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Slot Type:
video slot
Slot features:
High Volatility, Double Symbols, Wild Symbols, Free spins

Enjoying the Flowers

It’s said that no one but Netent would take a topic like Flowers as a base for a casino online game, but in fact, they’ve done it and it has been done correctly. As hard as it might sound to make a flower do anything of interest other than looking cute and smell nice, Netent work has turned it into a superb slot that earns you real money for playing it. Flowers slot is a video slot introduced by Netent having five reels and thirty paylines. It’s all surrounded by red roses, and giant yellow and white flowers that make the background of the game looks as appealing as it can ever be.

A look in the slot

Flowers slot offers lower value symbols as well as higher paying ones. So, here are both of them.

Lower value symbols:

–    Jack.

–    Queen.

–    King.

–    Ace.

Higher value symbols:

–    Bluebell Flower.

–    Pink Flower.

–    Red Rose.

–    Yellow sunflower.

–    Green Plant.

All flower symbols are introducing either one or two of the flowers mentioned above, and that’s why you may make a winning combination that is inclusive of, for instance, ten red roses.

The slot as well introduces the Sun as its wild symbol which can replace any other symbol on the reels except for the clouds if needed to form a winning combination. The clouds are playing the scatter symbol role; it grants you free spins on its own.

The idea that some symbols might have one or two characters might be a bit tricky; it might also make the player think that they’re going to land a bonus game. That’s why you need to keep focused on how many clouds are there on each one of the symbols if you don’t want to end up disappointed. You’ll need to get at least four clouds to land a free spins round. That might sound a bit easy given the online gambling culture, but in Flowers game, it’s not. It does take you a while to land such a bonus round in Flowers free slot. During these bonus rounds, the wild symbol will temporarily become a stacked wild, which means it can cover all the other symbols on the playing grid if it got dropped out in the right spot.

Maximize the Winnings

Here are some tips that are not to be taken as rules but rather as legit cheats that might be of help for you to form your winning strategy at Flowers slot:

Some people think that the higher the bet the higher the winnings. But in fact, you must know that the higher the bet the higher the risk of winning or losing. As this slot is a fair game, which means that everyone has a chance in winning and a chance in losing. You will not be able to use any cheats so always be prepare to apply a good strategy and try reducing your losses. One of the best strategies is to play Flowers free at any of the online casinos before depositing money. That way can help you know more about the game and have bigger understanding of how it works.

While you’re playing Flowers for real money there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First always keep an eye on your balance amount. Second bet with your winnings only. And the final thing is to know when to stop. When you Play Flowers casino slot online will allow you to enjoy a lot of interesting features within the game but do not lose track of your balance and forget about it. A lot of professional players recommend that after you collect few winnings, start betting with your winnings only and not higher than that. So in case you lost you will only lose what you didn’t have. That way you can maximize your wins and minimize your losses as much as possible.

An Ultimate Flower Experience

When playing flowers slot machine online, you will find that it is a very simple and straightforward game, but it still has a lot of cuteness and charm to its idea and game-play. The symbols were designed very nicely and in an entertaining manner and overall vibe. The game also is introducing something that’s not very common to the online slots which are the double symbols system. The game also is offered to be playable across devices which make it also accessible by all kinds of people. Although the RTP of the game is still undefined, it does promise to be very profitable.

Manuël Brusse
Manuël Brusse

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