Online Casino Software

For online casinos everywhere, the best part of joining the gambling industry is taking part in many of the illustrious games on offer. Whether you are a fan of the simple slots or a skilled player at professional tables, these could never be made possible without the hard work and efforts of the casino software providers. These companies are responsible for the creation and development of so many of your favourite online casino games. These providers have their own brands and sense of style that you can plainly see with each new game they bring out. Some of which even win awards based on the accomplishments they have achieved and the milestones they have reached across to provide top, quality content.

When it comes to casino gaming software, new ideas are constantly being explored upon to create new technological advances into the online gambling world. Online gambling first started as a lottery in Lichtenstein in October 1994. While many countries still ban online gambling to this day, the industry still makes an incredible $40 billion each year on a global scale. This created an entire network of licensing companies, gambling charities and government bodies that all work towards the supervision and legislation of the online gambling industry.

Software providers build online casino softwares towards these rules and legislation and must work towards creating substantial partnerships with online casinos themselves before people can play them for real money. Operators across the online industry will go to software providers to provide them their content, so that players who register with them can have these games to bet their money on. The types of games they can make can differ depending on what the provider specialises, the technology they have access to, and who they have partnered with in terms of the operators.

Gambling Software Options

Here are detailed listings of the top software providers with the latest gambling software for you to play:


One of the longest, if perhaps, the top-rated casino software providers of the whole industry. Microgaming has developed over 1,000 titles specialising in multiple different areas and styles. This includes using branded works of media and developing them into slot machines. World-famous titles like Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and even video games like Tomb Raider are among the top picks. One of their primary objectives is to be as inclusive as possible. Expressing diversity and tapping into the many diverse cultures of creativity that can be seen in their games.

This also makes them an incredibly competitive company. The number of awards they have won for their works are inspirational. Examples include the EGR B2B Awards, Awards for Excellence, Global Gaming Awards, Spark The Change, National Technology Awards, Malta Gaming Awards, and so much more. This further proves their flexible skillset, adapting to all kinds of developments so they can advance to whichever fields needs the most improvement. Some of the best games from Microgaming are included in their progressive jackpot category. Mega Moolah and Major Millions are the most sought-after titles due to their potential of awarding millions of dollars’ worth of prizes.


When it comes to the looks and visuals of casino games, Betsoft is where you should look towards. When there are animations in the games, 3D visuals and colourful backdrops, this is where Betsoft truly shine. Their portfolio provides a different kind of entertainment by immersing you into worlds filled with eye-popping visuals.

They combine this exceptionally well with the impressive gameplay features they include with them. New reel bonuses, dual-screen and mini-games incorporated with these visuals is what makes something truly beyond just a standard slot game. For example, scoring a bonus can trigger many delightful animations in the game, which can make the world you are playing in feel you’re a part of it already. This also gives them plenty of time to experiment with new themes and ideas to produce better quality animations and high-definition graphics.


Also known as Net Entertainment, NetEnt are all about premium quality content. They strive for the best games that can be developed and make sure they are accessible to everyone who wishes to play them. They deliver on this promise with exceptional business skills and incredible marketing potential. It certainly helps that their business puts hand in a variety of areas and fields – from providing business advice, regulating their markets, hiring creative team members, offering improved training services, host annual game events, managing finances, and so much more.

This list of services is what makes NetEnt flexible and adaptable to any situation. The products they provide for operators have had countless works of guaranteed research and thought put into them. The global scale they have reached mean they have games built for countless countries and centred around many different cultures – all towards bringing a personalised experience.


The International Game Technology are a corporation of multiple fields combined together to support the online gambling industry. Focusing much more on the technological side of things, they work towards giving casino games the pieces of the modern era to improve customer satisfaction through the tech provided. This includes aspects such as system integration and creating a more substantial network of software providers so that information can be shared between them. Allowing new ideas to be developed as a combined effort rather than from competitiveness.

The games themselves benefit the most from adaptive technology. They have introduced 4D games that use multiple sensory technology and the PowerSight program, which allows the manipulation of game components through head and eye movements.


If you are looking for slot machines that cater to beyond the norm, then Yggdrasil is the provider for you. They delve deep into many different themes and ideas and bring them to life through their creative visuals. Forgotten mythologies, forbidden mythologies and frightening tales, Yggdrasil bring out the weird and the beautiful.

Their portfolio is not the only things that make them unique. Their promotional elements and marketing makes them appear strange and mysterious to the potential customers. They can also safely integrate their technology into other devices such as mobile smartphones or tablets evolving from previous Flash platforms.

These are but some of the many examples of software providers that work towards bringing you all the games you’ve grown to love over the years – other companies such as Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin and many others.

How to Choose Casino Games Software?

Choosing your own casino games software can factor in multiple different questions you must answer:

What Kind of Games Do I Like?

Every provider has their own tastes when it comes to the type of games you can find. Some of them can revolve around the same classic themes as the Egyptian mythology or traditional slot machine with fruits. Others can make ones that include enticing bonus features and special gameplay actions. By taking a look at a provider’s portfolio, you can browse which collection of games you like and which you don’t.

Does This Decide the Casino I Join?

Software providers will let their games be accessible to only a few operators. This may not be all of them. For example, some software providers may only be accessible to smaller casinos online. It is important to get to know the casinos as well so that you don’t join just to play your favourite providers.

Will the Tech Support You?

Different providers have access to different technological advancements when it comes to casino gaming. If you are more of a fan of mobile gaming, then choosing a provider like iSoftbet would be best since they develop for more mobile optimisation. It’s similar to Betradar. They have specialised tools to help with any sports betting services as well as offering better control over your data compilation.

Best Software Providers to Play for Real Money

After all, one of the main aims of playing these casino games is the hopes of winning some extra cash while playing. While some providers can offer a free demo version of their products, it is a different matter to play them for real money. The first thing you must do is register with an operator that has these games available and sign up with a payment account. You can then place your bets on the game and win whatever prizes you can from the game’s individual reward system. It is up to the casino itself to determine its security and judge how safe your money is while playing. Always look for a proper licensing stamp on the casino and view how well-trusted their brand name is before you decide.

Pros and Cons of Playing for Real Money

  • You have a chance of winning real extra cash from playing.
  • You can gain practise in the real gambling world and find your own limits.
  • You can see which software providers deliver the best outcome for you based on their RTP and your own skillset.
  • Playing for real money means you now risk losing money if you’re not careful.
  • You won’t have the safety of the demo version anymore so it may be more stressful if you want to practise more.