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Slot Type:
Video Slot
Slot features:
Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Multiplier, Free Spins

A brand-new entry from Playtech has already managed to beat every possible record, and all DC fans are definitely going to appeal to this one. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice slots game stems from the same-titled brand film, and nothing is better for the slot world than a slot machine based on a popular piece of media – this is actually a way to succeed for many software developers, because people tend to like what they are familiar with. Playtech are pretty aware of this formula, so there was no sheer astonishment when the company released another DC-connected game. Despite choosing an obvious solution, one must admit that the game was not a bust.

Since the DC Universe has a plenty of interesting plots, Playtech would never miss a chance to highlight the best of them. Batman vs. Superman evidently tells about a bloodshed between two branded heroes, and what’s amazing about this clash is the gameplay it is built on. Batman vs. Superman has an incredible storytelling, with every feature engaged – from freespins to Wildcards, Playtech hint casino players back to what this slot machine is really about. Also, the game is doing great at graphics, animation and other visual installations – though the reels and the main gaming panel look a little bit raw for a modern branded game, other things are totally royal.

Interesting features

  1. Party Wild – four main characters of Batman vs. Superman slot machine each have a dedicated Wildcards. Basically, there is nothing different to Wild symbols here – icons appear to replace some regular symbol and create a more profitable combo – one symbol deserves a nickel of attention. This is Doomsday symbol, and in comparison with Wonder Woman or Batman, this gaming icon appears as a Stacked Wild, so you can immediately boost your combinations in a blink of an eye.
  2. Shifting Wilds – Batman vs. Superman slot is a game with elaborately developed system of Wildcards, so do not expect these tiny devils to appear and disappear monotonously. When you catch a fiery combo of two Wilds with Batman and Superman, something crazy begins: Batman Wildcard start to move to the right while Superman reciprocate with moving to the left. This clash becomes available only when these two icons land on the same row.
  3. Jackpots – Any spin during the base game might become your ticket to another life. Batman vs. Superman contains four mystery jackpots, right for each featured superhero, and if you result with a triggering spin, the game will offer you to take chances in a scratch-like action. There will be displayed a panel of 20 clusters, and you are going to reveal colours. Match colours according to the jackpots to win real money. The larger the jackpot, the more matching clusters you have to open. Classic scheme.
  4. Freespins – the last feature in the bonusing lineup here is freespins. We are going to discuss this one more specifically in the next section of the review, but now let’s briefly look through these extremely unique bonus rounds. Batman vs. Superman slots are probably that famous simply because Playtech did an amazing job at developing the freespin system  – freespins in the game have a plot to follow, that’s why playing through them reminds sort of watching a thrilling video.

Bonus rounds

Batman vs. Superman provides two different types of freespinning, and it is not some boring playthrough as you might expect. Of course, one format of free games is based around the combat between the main characters, but the other one is probably one of the most layouts ever seen in slotting. The following table gets your more insight on both lineups and explains a bit of rules.

Batman vs. Superman Spins Doomsday vs. Everyone Spins
As soon as you trap Batman and Superman on the same row simultaneously during the main game, the machine will activate a bonus mode with an unlimited capacity of rounds to play. You will be playing either Batman team or Superman team, and lead your pick through vicissitudes of the war. Since each of these heroes is tied to a Wildcard, when they clash on the reels, the game will give you some extra cash.  Another way to trigger spins is to collect one Doomsday on the reel 3 so that the symbol occupies the whole reel. A few moments later Batman vs. Superman slot will activate a different freespin mode with battling Wildcards. While Doomsday will be trying to progress to the first reel, others will be trying to stop him. This action may go for a long while, but when Doomsday hits the reel 1, free games are over.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice represents a standard formatted machine with 25 paylines on offer. Since win-lines are fixed here, stakes begin at 0.50 credits with 0.2 credits per spin. You can go as far as 2.500 credits, which is an incredible opportunity for high-rollers. The objective is to trigger freespins and make use of additional specialties on the reels, not to mention jackpot chances, but what is game is really about is collecting combinations. The paytable consists of 4 regular symbols with other film characters and the bonus part includes four Wildcards. There are no Scatters, Wilds take over their functions.

Closing thoughts

Why this game should be in your playlist is because of jackpots. It goes without saying that other features are astounding, too, but you have really high odds at winning a formidable sum in Batman vs. Superman by Playtech. Other than that, the game has a lot of things to show off: decent animation, win-win freespins, beneficial for players Wildcards and tons of fun and excitement. Again, in case you are a DC fan, you must go and check this one out at Playtech-powered casinos right now.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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