Online Slots with the Highest RTP

Everyone who plays online slots has heard the term ”return to player,” but the vast majority do not know what it actually means. RTP slots can increase both your gaming pleasure and the frequency of winning if you know what they are and how they work. Although high RTP values ​​do not guarantee a win, they are still important to you and affect your gaming experience closely.

If you play slot games, you should definitely know about the low/high variance and low/high RTP values. That’s exactly separates casual and veteran players. If you don’t know what these terms mean and how to find the best RTP percentages, don’t worry: we have prepared this guide on the best RTP slots to help you. Below, you can find detailed information about what all these technical terms mean and see an up-to-date list of slots with the highest RTP.

There are thousands of slot machines we can play, but only some offer high RTP percentages.

The List of the Highest RTP Slots (2022)

We know that the main reason you are reading this guide is to see a list of slots with the highest RTP, so we’ll start with it. Experienced players can choose a game from the list directly below and start playing. Beginners should keep reading as they need to learn what terms like high RTP and variance mean before playing. We have prepared the list of top slots with the highest RTP you can play in 2020.

  • Mega Joker: Developed by NetEnt, this high RTP slot offers a 3×3 playing grid and 5 bet lines. It does not have any bonus features but offers one of the highest RTP rates – 99.00%.
  • Monopoly Big Event: Barcrest develops the best RTP slots out there, and Monopoly Big Event is no exception. It comes with up to a 99.00% RTP percentage. The min deposit is only 0.20 coins, and you can play an actual Monopoly game during the bonus game.
  • Jackpot 6000: This is the “cousin” of Mega Joker, and it offers one of the best RTP rates around: 98.90%. It contains 5 paylines, and you have a chance to win up to 6.000 coins per spin.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas: This video slot comes from Thunderkick, and it has a quite high RTP rate: 98.6%. It also has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and a bonus round that awards up to 50 free spins.
  • Jokerizer: This is a high variance slot with 10 bet lines and an RTP rate from 94.22% up to 98%. While it has no progressive jackpot, you can trigger a “mystery win” by landing three joker symbols anywhere on the screen and win up to 6.000 coins.
  • Blood Suckers: Another high RTP slot (98.00%) from NetEnt. This time, we get to play with 25 bet lines, and it is possible to win up to 900x total bet during the free spins feature.
  • Starmania: When it comes to high RTP slots, Starmania by NextGen Gaming is one of the first names that come to mind, thanks to its 97.87% RTP percentage. You can use 10 bet lines to score a win, and there is a risk game too. You can double the payout in it.
  • Jack Hammer 2: This is the sequel of a famous slot developed by NetEnt, and it has 5 reels & 99 paylines. The RTP rate is 97.1%, and it is possible to win up to 1.980x total bet – the max bet is only 0.50 coins. So you can play the game even with a small bankroll.
  • Hotline: A modern video slot by NetEnt, with 30 paylines and an RTP rate of 97.04%. You can trigger 7 bonus spins during the feature and win up to 60.000 coins.

Once again, these are only some examples, and there are many other high RTP slot machines out there. But if you are not sure where to start, this list will be quite useful to you. You can pick any game from the list above and start playing a high RTP slot game. Speaking of which, what is the actual meaning of this term? We keep talking about high RTP rates, but what do they really mean? Below, we explain what slot RTP is and how it affects you.

What Does Slot RTP Mean?

Every slot machine in online casinos has an RTP (return to player percentage). In fact, this applies to all games, not just slots. Games such as blackjack, roulette, and video poker also have a return to player value. Slots RTP is a value that shows how much of an investment you can win back in the long run. For players, this value should be as high as possible. Slots with a high RTP percentage will make you lose less in the long run. House edge is the opposite: it shows how much the casino will win from your bets (i.e. what your total loss will be).

Sounds complicated? Do not worry; we will explain better what we mean by giving examples of RTP slots. Take a look at the high RTP slots list above. We’ve listed what the return to player percentage is for each game. Let’s choose Mega Joker, for example. This game has a very high value: 99.00%. So, what does it mean?

  • An RTP percentage of 99.00% means players can recover 99 ZAR of every 100 ZAR they invest. Hence, they will lose a maximum of 1 ZAR in the long run.
  • The house edge of this game is 1%. This means that the casino will earn a maximum of 1 ZAR from every 100 ZAR bet players make.

Simply put, higher RTP means you will lose less. Contrary to the popular belief, high RTP rates do not mean that your winning chances will be higher. The chance to win and return to player percentages are two different things. We can say that the payout frequency will be a little higher with the best RTP rates, but this does not mean that your winning chances are increased.

So, how does this information help you? Why should you choose high RTP slot games? More importantly, what is the meaning of low – high variance, is it the same as RTP? No worries, we will answer all these questions one by one.

How Return to Player Rates Can Help You

To be honest, it is easy to see how high RTP rates can help you. Slots with the highest rates allow you to lose less. Let’s give an example to explain what we mean:

  • Let’s say you have a bankroll of 100 ZAR .
  • And let’s assume there are two RTP slots you can play: One comes with an RTP rate of 93%. The other offers a 97% rate.
  • By playing the 93% slot, you will lose 7 ZAR in the long run. You can recover 93 ZAR of your investment.
  • By playing the 97% slot, you will lose 3 ZAR in the long run. You can recover 97 ZAR of your investment.

The difference is obvious. The highest RTP rates are better for you. You will be able to recover more money and simply lose less. And if you are wondering what do we mean by saying long-run, we can say that this refers to after 1.000 spins. Return to player rates are calculated after 1.000 spins on average.

