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Slot Type:
video slot
Slot features:
Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol

Spinomenal catalogue is something beyond general understanding: here they launch funny slot machines with cheerful bunnies and bouncing hedgehogs, and the other moment they dive into a pool of seriousness and present quite luxurious, even royal games, with pretentious vibes. What a marvel it is, indeed. But Spinomenal ability to get extremely versatile is a different story because today we are going to concentrate on the developer’s attempts at reviving classic Vegas in their high-class machine with a really simple title – Live Slot. These kinds of games suit perfectly when you are excruciated by prevailing bunny rainbow or overwhelming Chinese themes because Spinomenal went into a proper adult play with reckless abandon and totally forgot about canons and standards.

This what makes Live Slot special and appealing – minimum of animation and tricks, maximum of real performance and gameplay. Casino players of old gambling would be very delighted by the fashion Live Slot operates as everything all the way down to symbols sticks to a strict layout. Spinomenal choose quite a theme for their machine: backdrop literally screams some illegal underground poker den crammed with half-naked girls, alcohol, chips and cards. For some players this setup may come across as fully inappropriate, but this is exactly what makes Live Slot adorable. Rarely a slot machine can boast with something outstanding or mind-boggling, maybe because it is about acceptance and popularity. Yet Live Slot proves that unfit things can go viral, too. So hop along with the review to take down this Spinomenal phenomenon.

Interesting features

Live Slot slot machine (sounds a bit off) comes with a decent bundle of various features which are able to make gamblers’ bankrolls significantly larger. Here you will be enjoying three types of Wildcards with embedded multipliers, some Scatters falling down to activate freespins and give extra rewarding, high-paying regular symbols that easily combine into combinations and, finally, Big Symbols feature, a nice extension to the paytable where regular symbols are compounded to triplets. Live Slot introduces each in-game feature elegantly and does not even try to impress gamblers with a huge pile of reel twists. Well, following a consistent theme is simply everything.

Wild Multipliers

Wildcards are mainly known for replacing regular symbols on the reels to boost combinations to the next level, but Live Slot provides a little extra to this classic scheme. While Wilds do their job with substitution, they also fetch a multiplier to resulting wins. There are three kinds of replacers to land: triple, quadruple and decuple boosters. So, for example, when you catch a combo worth 100 credits with a x3 Wildcard to join the party, you then receive 300 credits and so on. Live Slot is a game where Wilds can form combinations of their own – in this case, multipliers are multiplied by one another.

Big Girls

Three rows high symbols is another handsome feature in Live Slot because winning potentiality here is just undeniable. These are neither Wilds, nor special symbols reserved for a bonus game – these are regular symbols, much to everyone’s surprise. Such a feature, in fact, is seldom to find, so do not miss a thing with it. There are five symbols of three-rowing, each depicting a girl with killer legs against some casino background. No need to mention that combinations of these three rowers look incredible on the reels, just like a movie going alive.

Unconditional Paytable

Whole row symbols are, of course, great, but what’s even more interesting is the fact that single-icon symbols and triplets do not interact at all, which a little complicates the matters. The point is that triplets do not appear quite often, and when they do, they might separate a winning combination of singles and mess the whole round up. What’s more, large ladies occupy too much space on the reels and thus technically lower the overall RTP. Yet this is rather a peculiarity of Live Slot than a drawback. There’s something beautiful in that.

How To Play

The main gaming screen is so tremendous that your first impression of Live Slot game might be like that: ‘How do I start playing?’. The reels really make you wonder what’s up, because buttons are placed sideways, and because of that it takes some time before players finally figure the structure out. This is a quick guide on Live Slot in case you need a helping hand:

  • Firstly tap an icon with coins to your left – this button opens a small window with betting options where you can select a number of credits staked per line. Options are multiple, so finding some comfortable stake to play won’t be a problem.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ and return back to the main screen. You can find an information table with symbols, paying details and feature explanation to your right. Scope through the table with arrows.
  • To spin the reels you can either always click a big button to your right or hold it for a few second to activate an auto-play. To stop the reels tap the same button. Strangely, but Live Slot does not offer to select a preset numbers of rounds, so keep your eyes on the reels to withdraw on time.

Bonus Rounds

Live Slot slots do not provide an explicit map of various bonus features – there is just a single one to get rewarded with. In order to activate bonus rounds you have to firstly collect a set of Scatters – as soon as you accomplish this goal, Live Slot gives you additional x3 to your bet, as a little thank you. Then a series of 10 free rounds starts and you just play through it. Wildcards will be occasionally getting into your way as well as more Scatters to retrigger the action. Honestly, Live Slot could be a ton better with some additional bonus features, but anyway, for a minimalistic slot machine both Scatters and Wilds are regarded as pretty enough.


Live Slot is as straightforward and simple as a spoon, but in a good sense of comparison because when you are a novice or a tired of life player, simplicity is the best way to conquer your heart. Live Slot revolves around a 5×3 format with 15 fixed paylines meaning bets already build the number of lines within. Speaking of stakes, Live Slot offers different bet levels which will be perfect for middle-sized bankrolls. The lowest bet to stick to is 0.1 credit per line whereas the highest to climb is 10 credits which make maximum and minimum stakes to be 150 and 0.15 credits respectively. The paytable contains two levels of symbols – high-value ones aka our big girls and low-value pictures with x60 multiplier to be the largest reward. Casinos couldn’t be sadder with these generous prizes.

Closing thoughts

Above all, Live Slot by Spinomenal is a place of great assets like multipliers and freespins which not only enrich pockets with real money, but also diversify the reels and the overall mood of the gameplay. Another wow goes to design and exuberant outlook – big reels, big pictures of girls, big symbols, amazing wrapping all leave a positive feel about the game. On the whole, Live Slot has the style that makes people coming to the game again and again.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

Nate Dreyer is a lover of online slots that also lives for letterboxing. The author has an unusual hobby of finding letterboxes. Once his signature is on the logbook and the imprint in their journal, he is off to find the next one. Dreyer also loves to experiment in the kitchen as well when preparing meals. He is constantly testing his rad creativity with jigsaw puzzles – the more the pieces, the better. This stimulation keeps him on his toes to come up with some of the work found on our website.