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GoldFish Slot

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Goldfish by WMS gaming is an Aquatic based games. Just like other WMS slots, Goldfish Game is a blend of style, uniqueness, and classic design. The company’s philosophy did not kill the gameplay as the slot ran smoothly and seemed to be loved by several people. This review will provide more information about the slot and its features. 

The title will take you to the seaside with its symbols and background. It will also double your aquarium experience using different aquatic equipment to entice you. Though this game is not one of the latest of the WMS online games; it is one of the WMS games that are very popular. It is also a 5 reel, and 25 pay line with high volatility for you pay for the highest maximum cash out. 

Beautiful Reel, Beautiful Fish

Just like most of the WMS casino offline games, and online, the Goldfish has a nice design which synchronizes well with the symbols and reel. The background of the game is a blue sea which signifies the aquatic theme of the game.  It is one of the best classic games out there with its interface that looks traditional. The designs of the button in the slot and symbols are simple just like the storyline. 


Anyone who wishes to play Goldfish slot machine online need to know about the paytable of the slot to be able to calculate his/her winning combinations. Gold Fish has the following symbols sum steam, swimming finishes, net, shellfish, turtle, etc. The symbols are in different colors like green, blue, gold, and red. 
The symbols include shellfish, turtle, fishing net, underwater plants, and other related sea creatures. The highest of these symbols being the game  is also the wild of the game. 

Bonus Features

To play Goldfish for real money, you need to have a good understanding of what it has in stock. The bonus features and round that would make you win big. In addition to this, you need to consider if the Goldfish game could allow you to play for free. The bonus features of Goldfish free include:

  • Wild Symbol: The wild of the game is the Goldfish which increases the amount an individual could make by replacing other symbols to form a winning combination. 
  • Free Spins: The free spins round is triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols. There, you have the opportunity of getting up to 20 free spins of up to 10x multiplier of your total bet. The initial bet determines the bet of the free spins. 

Fish Feature

 The slot contains plenty of fishes which have unique colors and unique rewards. The color of the fish determines what prize it would bring. This casino bonus could be the reason why it has an RTP of 96%. The features include:

  • Purple Fish: This fish would throw a minimum of three bubbles up with numbers that are rearranged to determine the amount of money you will receive. 
  • Red Fish: Landing redfish will give you a castle and treasure chest for you to pick one from. If you are lucky, the fish in the tank will kiss the item, and it will increase your reward.
  • Green Fish: The green fish will give you a mini-game where with a fish tank with some bubbles. You just need to be lucky to pick the one with the highest number of bubbles. 
  • Blue Fish: This is the supper scatter in this game. It will give you three free spins, and the symbols on any play lines will provide you with a winning combination. 
  • GoldFish: You have to pick one of the bubbles on your screen. The result will be free 20 spins and 10x multiplier. 

Fish Food Feature 

The player of the slot is entitled to the fish food feature onus by landing the food scatter symbol. You will be faced with the challenge of matching at least three symbols with the same colors. If you are lucky, you could hit the jackpots. 

The Choice of All Classes of Gamblers

The game is for both professionals and amateurs. In fact, the Goldfish casino slot online offers 25 play lines with a betting range of 0.01 and 3 and a maximum bet of 75. The highest payout you could land is 10, 000 coins. All you need to land this is strategy and tips, and not cheats. 

With an RTP of 96%, this title is one of the best out there with numerous bonus features and opportunities. All you need to do is to follow the rules of the game and play Goldfish slot machine online. The fact that the title has the interesting soundtrack and a cool design should give you the motivation to keep playing the game. The high payouts and bonus rounds are also there to make you win more than you expect.