Amatic Slots and Games

There may not be that many Austrian casino game developers in the market, but the ones that are, have certainly managed to make their mark. Amatic is one big name that comes out of the country that has been in business since 1993.

The founder, R. Bauer is an expert in creating cutting-edge hybrid technology games for land-based casinos. They were made in the form of lottery systems, semi-circular casino cabinets, slot machines and electronic roulettes that made their way into every major part of the globe.

As of date, the company hosts seven different offices spread across Europe, North and South America in locations like UK, Mexico, Spain as well as the USA. Amatic games decided to make a transition into the online domain in 2011, importing their most popular slots on the website. With a team consisting of experienced software developers and programmers, the Amatic company is indulged in making a host of gambling offerings.

Amatic slots also work in cooperation with a global network of affiliate and partners that help it in its game building endeavour. Even though it’s a fairly new agency, it has still managed to capture the attention of users growing at a steady pace.

Unique Features

Amatic slot machines have grown significantly since its inception, and today boasts of theme-based games that have become quite popular amongst gamblers. The developer has also won quite some awards including being conferred the title of the “Best International Manufacturer” of the year in the year 2016 at the Casino Life and Business Magazine Gala.

While their library of games may not seem like much, but all their titles come packed with quality offering packed with top-notch graphics, gameplay, visuals, and bonus features. The company takes its craft seriously, the reason why in recent years, the enterprise has focused on making variance of themed based slot productions, unlike the general old school traditional slots.

In terms of innovation, the Amatic has become famous for the use of semi-circular cabinets that sits atop a player’s head whilst playing. After its transition to the web space, they have tried coming up with new developments to their games. For example, a full screen consisting of stacked symbols that can help you grab the big prizes. You can also win different kinds of expanding as well as sticky wilds.

Even their pokies seem to be a highlight as the new variants come with a glow and light effects. As Amatic currently only creates slots, there is also the unique special post-win gamble feature that offers a chance for a player to increase his winnings and jackpot their earnings by wagering on it.

Casino Games and Slots

Apart from solid pokies that are still a staple of many physical outlets as well as gaming parlours. Majority of Amatic online slots come in the form of 5 reeled themed slots that come along with 20 pay lines and a range of different rewards as well as bonuses.

Some of their notable games enjoyed by gamblers includes:

  • Admiral Nelson

  • Casanova

  • Frog Princess

  • Aztec

  • Dragon’s Pearl

Currently, gamblers can find almost all of the Amatic casino offering that has now been ported into digital format. The company has tie-ups and partnerships with various websites online that list these productions.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

Mobile compatibility has become an integral part of every online portal functioning today. Gamblers demand and also wish to play their favourite games on their smartphone and tablets. Therefore, it becomes a requisite for portals to provide this facility to their patrons or risk losing a potential customer to another website.

All games by the Amatic free slots are powered by HTML5 and comes with an instant playing option. Players do need to download any special software or plugins in order to make a title work. This has come in handy for many gamblers who can now simply access all mobile games of their choice and start playing them without any qualms. All they need is their smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection.

The best part of this is that one can access these productions from any corner of the globe with the click of a button. So, all the Amatic titles are readily available regardless of their platform whether they are iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows support devices.

Social Gaming

Reaching out to the masses has become an important factor of drawing in more crowd for any specific portal or even a gaming title. Standard advertisements can help, but it is still not capable of reaching a huge crowd. An important fix to this identified by major developers is to indulge themselves and interact with the public on a social level.

It means that interacting with the public, posting regular updates about the recent developments, trial or free play as well as new changes with regards to management or otherwise business. Amatic gaming has its own dedicated Facebook page which posts constant updates about the latest happenings at the office, new releases as well as helping interact one on one with the customer.

There is also a dedicated online social gaming fest that takes place every year allowing gamblers from all across the globe a chance to win big lottery prizes as well as real money wins. All you need to do is compete with a number of people and emerge victorious to walk away with the grand prize. This proves to be a healthy form of advertisement for people who might be willing to play a particular title and help identify it if they choose to go for it.

Some Strategies

Unlike other slot developers, Amatic has not made any major changes to its game productions, apart from them being theme-based titles. As such, all you need to do is follow the guidelines and make the best use of the standard features as well as bonus rounds.

Players also ought to be mindful of their spending and not be hasty whilst playing the gamble round. True, it can provide some big wins, but it can also lead a gambler to lose all their winnings all in quick succession. The gamble feature is more or less a shot in the dark hoping that your bet finds the correct mark.

Security Requirements

Safety and security remain a valid concern for every gambler indulged in playing a casino title. The last thing you need is someone having control of your private data and using it for nefarious purposes. The Amatic license makes use of the latest HTML5 technology in all its titles ensuring not just a smooth gameplay but also a safe and secure gaming experience. All the slots go through independent audits and checks on a regular basis and also checked for fairness.


Amatic has come a long way for a company that has not even had a decade within the industry. The numbers speak for itself, and a player can see more and more portals today adapting the developer’s slot in their portal. Yes, the smaller count of games is surely an issue, but their superb quality is something that cannot be really overlooked.

The Amatic company is already making strides to expand its bases in the coming years and offer more variants of casino productions to gamblers.

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