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video slot
ZAR 312,000.00

Thing get very spicy with a brand-new machine by WMS where winters are hot, prizes are undeniably good and stakes are relatively low, even comparable to those that an average penny slot would provide. Jumpin’ Jalapenos slot is a game to surely impress and entertain: here gamblers will discover a finest row of handsome features each having a strong basis, excellent backing elements and a catchy theme to follow throughout the gaming course. In fact, Jumpin’ Jalapenos circles around a popular Mexican contest, challenging brave ones in eating piquant jalapenos, just as many as they only are able to. The more you devour, the more your chances to become a champion are. In spite of Jumpin’ Jalapenos having quite a regular exterior, as soon as you get the full taste of what’s happening, everything changes. WMS definitely cared about immersive experience, so gameplay is what really matters here.

Well, there is quite a whole lot of different moments about Jumpin’ Jalapenos slots. To start with, this game launches an absolutely adorable virtual environment where casino players can delve into a playful plot and even get engaged in it thanks to a flexible bonus system. What’s more, the factor behind Jumpin’ Jalapenos is that there were actually two software manufacturers who worked on the slot machine – WMS themselves and helping Komani, which is why you are seeing credits on both sides at the beginning of the game. Without any doubt each game studio has a vision of their own that makes Jumpin’ Jalapenos a way more unique and special. And while visual arrangement might not rock your world, it is features and extras which draw most of attention. Thus Jumpin’ Jalapenos remains floating in this competitive slot race.

Interesting Features

One obvious thing about Jumpin’ Jalapenos is that features here are not aimed at providing abundance – for that occasion you had better dash towards Jackpot Block Party, quite a similar machine with correlating dynamics and more features up the sleeve. Jumpin’ Jalapenos opens as a quality slot machine rather than a quantity one, so you should not expect a vivid party thrown to your knees. Instead, there will be just a couple of in-game extras to keep everything special, but these are going to cost a penny for casinos, for sure. Jumpin’ Jalapenos knows how to pay lavishly, and you simply need to wait for a few moments until the full blow darts in your direction.

Psychedelic And Fun

Please do ensure your eyes react in a positive way when a punch of hallucinogenic pictures pops up, because Jumpin’ Jalapenos has one of the strangest (in terms of colouring) Wildcards ever created. Of course, since Wild symbols are special participants, there has to be something special about them within, but WMS stepped a little forward than that. Wildcards appear with trippy animation, but their powerful ability to boost prizes could be a great excuse. Jumpin’ Jalapenos has Wildcards on a paying mission meaning they not only can traditionally replace regulars, but also may bring rewards for matching.

Some Stake Action

A secret weapon of Jumpin’ Jalapenos, Action Staked Reels, is nothing new to slotting, yet it is a very effective and spectacular way to get gamblers rewarded. This feature expands every round to a new height where winning combinations get automatically promoted. Let us elaborate a little on it: Action Staked Reels is a concept when at the beginning of any spin the randomizer selects a number of adjacent positions of the reels to fill them up with the same symbols. In other words, Jumpin’ Jalapenos slot machine never activates ‘bare reels’ in a classic random fashion – a number of symbols will always be guaranteed to join each other. Even Wildcards are able to form stakes which is surely a piece of good news for coin hunters.

Jalapenos Break Through

How possibly could a slot machine do without a dollop of Scatters? Well, while the greatest minds would ponder over the issue, Jumpin’ Jalapenos is not ashamed of utilizing a common slot cliché – the game bonuses gamblers with a reasonably beneficial series of freespins in exchange for catching a number of Scatters. We are diving a little bit deeper in this bonus pond some moments later, but now let’s just mention that Jumpin’ Jalapenos does not have freespins as a bullet point. Extra features, tons of fun and joy are promised when it comes to free spinning here.

How To Play

One might not come across WMS’ slot machine quite frequently through catalogues because their games are not in tier one regarding their overall popularity. That leads to a commonly occurring question on how to operate WMS slot machines. So, it actually does not take much time to figure key points out as Jumpin’ Jalapenos, for example, shares a simple control layout with others so that you do not have to be a mister pro to tame a game.

  1. Do not even try touching ‘Lines’ option as it is not an option at all – this is just brief visual information on how many paylines Jumpin’ Jalapenos provides. You always stake on the whole thirty.
  2. ‘Bet Per’ is more talkative and offers different options for betting per payline – select any value from an offered range and look at the resulting bet before giving it a go.
  3. To shift bets further there is one more option – ‘Denomination’. This one either increases or decreases an amount of real money converted into virtual credits. You can play one to one denomination to go lower to maximize your bankroll.
  4. Finally, as soon as stakes are ready to go, you can give Jumpin’ Jalapenos a proper spin. Do not forget about ‘auto-play’ function which enables automatically arranged spinning. To set technical parameters, visit ‘Menu’ section.

Bonus Rounds

Let’s get back to bonusing and look a little closer at freespinning in Jumpin’ Jalapenos which is the one and the only format of extra incentive in the game. Just for the record, even if you are not going to get rewarded in major ways, free spins seems an adequate alternative to big variety of technically useless twists. First of all, players need to come up with at least three Scatter symbols on the reels – this pattern unlocks 12 free rounds as a prize. Later on you can retrigger the set with the same number of Scatters to prolong the bonus experience.

And now the gist. Why are freespins enough to go? Well, the reason why Jumpin’ Jalapenos needs nothing more than Scatters with their free rounds is that there is a feature connected to Wildcards. Basically, reels with Wilds on them will be nudged until all positions on these reels are fully covered with Wilds that apparently give you something resembling expanding Wild reels. Jumpin’ Jalapenos slots game drops Wilds not that rarely, so you can totally count on them during the bonus.


With RTP dwelling around 96%, Jumpin’ Jalapenos represents a generous slot machine playing by standard rules, though. There will be a classic gaming grid of five reels and three rows accompanied by a stack of 30 fixed win-lines. You can choose from a large variety of bet levels – from exclusively low stakes like 0.30 credits per spin to whopping 300 credits (rejoice, high-rollers) per round. The thing is Jumpin’ Jalapenos offers different denominations which make this betting variety possible. Speaking of symbols and their values, the paytable looks quite ordinary: a couple of low-win symbols with card characters, a few mid-win icons and some high-win ones. Additionally there are Scatters and Wilds with prizes of their own. Your prime objective is to make reels pay by collecting combinations and activating bonus features.

Closing thoughts

A hot one for sure. Jumpin’ Jalapenos by WMS has no impressive 3D graphics or excellent animation, but the game makes visual drawbacks up by providing solid gameplay and profitable features. Besides, the game is relatively simple and low costing, so it would be a perfect kickstart for a newcomer to slots.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

Nate Dreyer is a lover of online slots that also lives for letterboxing. The author has an unusual hobby of finding letterboxes. Once his signature is on the logbook and the imprint in their journal, he is off to find the next one. Dreyer also loves to experiment in the kitchen as well when preparing meals. He is constantly testing his rad creativity with jigsaw puzzles – the more the pieces, the better. This stimulation keeps him on his toes to come up with some of the work found on our website.