Best Online Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses. Any casino that does not have promotional offers is not going to attract new players, much less retain their existing members. Casino bonuses are now basic expectations, in the same way that people expect games to be free. But what are online casino bonuses, and what types are there?

Today, you will learn how to use bonuses, what types there are, what the latest casino bonus codes are, where you can find them, and also what rules apply should you decide to avail of one.

Latest Casino Bonuses

The latest no deposit casino bonuses have evolved lately. There was a time when most of them were part of welcome packages. Now, you can choose from free spins, more money, cashbacks, bingo cards, scratch cards, and many more.

One of the most popular casino bonus offers today is a no deposit bonus. It is a bonus where all you have to do is to register, and you will get free money. Some players prefer free games because they can get free spins to use on slot machines. If they get lucky, they can win cash prizes with the latest casino no deposit bonuses. Some casinos require that players use coupon codes to activate the offer.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

A no deposit casino bonus means that you can get free spins or free money even if you do not deposit. All it takes is to register for an account and get eligible for the offer.

Find a casino no deposit bonus to win real money. All you need to do is to play and follow the rules. If the casino says you can only use the bonus on the Starburst slot, then play with this online casino no deposit bonus and keep what you win if you are lucky to land winning combos on that slot.

Sometimes, you may need no deposit casino bonus codes before you can avail it. You can get these codes from the casino landing page. If it is exclusive to advertisers and partners, then you have to register via these partners’ links. Sometimes, there are also no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players. These codes are sent via email, and they need to use the code once they opt-in.

Some casinos would allow you to withdraw your bonus right away, but most of them apply wagering requirements that you have to meet.  Should you decide to take this bonus code, you must read the casino’s terms and conditions to ensure that you follow the rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in the forfeiture of the no deposit bonus casino has provided you with, along with the winnings that came from it.

Keep in mind that this type of promotional offers is only allowed once per player, household, and IP address. If your brother attempts to activate the same bonus code from the same house and IP, both of your accounts can be banned.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is the most popular among all bonus types, after online casino sign up bonuses, of course.  Almost all casinos have this type of offers because this is how they can attract new clients. In a welcome package, the typical giveaway is free cash and free spins. There was a time when you had to select just one—free cash or free spins. Now, many casinos offer both to new customers. Sometimes, it’s required to use a bonus code to activate the offer for it can be activated automatically once your first deposit is made.

The way it works is simple. You just have to register and then deposit at least the minimum required amount. The most common offering here is a match-up bonus, usually at least 100%. If you deposit ZAR 100, then you get an extra ZAR 100. If a welcome bonus casino offers free spins, then you will get them on top of the match-up bonus. In many instances, free spins are given to regular players on a daily basis, not as a one-time disbursement.

Some real money online casinos with a free signup bonus also offer more than a 100% match-up. Some would even give 400% on top of your first deposit. However, you need to know that these match-up bonuses are not unlimited. They always have a cap. For example, if the maximum bonus amount is capped at ZAR 300 and you deposit ZAR 400, you will still get not more than ZAR 300, though a 100% of ZAR 400 is ZAR 400.

Also, online casino bonuses are usually offered with a lot of rules. The most common of them is the wagering requirement. You have to meet it within a specified period of time, or the bonus funds will be forfeited. Also, you cannot use the given bonus amount or spins on all games. The casino reserves the right to choose which games to offer for the bonus money. Also, the casino would first use up your cash deposit. Once it is depleted, you can now wager the bonus funds. If you follow the rules and get lucky, you can recoup your losses from your original deposit.

No Deposit Free Spins

A free spins offer means you would get free slot machine spins. The number of spins you get varies from one casino to another. Sometimes you can get 20, 50, or even hundreds. A good trick here is to find a gambling platform that offers free spins with no deposit required. With this, all you need to do is to register and get your free spins.

Free spins have a cash value. Usually, the value of each spin is the lowest possible bet per line, but the spin has a stake in all the lines. For example, the slot machine Starburst has a low minimum wager of ZAR 0.01 per line, and it has ten pay lines. In this case, the online casino free spins no deposit value for each spin is ZAR 0.10.

Like other bonuses, this can be a “free spins no deposit no wager” offer, or the one where you are required to deposit money and meet wagering requirements before you can withdraw your money. You must also know that you cannot use the free spins on all slots in the casino. Most of the time, you can only use them on specific slots.

