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Slot Type:
Video Slots
120 000
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins

Have you read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens? If yes, you will love to have a glimpse at the story again. Still, if you are yet to read the story the Scrooge Slot will give an Idea of what the novel is all about. This video game is developed by Microgaming Company and is based on Christmas theme. It features Christmas ghost of the past, present, and the future, identifiable via the characters found in Dickens book. The x-mas music and the lively graphics will grab your attention until the end of the game.

The identifiable symbols are the doorknocker, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge. In addition, other symbols used include a pile of cash, a clock, a locked ledger, a safe and a set of key. The doorknocker is the scatter while the scrooge logo is the wild in this game. The poker machine runs on 5 reels and 50 paylines.

Playing the game

To play the Scrooge Slot casino slot online, place your stakes and click spin. In addition, an autoplay feature is available so you can use it to play continuous rounds. A player can place a minimum bet of one coin and a maximum of 10 coins per line. On landing two or more marching combinations, the player receives an award. Every character present in the pokie has a different value attached to it.

  • The Tiny Tim will multiply your stakes 200 times.
  • Jacob Marley has a multiplier of 250 times.
  • Christmas future skeletal ghost has a multiplier of 300 times.
  • The X-mas present jovial ghost has a 350 times multiplier.
  • Christmas past Ethereal Ghost is the highest multiplier worth 400 times.
  • The wild comes with a lavish multiplier of 600 times the bet placed.

When playing the pokie, you will have chances of winning bonus and free spins.


On getting more than three scatter symbol on the reel, a player is awarded a payout. In addition, this combination activates bonus rounds. On receiving the bonus rounds, another screen for an x-mas dinner bonus appears. On this screen, Marley’s Ghost, Scrooge, and the three Christmas ghosts sit around dinner the table with five different Christmas delicacies arranged in a row on the table. At this stage, you have to drag a dish and fill the plates of each character. The multiplier for this round depends on the winner’s plate. Depending on the winner, the multiplier factor range from six times to 20 times.

To activate the free spin feature on Scrooge Slot, a player has to choose any symbol from the winning combination. Consequently, the chosen character adds a day to the tracking calendar or a free spin to the counter. When the tracking calendar reads December 25, the free spins are activated. The number of free spins received depends on the number of spins recorded by the counter. However, this feature cannot be reactivated.

Winning the game

With 50 paylines, the pokie presents numerous opportunities for the players to bag some prizes regardless of the size of the payout.

To win the Scrooge Slot, you have to match three or more symbols on the reel. However, the payout received depends on the value of the symbols matched. Each character has a different multipliers value.  In addition to awards gotten during the base game, a player can win through bonuses and free spin rounds.

A free spin has the capacity to double your stakes and offers a maximum payout of 120,000 coins for a max bet. The Christmas dinner bonus gives a player a maximum payout of 10,000 coins. Remember, this depends on the value of the winning character’s plate.  If the wild symbol aids in getting a winning combination, the payout is doubled while triggering a spill of silver and gold into the reel. If fate is on your side, then you can pocket 6000 times the stake jackpot.

Play Scrooge Slot for real money

Scrooge game is available as both free and for money version. To play Scrooge slot machine online, register into an online casino offering the pokie. Registering allows a player to play for real money and win real cash. However, some Scrooge Slot casinos offer new players a free version of the pokie to get acquitted and decide if they wish to proceed to the money version. It is advisable to try the Scrooge Slot free version if you are new to the game. To play the free version, a player need not register, thus you can enjoy the game without worrying about your privacy.

With the X-mas vibes in the air, Scrooge Slot awakens the celebratory mood of the players. And as you confront the Christmas ghosts, the wild and the scatter will be busy planning some winning combinations. Matching the combinations opens doors to fortunes as you receive dinner bonuses, free spins and finally, the possibility of winning the coveted jackpot.

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