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Slot Type:
video slot
ZAR 12,500
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol

Finn’s Golden Tavern is a 5-reel video slot that NetEnt software provider released in 2019. The game has five rows, and it features a traveller in the medieval period. Finn, the leading character, looks like a nobleman who operates a tavern. In this game, you will be spinning golden coins, treasure chests that function as the scatter symbol, and a one-eyed star that functions as the game’s wild.

Finn’s Golden Tavern Slot Overview

The slot machine sits on a 5×5 grid, and it does not offer traditional paylines. The way it works is like an arcade game where you have to match at least three same symbols. The slot machine has wild symbols, free spins, and other bonus rounds.
In this tutorial, we will be taking a look at the game mechanics, how to win, and we will also visit the game’s paytable. We will learn how the payouts are made, what best strategy to implement, and how to operate the game.

How to Play Finn’s Golden Tavern

To play the slots game, first, choose how much you want to bet per line. The betting window is between ZAR 0.01 and ZAR 50 per line. The bet you select will be multiplied by 10. The slot machine does not have a payline, but the standard is 10 credits per spin. Spin the reels and wait for the symbols to disappear and drop. If you win a prize, the slot machine will automatically credit your prize to your slot balance.
If you want a fast-paced game, just press on the double arrow that looks like a fast-forward button. You can also use the autoplay button, so the slot will just play on its own—you no longer have to spin it manually on each round. The autoplay button allows you to select between 10 and 1,000 spins. The bet that the slot machine would use is the bet you selected before enabling the auto-play function.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

The smallest bet amount in the game is ZAR 0.01 per line. Even if the slot machine does not have paylines per se, it charges for ten lines per spin. The highest you can wager is ZAR 50 per line, which means that the cost of each round is ZAR 500.

Finn’s Golden Tavern RTP Rate

The RTP rate is 96.1%. This is pretty high, considering that the slot has medium volatility. RTP stands for the return-to-player rate. It indicates the percentage of money that the slot is likely to pay out to the players over the long term.
In this case, a wager of ZAR 100 means that the slot is going to use ZAR 96 of that to pay the players. This is not a guarantee; it only means that over the long term, the slot machine operator is going to keep only 4% of the profits.

Game Bonus Features and Symbols

The slot machine Finn’s Golden Tavern has several features that can help you win bigger prizes, which we will discuss in this section.

  • Rotation – if you make a winning line, all the symbols that comprise the line will disappear. These symbols will be replaced with one wild and enough symbols to replace the others. As the slot does this, all of the symbols will rotate clockwise, moving to the centre of the grid. This feature allows you to form new winning lines after the first combo has disappeared.
  • Coins Ahoy – there are three types of gold coins marked with values. These values are 5, 10, and 50. Each coin has a corresponding prize, which depends on the size of your bet. The good thing about this coin is that you do not have to land three 50-credit coins to win a prize. Instead, the slot adds the value of three different coins that you landed side by side, and that is the prize that you win.

For example, let us say that you landed the coins 5, 10, and 50 side by side. In this case, your prize is 65 coins, which will be multiplied by your bet per line.

  • Fist Slam – in the base game, there is a fist that can randomly slam the grid if the spin did not produce a winning line. What this does is that it moves a coin symbol so you can win.

The fist slam feature will only happen if you made a two-symbol combo of coins, and only if there is a third coin that is close to the area. Basically, a coin that is one slot away from your two-symbol coin combo will swap places, so a win is generated.

  • Random Coin – the random coin may or may not activate after all wins are already paid in an avalanche or rotation. In this feature, one or two low-value golden coins may appear close to the central position.

Free Spins Bonus

The way you win free spins is a little different from how other slots games typically do it. Here, the bottom left of the grid is always a chest. As you continue winning with the rotation feature, this chest will move until it reaches the middle of the grid.
Once the chest gets to the middle, which is marked with a letter “x” like what we see in treasure maps, you will get awarded with free spins bonus. In the free spins round, you get five free spins that would use the last bet that triggered it.
During the free spins, there is a multiplier meter that starts at 1x. The multiplier meter increases by 1x for every step that you make during an avalanche or rotation, but only if the meter steps hit five.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the game is the star with one eye. The wild substitutes for any symbol to make a winning line. The wild does not appear on the initial spin. It only appears after you made a winning line. For the combo that you make, the symbols that make it up will disappear, and a wild is guaranteed to appear.

