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Slot Type:
Video Slots
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins

Orc Vs Elf is a 3D animation developed by Real Time Gaming. It comprises 5 lines of pay and 5 reels. Players are accompanied by great sound effects and faced with quality 3D graphics as they tackle this mystery fantasy game.   This medium variance game comes with two jackpot prizes. Players get to choose between the two characters and are presented with interesting features such as the bonus turns, fourteen feature trails, expanding Wilds and bonus rounds.   When it comes to placing bets, it is possible to wager between $0.25 and $25. It is possible to wager between $0.01 and $10 on each line.   There are a total of fifteen symbols to look forward to in Orc Vs Elf. The Wilds symbols are the makers or breakers of a given round. The Wilds will only make an appearance on reels one and five.   It is important to note that of all the available symbols, three of them will not be much use to you if you are looking for a payout. These symbols are the bonus symbol and the two Scatter symbols. Their uses in the game are to unlock the bonus feature or one of the aforementioned features.   Orc Vs Elf has two Wilds represented by the two characters set to battle it out. In addition, there are three Scatter symbols in the Orc Vs Elf game. The three are the Battle Bonus, the Elf shield as well as the Orc Shield symbols. The two characters in Orc Vs Elf casino slot online are different in so many ways.   While the Orc is a menacing giant wielding a sword and baring out teeth with piercing eyes and elf-like ears, the Elf is a slim gentle looking young man with blond hair posing with a bow and arrow. When choosing characters, you might want to remember that looks can be deceptive!

How to Play with One of the Two Characters in the Orc Vs Elf Slot

As mentioned before, Orc Vs Elf is a two-character game. Players have to make a choice between the two characters.   Considering that there are two characters set to battle it out, it is no surprise that there are two Wilds in the game and two jackpots to look forward to. One jackpot will spew out 1000 coins while the other will spew out 500 coins.   Both characters are the Wilds in the game the trick here is to remember that no matter the Wild character, it can’t cross over a given corner. This is because the two characters are meant to stay on either side of the screen.   The menacing giant Wild only appears on reel number 5 while the blond-haired counterpart only appears on reel number 1. Each Wild is programmed to expand on its reel in the event that a winning combination is formed with or beside it.

Tips for Winning the Battle When You Play Orc Vs Elf Slot Machine Online

During the course of the game, there are three bonus features to look forward to:  

  • The Trail to the Fortress of Orcholme which comes with seven bonus rounds that are not similar in any way shape or form. At the start of this round, you will be presented with the Goblin’s Gold which will help unlock 5 free spins.


  • The road to the Citadel of Elveros which also comes with seven dissimilar bonus rounds. At the start of this bit of the game is the Woodland Spins feature that presents players with 6 free spins.


  • The Battle Bonus feature which appears as long as the Battle Bonus symbol makes an appearance on the second, third and fourth reels. During this round of the game, the two characters will battle it out with each other, and the winner will earn you great points in terms of the number of battles won.

  As a tip, before you play Orc Vs Elf for real money, you might want to practice a round or two of the Orc Vs Elf free game. This way, you don’t get to make unnecessary losses.   Orc Vs Elf is an intriguing 5-reel play that comes with 5 lines of pay. Everything from the 3D graphics to the sound effects is meant to captivate players in the game.   There are two characters to choose from, with each character having the potential of battling to win you good prizes or points.   The characters are located on either side of the screen and are not allowed to cross over. When the Battle Bonus round is activated; it becomes a battlefield of Orc Vs Elf, with the character with the most winning battles earning the player prizes.   In addition, there are two jackpots to look forward to. In other words, this is just the game for you if you are looking for a medium to high variance game that comes with a relatively decent RTP value (between 93% and 96%).

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