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Slot Type:
video slot
cluster pays
50 x stake
Slot features:
Wild, Random Events, Boss Fights

An Overview of Nuke World Slot

Nuke World by Evoplay gives you a new experience, away from the real world that you know. It is a game that features weird creatures engaged in an endless battle. The software provider developed the game using a science fiction theme, coupled with sophisticated graphics. As you roll the game, you will be amazed by the wonderful sound effects, bright colours, unique effects, and several animations. Some of the characters in the game include Captain Fox, who takes up the main role. He is engaged in a battle against his enemies that include Armadillo, Chameleon, Rooster and Rhino.

Nuke World slot machine is built in 7 reels and 7 rows, but it has no classic paylines. This is a unique matrix where gamers can identify eight regular symbols, four bombs, and four elements, all in their specific colours. The wild is represented by a bomb that bears a skull and letter W. Other regular bomb symbols are used as scatter symbols that trigger multipliers. Nuke World is available on all mobile devices, including the mobile phone, tablets, and also on the desktop.

Superb Gameplay

With 7 reels and a wide range of netting, you are in for massive winnings, given the innovative way that the game has been developed. The betting range is 0.10 credits on the lowest, while the maximum bet is 500 credits. You realise that the game’s minimum/maximum bet is very accommodative, whether you are a high roller or a casual gambler. You can also use an autoplay option, which has up to 100 spins.

All you have to do is match a cluster of five symbols on the reels, and you strike a win upon your wager.

Bonus Rounds and Features

Nuke World video slot is full of potential, where serious players can turn around their lives through the massive multipliers. For instance, the wins progress for 15x, then the 40x super win, and the 70x mega win. If you are lucky to land the epic win, you won’t believe that 100x upon your bet awaits you. If you are a high roller, you could land an insane amount of reward.


A bomb with a W on it represents the wild symbol whose duty is to substitute other regular symbols to boost your chances of landing a winning combination. When you land four similar bombs, they form one big bomb, which is a symbol that bears a 2x multiplier. Nine identical symbols amount to a huge bomb symbol, which gives you a 5x multiplier within a winning combination.

Random Events

More bonus features comprise of random events.

  1. First is the Vortex, where the main character launches a bomb into the reels to disperse the symbols and form matching combinations.
  2. Second is the Eviscerate, where the main character cuts the symbols diagonally through a line that presents more wilds.
  3. Next is the Flare that turns bombs into wilds and destroys symbols with the least value.
  4. Last is the Ricochet, where Captain Fox brings wilds by using his pistol to launch bullets against the bombs.

Boss Fights

The buzz about the game is to subdue the enemies. If you are lucky to land 15 matching symbols, the combination will generate the Ultimate Power of Captain Fox, who emerges from the war as the winner. As a result, you will be treated to four bonus features that include:

  • Pangolin – bomb symbols accumulate in the middle of the reels when Pangolin is defeated.
  • Chameleon – when Chameleon is subdued, two low-value symbols are selected randomly and converted into bombs.
  • Rooster – the fall of the Rooster will guarantee you more wilds because three to four symbols are converted to destroy other symbols.
  • Rhino – you will earn up to 6 wilds coming from a combination of other symbols if you defeat the Rhino.

Return to Player and Winning Odds

The RTP of Nuke World is 96%, which is fair for any player. The slot volatility ranges from low to medium, where a player can receive regular little rewards that are complemented by occasional huge winnings. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed because the game does not have any free spins.

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How to Win

Nuke World has no paylines, and you may find this so strange. However, you have a chance to land some lucrative rewards. The game features the highest payout of 1,500 credits, which happens to be the jackpot amount. Depending on the amount of your wager, you could also land some multipliers that will increase your winnings. For example, the epic win with a 100x multiplier will earn you 50,000 credits if you placed the highest bet amount, which is 500 credits.

One of your strategies should be focused on defeating all enemies. You should help Captain Fox to hit all the four enemies.

You must have noticed that each of the enemies have unique bonuses for the player if you defeat them. Apart from the wilds, you will earn some multipliers upon a win for Captain Fox. Remember that the game has no free spins, therefore make the best out of your wagers.

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Final Thoughts

Your first encounter with the game may give you some challenges, but the information section has all the rules. Just take some time to study how it is played before you start spinning the reels. The gameplay depends on the accumulation of symbols. Therefore aim at landing as many as possible. The cinematic graphics and sound effects are just icing on the rewards that await you.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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