Manuël Brusse

Manuël Brusse

I have been learning slot machines for 10 years. The most informative masterpieces are published on TheInternetSlots. I have no doubt to claim that I’m an expert in this niche.

My main hobby is beekeeping. Not that I am trying to save the world but, yeah, if bees die, we are doomed. I got stung several times, but as you get into the hobby, you get to learn how to protect yourself better. Besides, who does not like pure honey?

I am also a sculpting hobbyist, and I dabble with different materials like clay and wood. One day, I am hoping to sell off these samples. And yes, it is much more difficult than writing! Or maybe, it’s just for me. 

I travel from time to time, and I draw inspiration from the things I see. Different cultures inspire me, and I guess travelling exposes you to the fact that you must appreciate what you have today. 

And let me not forget: I love comedy and am I a stand-up comedian. Need a booking? Let me know, and I will make sure you have a hearty guffaw!

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