This also means that you should not expect to recover your losses in a short time even if the return to player percentage is higher than usual. You need to make at least a thousand spins to see the results of high RTP rates. This is the most common mistake of beginners. They pick a high RTP slot, spin the reels for 10 minutes or so, but do not see any results. It is not possible to earn a significant win in any casino game just by playing for 10-15 minutes. High RTP values indicate a certain potential, but you have to spend time to achieve it.

How to Find the Return to Player Percentage

We explained the importance of high RTP rates, but there is still one more question to answer. How can you see the actual return to player rates? Where is this information located? Well, it is actually easier than you think. All RTP slots have a paytable – you can open this screen by clicking a button on the interface. Sometimes this button is named “paytable,” and sometimes it is shown with a simple “?” icon. Developers use different designs, but they all put the paytable button somewhere on the interface.

When you click this button and open the paytable, you will see the rules, symbol payouts, win lines, and bonus conditions. Most of the time, the RTP value will be listed under the “rules” section, but it can be located anywhere on the paytable screen. This is the best way to find the highest RTP rates. Open the paytable and see for yourself.

However, finding a high RTP slot game with this method can take too much time. Moreover, a small percent of slot machines do not list their return to player rates on the paytable. To save time, you can simply use our website to find the actual RTP rates (we even list low – high variance games). In any case, we recommend checking the RTP rates with this method before starting to play any game, not just the slots. As explained above, all casino games have return to player percentages, and you can learn what these values are by using the paytable.

High Payouts and High RTP Slots: Are They the Same Thing?

Now it is time to talk about the low variance – high variance and what do they actually mean. Let’s start by explaining the difference between variance and volatility. Technically, these are quite different things. Variance measures the spread between numbers in data. Volatility, on the other hand, is a method of measuring the risk. Simply put, low volatility means less risk (and vice versa).

However, these are actually financial terms and explanations. When it comes to RTP slots, you can think that both of these terms represent the same thing: the winning frequency. Here is what you need to know about variance slot games:

  • High variance in a slot game means that you will win less, but the payouts will be bigger.
  • Low variance in a slot game means that you will win frequently, but the payouts will be small.

That’s it. Both these terms are different from the return to player percentages, but they still affect your wins, so you need to know about them too. Let’s take the Book of Dead slot game, for example. This is a high variance slot game. This means when you win, you will win big. But you won’t be winning all the time. The payout frequency will be low. So, in a way, high variance means high payouts. However, this does not mean the RTP rates will be high too. For example, Book of Dead has a high variance, but it is not a high RTP slot: It has an RTP rate of 94.25%. So even if the payouts will be high, you will be able to recover 94.25 ZAR of every 100 ZAR you invest in the long run.

So high RTP does not mean high payouts. The payout frequency is determined by the variance. But RTP is still more important than variance because it actually determines what your losses will be. In short, you should be looking for the highest RTP all the time. Variance/volatility ranks second in importance. And here is a tip: professional gamblers prefer low variance games because it is better to get paid on a regular basis, even if the payment is not big. However, the variance is also a personal choice – some players prefer high, others low. RTP, on the other hand, is not personal. You should always look for the highest RTP values.

Start Playing Highest RTP Slots for Free

These are all the things you need to know to start chasing and playing high RTP slots. We already gave you a list of the highest RTP slots, so you can simply choose one game and start playing it immediately.

So, where can you play it? Well, on our website, of course! We offer the chance to play high RTP slots to all our visitors without registration and/or download. Pick a game, click the “play now” button, and you are good to go. Nothing else is needed. The demo versions of slots with the high RTP have no feature restrictions, and you can play them on any device as long as you want. And when you want to try your chances with real money, make sure to pick one of our recommended online casinos. We picked them according to our high standards, and they offer the best in everything. Now, without any further due, pick a game and start spinning the reels for free.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Where can I find and play the highest RTP slots?

On our website, of course. We have a list of the most popular high RTP slots that can be played completely for free. No download or registration is needed. Pick one and start playing on your browser immediately. We update our lists on a regular basis, so don’t forget to visit us often.

What are the slots with the highest RTP percentages?

You can check the high RTP slot list in this guide to get an idea. We already picked the best slots with the highest RTP rates. However, they are not your only options. Developers release new games every day, and our list constantly changes. You can always find an up-to-date high RTP list on our website.

Does such a thing as a “loose slot” really exist?

Loose slots are games that pay frequently but not big. As you already learned, this means they have a low variance. Contrary to the popular belief, they don’t always have high RTP percentages. Such games exist, and they are also known as penny slots. They pay frequently but never big amounts.

What are RTP slots?

“RTP slots” is the general term that is used to describe the return to player percentage of slot machines. It does not mean low or high RTP. It just refers to the return to player rate of the game, which can be low or high. You need to check the paytable to see the actual rate.

What kind of percentages can be considered high RTP?

When it comes to online slots, percentages of 95% and above can be considered high RTP. Obviously, the higher this rate, the better, but it should not go below 95% in general. In land-based slots, percentages of 85% and above can be considered high RTP. Land-based slots always offer lower percentages than online slots.

What kind of percentages can be considered low slot RTP?

As can be guessed from the answer above, percentages of 94% and lower can be considered low RTP. In land-based casinos, it is even possible to see 85% RTP rates. Obviously, such games are not worth playing. They will simply cause you to lose too much money in the long run.