About us

In the world of online gambling, the amount of content that players have access to can be overwhelming. The number of games you can play increases with every passing year thanks to the work of advanced software providers. Here, at Internet Slots, the main aim is to provide players with all the information they need before they choose what game to play, giving players extensive reviews from trusted sources, rating systems that paint a clear picture and accessibility towards the content so they can have a taste of what to come.

Internet Slots has put in countless hours in covering the world wide web from all corners, finding hundreds of games that belong to many hopeful establishments online. These games are all being reviewed to those who wish to play for free or to try their hands at betting real money. Playing demo version is quick and easy. Getting in that free practise at the game is best for the player. Playing for real money can get you some serious cash, whilst also finding perfect games for you to play with. The games don’t have just to be online or offline slots. The website also reviews table games, bingos and branded casinos themselves.

How Do We Provide Reviews?

Internet Slots can be more than just providing players with game reviews. It can also be used to see what other people think of these games – gathering the thoughts and opinions of articulated reviews to help with your decision to see what’s right for you. The reviews in place are completely unbiased as they operate separately from other organisations. Meaning that you have no worries of the site trying to influence or mislead your choices.

The way the reviews work is that they provide a detailed overview of pure facts and information. The RTP ratings, the prizes you can win, how the bonuses work, number of reels, number of paylines, combination types and other such important parts. After the main chunk of the info has been given, the review can then describe the game in a more creative manner. Exploring the themes the game has, what manner of backstory is in it and perhaps even interesting facts. This is all to help the game stand out for its best qualities, showing players the true side of the title and what makes it really interesting.

What Are Our Core Values?

When it comes to online gaming, there are many aspects that one needs to consider other than just gaming itself. Internet Slots is made of a community of players who focus on offering safe places to bet your money on. This also includes offering advice on responsible gaming, linking to gambling charities and providing services which can help set limits on your own gambling. The official website even has an exceptional hub that gives lessons on self-exclusion to learn more about these limits to oneself.

The objective that Internet Slots wishes for all online gamblers is giving them the tools they need to operate in this world without any doubts left in their mind. They promise 100% satisfaction for all those who seek them for the help and advice they need to get started whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the ropes or a veteran that may have missed something crucial. Internet Slots is welcome to all.

The History of Internet Slots

From its humble beginnings, Internet Slots had grown successfully to the point where it offered offline slots, and then took a turn at online slots to respond to the changing market. While it mainly focused on the many downloadable games available at plenty of casinos, Internet Slots now reaches great strides in the sector of online games. Thanks to its team of researchers, the site has managed to locate plenty of playable offline and online games that come from multiple trustworthy providers. These too include reviews online which you can compare and gather info, making sure that even the free game you are playing is an enjoyable one as well.

Internet Slots includes the offline games in their own separate sub-section of the website. Changing the site and its interface is another important element designed by Internet Slots regarding its customer base. After all, a good review site involves making sure that these games and the reviews are easy to understand and perfectly playable. The website includes simple tools and functions so that players won’t get easily lost and they have improved upon this since its founding. No matter what, Internet Slots has improved so much thanks to the care of its support and customer feedback.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

What Is a Reputation Rating?

The reputation rating is how Internet Slots places an easy-to-learn number on the quality of a casino or game. It can be something similar to a star rating 10/10 rating. Its main purpose is to give the player something simple to understand and form a base opinion on how good something is. A casino must have exceptional customer service, safe payment options and top-quality games. A casino that fails to deliver on these aspects will be given a low rating. Those that do deliver are rewarded with a high reputation.

Why Are Casinos with Only Good Reputations Listed Higher in Some Lists?

While a reputation is what convinces a player how trustworthy they are, the quality of the content itself may be a separate factor to take into account. While other rating systems focus on how good the content is, a casino that the player can trust is something that is much more valuable. Which is why honesty can help push those with good reputations further up the list. Even if the casino’s services are not up to standards compared to others, as long as they are honest about what they entail, this helps them seem much more trustworthy to a player who fears they may be unfairly influenced by a casino’s advertising.

How Do Things Work at Internet Slots?

Internet Slots gather information from all types of online gambling - online casinos, slot games, software providers and casino bonuses. You can access these from the sub-menu selection and then choose which brand you wish to receive information on.

Where Are the Game Reviews?

When selecting the slot games section on the sub-menu, this will take you to a huge list of popular slot games that have been released by providers. There is a list below of the top 10 games to give players a place to start from. Selecting a game will give a detailed list of information below its demo.

Where Are the Bonus Lists?

These can also be selected from the sub-menu. Once selected, the list of the best bonus deals and current promotional offers will be shown. This comes from a range of different casinos and will change accordingly depending on what they offer.

How Do You Play the Games?

When you select on a game from the list, the demo will be available at the top of the page. You will need the correct software on your PC to run the game.

How Do You Download a Game?

While the demo version offers a free download with no connection to any payments, playing the game for real money will require a connection to a separate casino site. Luckily, Internet Slots provides a link to the real money version by clicking on the “PLAY FOR REAL MONEY” button located below the demo version.

How to Notify on Game Absences and Technical Difficulties?

The homepage regularly updates with any changes to the list of games or any technical issues that may be happening. This is so the information does not get lost by any extra pages. You can find updates by checking the sitemap at the bottom of the screen and visit the Contact page to address queries.