developers to showcase their products. Unfortunately, the software provider hasn’t yet been able to release a social game, and there are fair reasons for that. One of these reasons is that the developer is currently working on establishing itself in the regular industry and can’t go into new ventures. 

Arrow’s Edge Slot Machines Strategies

Winning or losing depends on how your luck plays on a certain day. But there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to make your luck be on your side. 

  • Don’t go for the games offering enormous jackpots since as the saying goes, the bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to win. 
  • Go for the games offering multiple small jackpots to increase your chances of winning. 
  • Go for the games with the highest RTP%.
  • Don’t stick to a single machine; if you’re not winning, try another one. 

Arrow’s Edge License and Security

Unfortunately, there is no information available about Arrow’s Edge license or affiliation. The only information available about the games’ security is that they are certified as RNG by NMI Gaming Labs. After an intensive investigation, we didn’t find any complaints about the developer; hence, it can be said that it is providing fair gambling options. 

With a good range of casino titles, the company is on the path to glory. Even though currently, the developer is offering a limited number of titles, but assessing from the quality, it is not hard to say that it is going to be one of the best in the business.  

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