Why is this? Casinos do this because they are promoting these slot machines. Perhaps, they are the newly launched games for the most popular ones amount their player-base.

Other Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Here are some more types of the top online casino bonuses you may come across as you explore for the best choices.

First Deposit Bonuses

A first deposit casino bonus only applies on your first deposit. There are many kinds of bonuses that fall in this category, but they all share the same characteristic: it is not exactly a welcome bonus because it only applies to the first deposit. In here, you can get free spins or free cash. Some casinos also offer automatic membership to their VIP club after you fund your casino account for the first time. Most of these offers have a minimum required amount before you can qualify.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile bonuses are given to players who download the casino app. Since mobile apps do not have the same number of games compared to the desktop version, many players prefer the desktop version, so casino operators encourage players to use the app.

With mobile bonuses, you can get free spins and free cash too. Casinos do this because they know that players are likely to spend more time playing on mobile than desktop, provided that they can access the games on the phone. To encourage mobile users to play casino games on the go, casino operators treat them with special “mobile” bonuses.

Match (Deposit) Bonus

A match bonus is expressed in percentage. This means that the casino will match your deposit with the same amount or higher,  giving you playing money for free. Usually, this type of bonuses comes as a monthly, weekly or even daily offer.

If the match-up is 100%, then you will receive an extra ZAR 10 if you deposit ZAR 10. If you deposit ZAR 100, then you get an extra ZAR 100. A match bonus typically has a limit to protect the casino’s financial interests. If the match bonus says 100%, but with a cap of ZAR 1,000, it means that you won’t get more than ZAR 1,000 even if you deposit ZAR 2,000.

Loyalty/VIP Program

A VIP program is usually automatic. Some casinos, however, require that you must have deposited a certain amount before you become a member.VIP programs have tiers, and you can climb those tiers by depositing more money.

As a VIP, you will receive or earn points based on the amount of money you deposit/wagered. Usually, players earn 1 point for every ZAR 100 wagered. You can exchange these accumulated points for items like shirts or mugs. Sometimes, you can convert them to money, which is transferred to your playable balance. You can either cash it out or use to play more.

Refer a Friend

In this type of bonus, you will receive free money if you successfully refer somebody to the casino. This referral or friend of yours must deposit a certain amount for you to get your bonus amount.

You have to register. Once you are approved, you will receive a link. You have to send this link to your friends and encourage them to register by using that link. The link is the key that makes the casino identify that the registration was from your referral.

Free Rolls

Free rolls can be applied to dice games or slot machines. There are many ways to get them. You can register and get free spins, or you can deposit money to get free spins.

Some casinos offer free rolls to existing members on a weekly basis. Others only offer them to VIP members. Once you get your free rolls, take note that each roll has a designated value. Most of the time, the value is equivalent to the smallest possible bet for a round.

Cashable vs Non-cashable Bonuses

A cashable bonus refers to money or free spins which can be withdrawn. This is rare because it can be subject to player abuse just so the player can make a quick buck.

On the other hand, a non-cashable bonus means you cannot withdraw it right away. This does not mean that you cannot get anything in cold, hard cash. If the bonus is not cashable, it simply means that you have to meet certain conditions before you can withdraw the bonus and the winnings derived from it.

No Wagering Bonus

For a lot of bonuses, there is a thing called wagering requirement. Some casinos call it playthrough. What this means is that you have to bet a certain amount from that bonus money or free spins before you can withdraw your funds. It is a tough requirement, but doable.

Today, there are some casinos online that are abandoning this practice. They allow players to withdraw their bonuses without having to wager them. Usually, such a bonus has a max cashout limit of x5 the bonus amount.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is given to regular players every time they deposit money. The higher is the VIP tier, the bigger is a bonus percentage. A reload bonus can be based on a percentage or a fixed amount. For a percentage, it works like a match-up with a max limit. For a fixed amount, you will get the same amount of gift money no matter how much you deposit, but you have to meet a minimum deposit amount.

High Roller

As the term implies, a high roller bonus is reserved for people who deposit big amounts of cash, like thousands. These bonuses have more perks, such as higher VIP points, more free spins, higher match-up percentages, lower withdrawal fees, faster withdrawal times, and a whole lot more.

Online Casino Bonuses Terms and Conditions

Bonuses come with rules, which are called terms and conditions (T&Cs). Each type of bonus has its rules, and if you fail to observe them, the casino will take away the bonus amount and the winnings from it. Also, you must meet these rules before you can cash out.

