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$ 480

Wicked Winnings — popular game created by Aristocrat. Its mail theme is bright a devilish woman who is a wild symbol and well-paid symbol of raven too.

The original Wicked Winnings is a rather old-fashioned slot. It offers a multi-line and multiprocessor slot machine. However, these slots don’t have a lot of functions subsequent slots of this series. In order to try your luck in a few free spins and benefit from medium towed symbols (which are available in both main online and bonus games) winning combinations can be made quite regularly, because these symbols rotate and cover all rolls in the game.

This is a classic slot machine. It is a powerful slot with very reliable style of play. Wicked Winning gives many great prizes. If you didn’t win in one slot, just try once more time, but don’t forget to give slots some time in order to play the next round.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that these slot machines are no longer available for playing in land-based casinos, since these slots appear in the last two slots of the series. Thus, you will find fewer casinos offering this retro slot. But if you find a casino that offers it, give it some time to play.

One of the best series of Aristocrat online games is the Wicked Winning slots. Currently, there are three different slots that create this series of games. Each of them has its own interesting and bright game structure.

Like all other amazing slot designers, you’ll find Aristocrat slots in a lineup with high withdrawals ratios, lots of game lines and betting options. In these games you can find animated drum icons and selective high-definition sound effects. Such things make every game really exciting.

Check out the overview of three available Wicked Winning Slots, which are designed absolutely differently. However, you can try very nice online games.

Interesting Features

The highest paid character of Wicked Winnings is a raven who gives an incredible 5,000 credits. On each reel there are 3 ravens, except the last. It results in a maximum crown victory of 5000 times 3x3x3x3x1 or 405000 credits. This equates to a win of $4,050 at a rate of 50 cents or a staggering $40,500 win at a rate of $5. This is very impressive for the progressive jackpot.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

The developer and supplier of Wicked Winning slot machines, of course, Aristocrat, and as they deliver machines to a lot of different countries, you’ll be able to find their slot selections in different casinos around the globe.

If you are looking for a whole range of slots on the internet and may be the whole range of slot machines that are equipped with a lot of game options and bonus features like the Wicked Winnings Slot Machine series. Just play good online casinos and win!

Bonus Rounds

You’ll be able to find really steady stream of online gambling bonuses available to everyone after registration in this fully licensed and highly rated online casino website. Thanks to the huge selection of slots online, we know you will find a lot of slot machines. Wicked Winnings game will be worth it in order to play for free or using real money.

When Power Play is activated, the bet size is doubled, two bonuses are activated. If you use two symbols on the first and last reel with only one flame, you can win 15 spins for free. There are no big differences in the game interface when you use the free spins, so just of them as a bankroll pledge if you don’t win anything special.

Another bonus is Wild Respirator. If you place a whole row of queens (wild symbol) on reels 2, 3 or 4, the game will evaluate the win, then just go through the other drums and complete the wild array of women. If you manage to get another set of wild ladies, the game will close and the other reel will start. It can happen three times. Huge victories can happen with wild symbols help, so they are one of the key points in the game.

Variations of this slot

There are some really interesting improvements in the second game of the Wicked Winning Slot:

  • graphics became better,
  • an expanded withdrawal section,
  • modified bonus rounds.

You’ll be able to see that the second version stacked reel symbols. In case, if you receive several ones, you have an opportunity to fill up every reel. You can add some great withdrawals. All these advantages add something special to this place, making everything in the game very attractive. The opportunity to win huge withdrawals always available for everyone.

A lot of customers call this slot the game that they like to play in all three versions. As a rule, there was the biggest withdrawal, that the slot should become one of the favorites.

If you are the big lover of gaming online, just play he third generation of Wicked Winnings. The game has really expanded number of options and features as well as a variety of casino bets.

The slot is different from the classic for these slots 5 reels. You can find here 6 reels and you will have an opportunity to win big prizes and rewards! The theme is the same as its predecessors. However, using the much more powerful graphics engine makes this slot run smoother, faster and with much better performance.

It is the fact, that Aristocrat is always ready to spend a lot of hours creating new machines for online gambling. This provider always releases slots that are part of a series of slots.

The last slot in the Wicked Winning is the Wicked Winnings Legends slot. What makes this online game so unique? You have an opportunity to choose one of two Wicked Winnings slots for the game, you can choose the Wicked Winnings II slot or much better Wicked Winnings IV slot in a lot of characteristics.

Wicked Winnings IV Slot has really exciting bonus round that works as soon as the stacked wild symbol turns and completely covers all reels on the screen.

This option will present you three re-spins that can be stacked more symbols. And this is not enough. Turning the flame symbols on reels one and five in the is awarded as a set of ten free spins too.

These flame symbols are superimposed on different drum symbols. And you’ll never know if you triggered the free spins until the fifth reel stops. Free games are available on four Wicked Winnings mini-gaming screens. Each of them can be noticed on the machine’s screen.

Rules and features

The game has 5 reels with 3 symbols. This is a “reel power” game, which means that any combination of adjacent symbols is considered a win (you can see it has 3 5 or 243 “paylines”). As with any game with reels, you can use the accumulated symbols to increase profits exponentially.

Moneybag symbols are scattering. Each line has a maximum of one, but wild ladies also count on money.

As mentioned earlier, Power Play doubles the bet size and allows you to use two bonus features: wild lady and free games. While it’s possible to make big profits without a wild recovery, it will be much harder to land high paying symbols during the first rotation without power play. The extra thrill of wild spins and free spins doubles the payout for equivalent withdrawals.

Of course, not every spin will result in a big payoff, but winning combinations gain momentum and speed. To get the best odds, we recommend to play with maximum lines. If you play multi-coin versions, always try to place an interest based on your available bankroll. With low rate, a lot of games and spins are available for you.

A high spread of these slots means that you may have to wait a long time to spin in these large payment combinations and trigger higher bonus games, but since all Wicked Winnings slots have high withdrawals odds, you always have a chance to win.

If you ever had the chance to land in an American or Australian casino, you probably started the Aristocrat slot machine. In fact, this provider is a giant in the global casino gaming market. The aristocrat has been working since the early 1950s and continues to grow. The provider was able to manage its entry into the virtual world of gambling perfectly and now owns one of the largest casino.

History of Wicked Winnings Slots

Founded in 1953, the Aristocrat began his work in Australia. The provider revolutionized the slot machines with The Clubmaster. This machine, which is located in private gaming clubs, offered several paylines and scatter symbols. In the early 1960s, the Aristocrat entered the European market. The supplier offered a new slot machine called “Aristocrat Nevada”. In 1965, the Aristocrat had an advantage over his competitors and released the first electronic gaming device. Called “Moon Money”, this machine had a small screen. In the 1970s, Aristocrat continued his innovations and released his first five-reel slot machine. Over the next decade, Aristocrat opened offices in London and continued to expand its presence in US and Australian casinos. In the early 1990s, the Aristocrat became a listed company, preparing for an Internet revolution. Today the provider works in more than 90 countries with 3000 employees and has more than 240 licenses for games.


In general, Wicked Winnings slot machines are great, and since there are three generations of slots, you have everything you need, whether you want to play in a simple 5 reel slots or with 6 reel slots. All jackpots in Wicked Winnings slots are generous and you can win huge amounts using low stakes.

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