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Slot Type:
Video Slots
Slot features:
Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol

Background Information

From the title, the hunch is, many gamers may probably have learned a thing or two about what this game is all about. Where’s the Gold is an online slot from Aristocrat Gaming that comes with a gold digger theme.   When playing this online slot, players can expect to find symbols commonly found in a gold mine.

There is a mine shaft, dynamites for blowing up huge boulders of rocks, ox carts that carry large boulders of rocks as well as shovels and pickaxes that are used when one is digging up precious rocks from underneath the ground.

When players are spinning the reels of this slot, they should expect to find the precious yellow stone on the reels as these precious stones provide excellent rewards.   In order to join in the fun in Where’s the Gold slot, players need to start spinning this game’s five reels and twenty-five paylines.

Background Graphics and Sound

The slot is set against a backdrop of a plain at sunset acting as the background. Rather than showing an extensive land of a plain, this slot rather depicts the depth of a plain.   One can assume that the plain depth depicted in this game highlights what one finds when s/he digs deep into the ground searching for the precious yellow stones.   The background graphics in Where’s the Gold game are generic sounds that you hear when playing other slot games, i.e., computer-generated jingles which may become monotonous and boring after some time.  

Reel Grids and Reel Design

The reels in Where’s the Gold slot are covered in a solid white colour, but this may be difficult to note on some occasions as the reels may be covered by the colours of the symbols occupying the reel positions.   The reels in this slot are designed in a conventional 5×3 design meaning that there are five columns (reels) and 3 rows.   On either side of the reels are huge poles that are numbered. The numbers on these poles symbolise the number of paylines that Where’s the Gold slot possesses.  

Tips on Playing the Slot

There are two distinct ways that you can start digging up for the precious yellow stones in this game. The first way pertains to playing Where’s the Gold slot game for real money.   When playing this game for real money, there are certain things that you need to note. Firstly, there is the issue of the paylines. You are free to choose the number of paylines you want to bet on when playing this pokie.   You can wager across all the twenty-five paylines if you wish and you are also free to bet across fewer paylines up to the minimum of just one payline.

The advantage of opting for fewer paylines is that you decrease the amount you use to bet per line while the advantage of opting for more paylines is that you increase your chances of hitting winning combinations.   The choice is yours, either to go all out wagering across all paylines or play cautiously wagering across a few paylines. The second issue to take note of when playing the game for real money is the bet amount.   The bet amount is crucial is it allows you to choose the bet amount you are comfortable with. Low rollers can wager with as low as just 0.01 coins per spin while high rollers can increase the bet amount to a high of 100.00 coins per spin.  

Playing for Fun

The second way that you can start digging up for precious yellow stones is through playing the pokie for fun hence for free. In order for you to play this entertainment for free, you will have to enter the game in demo mode.   When you load the play in demo mode, you receive a substantial amount of ‘credits’ that you will be able to use in spinning Where’s the Gold slot game reels for free. When you use all of your credits, you will no longer be able to spin the reels for free.   However, if you manage to hit winning combinations when spinning the reels for free, you will be able to increase your credits.  

Symbols of the Slot

Standard symbols are Mineshaft, Ox Cart, Shovel, Pickaxe, Pickaxe and traditional card symbols.   When playing Where’s the Gold casino slot online, your wild will be the gold icons. These gold icons will on occasions change their shape taking the form of other symbols, however, these icons will not be able to take the shape and form of scatter symbols.   Note that each time when these symbols change their form and shape, they will be completing winning combos.   When playing Where’s the Gold slot machine online, your scatter will be the dynamite. There is no bonus icon when playing Where’s the Gold game.

Bonus Rounds

The main bonus when playing Where’s the Gold slot is the free spins feature. The free spins feature is activated each time when the player lands at least three of the dynamite scatter symbols.   Before you start playing this bonus game, you will have to play a Pick-em bonus. In this Pick-em bonus, you need to pick one among five gold diggers, i.e., Happy Lucky, Professor Gold, Peter Panner, Nugget Ned and Mary Money. Your pick will have to dig up gold nuggets, and the number of nuggets that your pick digs up is the number of free spins you get.   You cannot retrigger free spins, but all high-value symbols turn into wild symbols during this bonus thereby increasing your chances of hitting valuable winning combinations.

The second bonus round in Where’s the Gold slot is the Gamble feature. When playing this bonus game, players have the chance to double or quadruple their wins.   To double their wins, players have to correctly guess the colours of the cards to be dealt next. In order to quadruple their wins, players have to guess the suits of cards to be drawn next correctly.   A failure to predict the colour or the suit correctly will see players forfeit their wins. Note that this bonus activates only when players hit winning combinations during the base game.   


There is a progressive jackpot in Where’s the Gold game that players can hit when they land five wild icons in a row. The minimum that players can win in this jackpot is 4 000 coins.  

Payout Range of the Slot

The mine owner icon is the highest paying in this game fetching 1000 credits for five, 200 credits for four, 100 credits for three and 4 credits for two.   The mine shaft icon fetches the second highest prize. Five of these fetch 500 credits, four of these fetch 150 credits, three fetch 80 credits and two fetches 2 credits.

The ox cart, shovels, and pickaxes are the third highest paying icons. Five of a kind fetch 300 credits, four of a kind fetch 100 credits, and three of a kind fetches 50 credits.     The low-value symbols in this game are the traditional card symbols fetching up to 150 credits for five of a kind, 50 credits for four of a kind and 40 credits for three of a kind.  


This slot was built for brick and mortar casinos at first but the reception it got forced Aristocrat Gaming, the developers of the game to create an online version.     The online version has enjoyed the same success very much as the casino machine for brick and mortar casinos. Players can have a taste of this game when playing in the comfort of their homes on their PCs.

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