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Along with a great plenty of classic card games like Spades and Bridge belonging to so-called “trick taking” family, Hearts has a defining spirit which makes the game stand out of this common row. Casino players appeal to Hearts because of its ability to provide a competitive mode where gamblers can communicate and interact. Casinos replenish their gaming collection with entries like Hearts because it is able to engage four players at a time, but for the most part because Hearts-minded games represent an amazing alternative to monotonous slot machines. Besides, compared to similar titles, Hearts appears to be a way more easier to grasp the rules and dart into gambling and gaming right away. Experienced ones also find Hearts appealing as there might be a whole lot of opportunities to show strategies, skill and profound knowledge. Well, this game knows how to entertain merely everyone.

Skill Games obviously develop their records with a set of skill-based options, so it was not a complete surprise when they chose traditional Hearts to create a version of their own. Actually, there are not so many options if you look for some Hearts though catalogues, but it does not mean this Skill Games entry is the only one to save your evening from getting tedious. Hearts by Skill Games is a unique layout so that you could barely come across something alike. Skill Games included different gaming options, worked hard on animation and overall aesthetics to deliver a consistent theme, even wrote an ultimate guide for gamblers to get started. Hearts game does not leave an impression of a crude lifeless machine, but instead it creates a vibrant feeling of authentic gambling.

History Of Hearts

What if we told you that Hearts in fact became popular thanks to observant nature of Microsoft? Well, before striking Windows screen, Hearts, of course, walked a long way and its history starts in Spain when the game had just begun to explore itself. As currently known, Hearts stems from a family of related games going by the name of Reversis where penalties were awarded for each trick won. With the course of time, people added more penalty cards to Reversis, and this is where the game gave way to what we know today but a little simplified, though.

Along with live-play development, Hearts was given the second chance, and amazingly Canadian students literally revived the game and made it popular across the Internet. This is the period when Microsoft evidently were in the process of gathering good card games to supply with their operating system, and that was a turning point for Hearts because it got exposed to a million audience. Then a few gambling venues became interested in this simple, yet beautifully played layout and started including Hearts in their libraries. From now, Hearts is a big-time title with an incredible fanbase of dedicated card-game players.

Interesting features

Do not expect an explosive row of in-game features for this one as Hearts is about gameplay rather than entertainment with twisting, turning, hopping bonus elements. Hearts provides a straightforward interface which allows to jump aboard from the first seconds after the game is fully loaded. Nothing distracting aside: just the main board, flopping cards, players beside you and a great atmosphere around. Since Hearts has a couple of peculiarities, Skill Games embedded some useful tools to elevate gaming experience to a high level.

Practice Before Getting Into Tactics – no one wants you to grow into a complete pro in a blink of an eye, so Hearts has something like a demo version so that you could get habituated to the pace. When you choose to play against computer, the game does not charge ‘an entry fee’ and you can peacefully nail a few hands before going into real money.

Ongoing Conversations – this is not an exclusive feature created specifically for Hearts, but still a handful instrument for those who prefer to play with real people. While you ponder over the next step, you can engage in a conversation with Hearts-mates in a dedicated chat box on your right which is quite convenient to make new friend or spill your rage.

How To Play

As it has been said previously, Hearts game is organised very conveniently so that gamblers do not have to scatter through the screen searching for buttons and other controlling elements. As soon as the loading bar is full, you are thrown into the pre-lobby where you get to choose two parameters. Anyway, let’s discuss the process more thoroughly.

  1. To stake or not to stake – decide and pick the right mode for you. If you play against computer, it is going to be a trial round without credits involved, but entering a real-play mode will have a fee.
  2. Then choose gameplay course – it can be either a single round or a fully played hand from A to Z. It depends on whether you are ready to delve in Hearts from head to toe or you want to keep it quick.
  3. Then the game begins – you pick three cards and the action is started. To quit Hearts, tap menu icon. Instructions and reactivating options will be right there, too.

If you want to know not the process of gaming, but rather the method of playing, there is no single strategy to help you out. Each player develops tactics of their own, especially for different opponents, so begin with getting accustomed with rules first, and then seek ways to maximize your performance. And remember that the Queen is a dangerous card to mess around.


Hearts is a game where four players face off in a tough fight against each other. The major objective is to get the least possible points, i.e. score as low as possible. The game shuts down as soon as some player reaches 100 points. At the beginning of the set, each player is given 13 cards and then there goes swapping. The first round each player selects three cards to pass to the payer on their left. Then the process repeats for the players on the left and sitting opposite. Whoever gets the 2 of Clubs always begins the round.

Then players consequently take turns at laying cards. You must always follow the suit of the firstly laid card, of course, if possible. Note that Hearts and Queen of Spades can’t be played in the first round. The round ends as soon as everyone has laid down all their cards from the initial deal. Remember the objective in this all: try to avoid winning tricks with both Hearts and Queen of Spades because this compound gives points.

Closing thoughts

Hearts game is suitable for every purpose whether you are having a party and want to diversify the action or you are spending a boring weekend by slot machines and want a difference. It is simple, appealing and fun, and thankfully Skill Games found ways to depict these essential features in their variation. The game is highly customisable, has various regimes to switch between and an elaborated backdrop blueprint. What’s more, Hears by Skill Games gives a unique chance to go without money which can be a lifetime opportunity to learn the rules in a highly functioning environment rather than sticking to a coarse interface of free browser options.

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