Scatter Slots Offline

Scatter Slots by Murka is a breathtaking combination of stunning casino games and a picturesque magical world which makes playing them a unique experience. This app offers more than 70 slot machines, all in the player’s palms. They can be played on multiple devices and different platforms. The games are available offline. The slot machines are full of free spins, magic jackpots, re-spins, and multiple bonus games. Players also get hourly and daily coins as a bonus.

Since a user can play Scatter Slots offline, roaming around in search of the network will become a thing of past. Those who are looking for additional fun can buy coins and tokens with real money. The app has a special tournament mode for those who want to have a daily gambling challenge.

Popular Scatter Slots

The slot machines here offer a world which is full of mysterious creature and playful fairies. The most popular options are:

  1. Frozen Flame: Players witness a magical collision of fire and ice with two powerful characters on opposite sides.
  2. Brave Hearts: An epic struggle for domination and riches with Gordon and Molly.
  3. Hot Witches: Everyone can create their magical potion with the help of witches.
  4. Vampire Hunter: Dive into the jungle full of blood-lusting vampires and save humanity.
  5. Ice Baby. The story of a real struggle in a cold world where ice giants roam and polar bears roar.
  6. Genie Money: Players get to make three wishes, but their wishes should not make Genie mad.

Some other popular games are Spider Queen, Thief, Sea Mistress, and White Wolf. With more than 70 slot machines available for them, players are never out of options.

Where to Find Scatter Slots

Players can enjoy the app across devices, and it is available for multiple platforms. Android users can download Scatter Slots from Google Play Store. iOS users can play Scatter Slots for free by downloading it from App Store.

Scatter Slots Free Coins

Enjoy gaming on your favorite social app. Get 500,000 free coins to play in Scatter slots on Facebook. Do not miss the opportunity to play without download!


With more than 70 thrilling games all available at ease of a click,t this app by Murka is a perfect destination to enjoy slot machines. All the games are full free spins, wilds, jackpots, and bonuses. While daily and hourly bonus makes winning easy, the daily tournament provides a taste of real competition. Players would surely love playing these gambling options.

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