Real Cash Prizes Paytable

Take a look at the payable below. This table shows the amount of money you can win at the highest possible bet of ZAR 50 per line, which equals to the total bet of ZAR 500.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line 50-credit Coin Ale Tin Cup Wine Beer
5 12,000 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
4 10,000 250 250 250 250
3 7,500 50 50 50 50
2 5,000
1 2,500

All pays are shown as currency values, and the content of the paytable will change as you increase and decrease your bet. The slot machine does not have low-value symbols, but the number of reels and rows make it volatile.
To win, you have to land at least three same symbols side by side or stacked on each other. The combo is either vertical or horizontal. Unlike other slot machines, it does not matter in this game whether your combo started from the leftmost reel or not.
The prizes are maxed out at five symbols, but the symbols can be used more than once—but only if a wild was used in the intersection. For example, you may have landed a three-symbol combo horizontally, and then a three-symbol combo vertically that uses one in the horizontal combo. In this case, you will be paid twice.

Game Design and Graphics

The slot machine game is rendered in 3D drawing, but there is no character that stands or sits beside the grid. As a medieval-themed slot, the game board looks like a map that is placed on a table. On this table, there are a candle and a compass, which fits the game’s theme because Finn is a traveller who uses balloons to circumnavigate the globe.

Tips and Strategies to Win

The trick to winning money in this game is to bet small. The ZAR 500 bet per round is not going to take you anywhere, as it is only going to deplete your funds.
What you want is to give yourself a lot of chances to trigger the various features and bonuses, as these are the ways that can help you win big prizes. Landing a 5-symbol combo is rare. It is very likely that you will only land a three-symbol combo, which only yields ZAR 50 for a ZAR 500 wager.

Mobile Version vs. Desktop Version

You can play Finn’s Golden Tavern on either mobile or desktop devices. On both types of devices, you have to launch the game on a browser. For phone or tablet, it must be capable of playing HTML5 or JavaScript games.
If you are going to play the cash version, an online casino of your choice may ask you to download and install the casino app. The game itself has no app, but the casino may have a mobile app to ensure that they have an extra layer of security for their players. On both types, you do not need to install the game. It is a server-based slot machine that you can only access if you are online.

Finn’s Golden Tavern Biggest Win

The highest payout in the base game is ZAR 12,500. You could win this jackpot amount if the cost of your wager for the round is ZAR 500, and only if you landed a five-symbol combo of the gold coin marked with the number 50.
Next to that is a prize of ZAR 2,500, which you can win by landing a five-symbol combo of any of the four kinds of drinks found in the tavern.

Finn’s Golden Tavern Slot Review Conclusion

This slot machine is a great choice for both beginners and experts. Even if the game has no progressive jackpot, it does offer a lot of features that one can expect from a 5-reel slot. On top of that, the game also has several other features that can help augment the number of prizes a player can win.
The only thing that can dissuade a player is the cost of the bet that is required to win big. The maximum wager is ZAR 500 per spin, and this is what is going to take to make a player make a huge profit. Nevertheless, the slot machine allows players to bet as little as ZAR 0.01 per line.
Try the slot for free and see how you will fare. Take the time to study how it works, and then craft a slot strategy that works best for your gaming budget. Once you have created a strategy that improves your likelihood of winning, head on to an online casino to register and play for real money.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Which online casinos offer NetEnt Finn's Golden Tavern slot game for real money?

Here is a list of the casinos where you can play Finn's Golden Tavern: CasiPlay, Mr. Play, Fun Casino, Kaiser, NetBet, Playzee, Kassu, Genesis Take note that each casino accepts players from specific countries only. You will find this out during the registration process. Before you register, check if you have the payment methods that the casino accepts.

How can I play Finn's Golden Tavern slot for free?

To play Finn's Golden Tavern slot for free, your first option is to launch our demo link. Just click on it to play. The free game has the same rules as the paid ones, but you will not be paid with real cash. If you want to play for free and also get paid real cash, you need to find an online casino that offers no deposit bonus and play from there.

Should I download Finn's Golden Tavern to play?

No, the game is not downloadable. As a slot machine with a real cash game counterpart, the game is server-based. You cannot install it to play offline. You can only access the game if you connect to the game developer’s server.

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