Wagering Requirements

This is a requirement expressed as a multiplier. It refers to the total amount of money you have to bet/wager from the bonus amount before you can withdraw. For example, a casino may impose a 30X wagering requirement.

If the bonus you received is ZAR 5, then the wagering requirement is ZAR 5 X 30 = ZAR 150. You have to bet ZAR 150 from the original ZAR 5 before you can cash out your winnings. This can only happen if you are winning consistently, and if you manage to grow the original ZAR 5.

Wagering Contribution

Not all games have the same contribution. In most cases, slot machines have 100% wagering contribution. What does this mean?

If you wagered ZAR 5 on a slot machine, then ZAR 5 would be taken of your target wagering requirement of ZAR 150. Most skill games have a wagering contribution of only 10%, like blackjack. If you wager ZAR 5 on blackjack, 10% of that is only ZAR 0.50, which means that only ZAR 0.50 will be taken off the target of ZAR 150. In this case, you have to bet more until you reduce the goal of ZAR 150 to zero.

Wagering Cap

You cannot wager high amounts from your bonus amount. Most casinos impose that the maximum you can bet per round is ZAR 5. If you have grown your ZAR 5 to ZAR 100, you cannot wager ZAR 100 just because you want ZAR 100 to be taken off the ZAR 150 target. If you break this rule, your bonus and your winnings will be forfeited.

Wagering Deadline

Wagering conditions have a deadline. Usually, you have to meet them within seven days (for up to 30 days), which means you need to focus on gaming once you have received the bonus. If you do not meet this, the bonus and the winning will also be cancelled.

Biggest Online Casino Bonuses for New and Existing Players

We are of the opinion that all types of bonuses are used to warm up players. It does not matter if the player is new or not, as bonuses entice them to play. They allow new and seasoned players to enjoy the gameplay longer and also have more chances to bag big cash prizes. As such, casinos have to come up with different bonus types to cater to different player levels. There are promotional offers for beginners, and there are those created specifically for expert players.

Take a look at these bonus types:

  • Beginners: usually offered as a welcome package, no deposit bonus, free spins or free bingo cards.
  • Intermediate: the usual types of bonuses offered are reload, daily deals, and complimentary points.
  • Expert: the bonuses that attract expert players are VIP promotions, high roller and refer-a-friend programs.

As you can see, it is easier to attract new players if there is no deposit involved. On the other hand, experts are more likely to be loyal if their deposits yield some kind of material value like VIP points.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

What are online casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are either free money or free spins granted to new and existing players. The money you receive has something to do with how much you deposit. Some casinos offer this even if you do not make a deposit. The money is playable, and you can withdraw it if you meet certain conditions.

Can I get registration bonuses several times?

No, you can only get it once. Casinos consider this as bonus abuse. New players are entitled to only one signup bonus. Casinos track your IP address, and they only allow one bonus per IP. If you are caught gaming the system, the casino has the right to ban your account.

How do online casino welcome bonuses work?

The way they work is that the casino would give you free cash or free spins. Most of the time, you can only use the money on selected games. The cash or free spins are stored in a separate balance, so the casino knows which funds you are using—your deposited cash or their bonus cash.

How to make money from online casino bonuses?

To make money from bonuses, you have to use the funds to play. The way they work is exactly the same like as if you were playing with your own cash. In many casinos, you have to meet certain conditions before you can withdraw.

How often do casinos update bonuses?

There is no definite answer to this. A bonus scheme is a marketing tactic. If it works, it won’t get updated. However, you can always expect new promos depending on the season, especially during summer, Black Friday, and Christmas.

Can I use a mobile phone to get casino bonuses?

Yes, you can register via your mobile device to get bonuses. However, some casinos have different bonus schemes for mobile users. Some, however, offer the same. The amount of money you get depends on how the casino wants to market itself.

What type of casino bonus is the best?

The best bonus is a recurring one that happens daily or weekly. Most of the time, it comes in the form of free spins. In this type of bonus, you will get a number of free spins for specific games regularly.

When can I withdraw my bonus winnings? 

If the casino offers a no wagering bonus, then you can withdraw it right away. However, it may not make financial sense. Most no wagering bonuses are capped at ZAR 5. If you withdraw that, you have to pay a fee of 3.5% or sometimes ZAR 5, so you get nothing. For other bonuses, you have to meet the wagering requirements before cashing out your winnings.