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Free Wwhales Of Cash slots online
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Among the many slot machines that have attracted the attention of players over the past literally several years, this “Whales of Cash” stands out because it has a much more classic and simple organization of the structure than most gaming applications. But its appearance and capabilities are somewhat different and attract players who want to see something new today, something that they did not expect to see at that time. The game is almost as fast as on the oldest gaming applications, there are quite a lot of winnings, and the players appreciated a good level of theoretical return of the game. “Whales of Cash” slot machine is a gambling product from the famous provider – Aristocrat, it will open to casino players a huge potential payments, due to the high cost of symbols and the bonus features of jackpots. The basic rules of the game in the slot are built around lines that generate income when the same combination is formed, according to the current schedule. Additional modes are not provided here, because the functionality is limited only to basic wins. As a part of winning combinations, “Whales of Cash” gambling machine uses classic symbols of fruits, sevens, BAR and card values. For the special features of the slot, another category of titles is responsible:

  • Wild – used instead of others and activates the Jackpot;
  • Scatter – paid regardless of location.

When planning tactics in the “Whales of Cash” slot machine for real money, participants should take into account the fact that the system takes a certain percentage from each bet to replenish the Jackpot prize fund. Such rules somewhat reduce the overall level of return over a long distance, because the best strategy option is to play according to medium and high values ​​of monetary units.

Interesting Features

The “Whales of Cash” slot machine jackpot is paid according to the standard rules of the Aristocrat network and is played out among all users of online casinos. This prize is awarded for five Wild titles with 15 slot line graphics. The likelihood of such a result is directly dependent on the size of the bets, because to increase your chances you need to play big. Users can choose the optimal betting strategy in the “Whales of Cash” slot machine through the free version, without conditions for registering accounts or deposits. At the same time, they will become a mandatory requirement if you want to change the regime for real money. For this it is recommended to use the services of a proven online casino. Since the “Whales of Cash” slot machine is part of the Aristocrat brand platform, users can enjoy the excellent graphics quality that will accompany the gambling adventures in the desert. As for the control panel, there is a traditional set of buttons for the selection of monetary units, auto-game, information section and the launch of rotations. The slot settings are located in a different area of ​​the screen and open the sound parameters, full-screen mode and help. The same set of functional features of the interface received a mobile version, which was developed specifically for the operating systems iOS and Android.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Line rates vary at the discretion of the client within one cent – five dollars (0.20 – 100 dollars per spin). The “Whales of Cash” slot is a game which is rich in various gameplay features, including different types of symbols, jokers, scatters, three types of free spins with bonuses and additional bonus options. The standard method of payment is charged for continuous chains of several identical elements. They should be folded in the active band from left to right. Only the maximum option for each line is taken into account Wins are calculated by two criteria: the rate per lane and the coefficient of the resulting combination (up to x1000). These parameters are multiplied by each other, and with several sequences in one round, the credits are summed up. The maximum payout per round is limited to five hundred thousand credits.

Lines & Reel Strips

If you are interested in new casino slot machines, then “Whales of Cash” should definitely interest you. On five rapidly spinning reels, you can bet on an undefined number of lines for a player, but the biggest bet for one spin will be up to 320 game credits. The bet is not carried out along the lines, but on 243 different ways of forming winnings that are possible on these drums. But the gain can reach five thousand pre-exposed bets from the player. In addition, this device does not contain a risk game, but there is an excellent bonus game of a completely traditional format that can give a player a lot. The theoretical return of this slot is 94.15%, which is quite typical for the well-known Aristocrat company, which has created it.

Bonus Rounds

Free Spins – Scatters start up to twenty free spins for online casino money. If two tickets fall out in the second and / or third column, the number of free spins increases two or four times (that is, to eighty). The game is played on the last bet, which can not be changed until the end of the draws. Spins can be extended. Details of participation in bonus starts are discussed in the certificate of “Whales of Cash” slots.

Rules and features

Among the game symbols which “Whales of Cash” provides, images of four types of the most famous gemstones with cut are prevailing, as well as the yellow dollar symbol, as well as nominal widely used symbols on slots for game cards. The “wild” picture here is the corresponding inscription, which appears only for the second and fourth reels, and he himself does not create winning combinations, but can only enter into combinations of any other non-specialized symbols in the game, increasing payouts or the number of wins. Bonus bag with money – this is when you drop three images of the bonus symbol in the form of a bag, from which coins are already pouring. He can only fall on the middle three drums. In this case, the bonus round is activated – rotation for the wheel of fortune. Here you can randomly select either a certain number of free rounds or a prize payout. The maximum can be twelve spins, during which incoming wins double. Another option of the bonus symbol opens after dropping it in triplicate anywhere on the reels, and as a result, the player can receive a payout of between 3 and up to 50 game bets at the same time.

In various online casinos with Aristocrat software you will find a game with a complete translation into many languages. The control system of the “Whales of Cash” game process is understandable to any newcomer. The size of the bet is determined on the pop-up panel, where you need to specify the number and denomination of the coins. Additional panels are also available in the balance and payout windows. It contains useful information on account balance and winnings. A new round begins with a round button in the center. Nearby is the autoplay button with parameters. On the left is a menu with several sections: table, help, options, exit from the game, cashier. The coefficient table runs on top of the main window. Help opens in a separate tab. You can adjust the speed of gameplay, graphics quality, sound settings, window size and other options. Most online casinos offer to run a slot in the browser. There is a mobile version of the interface for smartphones.


The “Whales of Cash” by Aristocrat invites you to immerse yourself in the cheerful atmosphere of holiday living and help you escape from the monotonous bustle of everyday work that causes stressful situations and carries with it enormous loads. The “Whales of Cash” gambling machine provides the ability to play for real money – without SMS and also without registration. Using the demo version of the “Whales of Cash” slots game, you can play for free and make fake virtual money bets. Learning mode will help you develop your own coin earning strategy and have fun. The slot machine is a product of Aristocrat, characterized by the production of software with good performance and convenient functional use. The main feature of “Whales of Cash” is the function of an instant game. Users just a couple of minutes will be able to find out the results of the draw. Of course, this is a significant advantage, because in real bingo tournaments the results are summed up only a few hours later. Another distinctive feature of this slot will be a progressive jackpot. Its size will depend on the activity of users and the total amount of their rates. In this regard, “Whales of Cash” will be similar to the usual slot machines. Finally, one more important feature of the new game is its colorful design, which will be appreciated by all fans of high-quality gambling.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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