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Sweet Emojis Games slots online
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Slot Type:
Video Slots
10 000
Slot features:
Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins

Sweet Emojis casino slot online is a fruit machine that can trigger a smile on your face. This casino slot online is among the most recent games of Booming Games.

The company started offering games in 2014. Since then, it has been active in supplying premium gaming ports in the market.

With the use of the most current technology and considering its players, it brings Sweet Emojis slot machine that will surely please most of its clients, whether they are a casual gamer or an expert gambler. Booming Games has headquarters in various countries, including Germany and Malta.

Its latest offering, Sweet Emojis, has 16 play lines and four reels. The minimum coin size you can use is 0.03, and the maximum is 3. This slot machine is not a progressive one. It also does not provide any bonus games that will allow you to multiply the amount of money you wagered.

It also comes with a Wild and Scatter icons. There are also free spins that you can activate. With all of these factors, there is no wonder that this machine produces an absolutely interesting betting action that you can try either for free or real money. Unfortunately, its RTP is unknown.

Knowing How to Play Sweet Emojis Slot Machine Online

Emojis are popular not just in your everyday communication with your family and friends. But they also made their way to the Internet gambling games though Sweet Emojis casino slot online.

The four reels of this machine will help you locate an entire collection of happy emojis, such as the clown and the pirate. It also includes the complicated emoji that can be mistaken for a chocolate gelato.

The graphics of this slot machine is great and easy to understand. Every icon is developed to replicate the 2D animation look of the emojis as you understand and like them. Every time you make a spin, you get to hear the delightful audio of the game.

Sweet Emojis game includes 16 pay lines. They are aligned in four directions throughout the grid. It pays from left to right, or right to left, or top to bottom, or from the base to the top.

As a player of this game, you will discover some winning combination of icons in various ways. Each time you get at least three identical symbols, you get a multiplier that varies depending on the wager each line you chose.

  • The chocolate scoop, for example, will give you a 2x multiplier if it shows up three times on a winning line. However, if you get four, the multiplier will become 8x.
  • The alien emoji has a 3x multiplier if it appears three times in a line or 12x if it shows up four times on a winning row.
  • The ghost emoji has a higher multiplier of 8x. Aim to get four of this emoji to get 50x multiplier.
  • The adventurer emoji will give you 12x multiplier if it lands three times or 75x if it occurs four times.
  • The Clown is one of the highest-paying icons in this game as it can increase your bet 20x if it appears three times on a winning line or 150x your wager if it appears four times.

Jester is the Wild in this game. When you get three of this emoji, prepare yourself to increase your overall bet as this icon has a 500x multiplier. That is if it shows up three times on a payline.

Now, if you get four of this icon on a winning line, your overall bet will be increased 10,000x. If you do the math and follow these tips and create a strategy, you can win more than a million just by playing this game.

Of course, you can win real money if you opted to play Sweet Emojis for real money on any Internet casino sites.

What Are the Bonuses in this Game?

Booming Games provides this slot machine with some unique gameplay. For instance, the 4-way pay allows your earnings to be increased by one time, two times, three times or four times.

You can trigger its free spins feature if you get at least three pirate emoji. When it happens, you get extra 10 free spins.

The Wild is another bonus feature that replaces all paying icons to give you a winning combination. The last bonus being featured in this game is the rotator. To activate it, you need to get at least two special icons to show up on the wheels.

It does not matter what position they appear. When that happens, the reels will rotate to give you another winning combination. Just hope that it forms a Jester combination to help you win a huge amount of money.


Sweet Emojis free is one of the slot machines that can help you win a million. That is if you are fortunate enough to get it.

Just like any other slot machines, you have to wager the maximum amount to boost your chances of increasing your wager 10,000 times your overall bet and get the huge jackpots. Although it rarely happens, it is possible.

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