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Slot Type:
video slot
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol

Reactoonz is a high volatility cascading video slot with 7×7 playing grid and a great chance to win 91406 coins. Play’n Go created it without paylines but with winning clusters. To win here, players have to form winning patterns with 5 or more alien-like symbols. The game has a special icon – Wild and a lot of bonus features which we will discuss here.

Reactoonz Introduction

Reactoonz is a quirky and cute online slot machine from Play’n Go which comprises a match-five format. Punters can trigger an array of generous bonus features in this slot machine that is geared towards boosting your winning potential and helping you trigger some lucrative rewards. In this Reactoonz slot review, read on to find out more about what this intriguing Play’n Go game has in store for you.

Min/Max Bets

The Reactoonz online video slot uses 7 reels, and each reel is packed with 7 symbols. Therefore, you’ll see 49 icons glaring back at you while blinking. The game is of high volatility, and Play’n Go designed it with low-budget players and high-risk takers in mind. Therefore, it offers a minimum/maximum bet of 0.20 and 100.00 on each spin.

How to Play

The gameplay procedure is simple, all you have to do is:

  • Choose your bets: To place your wager, click on the menu that sits at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen that’ll grant you access to all you require to revel in the gameplay. Select the Bet icon on the horizontal menu of the pop-up then use the adjustable slider to choose your betting amount you’re comfortable with, per spin.
  • Spin the reels: Then head over to the main screen, using the arrow situated at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and click the Spin/Start icon to get the reels in motion and commence your gaming session. You’ll notice that this button disappears from the reels entirely while you’re playing and reappears when your gameplay session has ended.
  • Opt for autoplay: Along with choosing your betting amount, the Bet icon on the Reactoonz slot machine menu also avails an Autoplay feature. It uses a sliding bar that gives punters free rein to set up to 100 automatic or hands-free spins at their current betting level.

Reactoonz Slot Machine Volatility and RTP

For starters, punters should keep in mind that this Play’n Go machine with a 7×7 reel setup and no paylines doesn’t have a progressive jackpot up for grabs. However, if you land at least 15 pink aliens you’re awarded 750x your stake. And, with the maximum bet activated, you stand a chance of taking home the jackpot. Furthermore, with an RTP or payout rate of 96%, you’re assured of NZD 96 per NZD 100 you bet, in the long run.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Reactoonz is a high volatility game which means that the wins are less frequent, but when you do land them, they’re undoubtedly worth your while. It also means that you need to be more careful when placing your bets otherwise you may blow through your bankroll in a jiffy without realizing it.

Bonus Symbols and Features

Grasping just how the Reel Modifiers function is the key to taking home some decent wins in the Reactoonz online slot. Therefore, for players that are not keen when playing, the game will appear to be passing by in a whirlwind of vanishing symbols, strange flashes of light, and Cascading Reels. Furthermore, with the absence of a free spins feature or bonus rounds, some punters may inaccurately assume that the Reactoonz slot game is of value to them. However, we’ll explore all you need to know to have the most lucrative and enjoyable gaming sessions.

    • Implosion: Gather a winning sequence of 25 images in the Reactoonz Meter that sits to the left-hand side of the reels and Implosion represents one of the bonus modifiers. As such, this converts everything between the 3 and 6 icons on the reels into wilds. Moreover, given that a wild symbol can step in to replace other images on the reels, this can trigger some substantial monetary rewards. Nonetheless, Implosion also terminates all icons sitting adjacently to the newly-formed Wilds, which leads to another reaction with the possibility of creating more winning patterns.
    • Alteration: When this modifier is activated by the Quantum Meter, the Reactoonz slot machine chooses one of the lower-valued single-eyed alien images to morph into a different symbol. If there are no one-eyed icons on the reels at that given moment, the game will instantly choose any other available image, sporadically. And, in altering icons into other ones, there’s a high likelihood that additional winning patterns will be created, furthering the process of reactions.
    • Demolition: When this modifier is triggered by the Quantum Meter, players should be ready for some substantial wins. Demolition gets rid of all the one-eyed images from the reels alongside all matching icons. So, it ushers in a myriad of new winning sequences to drop down from above, thus boosting the prize pot even more.
  • Incision: Just as the name indicates, Incision cuts a diagonal across the reels from the top right to the bottom left and vice versa. It puts a Wild icon right in the middle of the grid. Furthermore, it puts matching images across the diagonal lines, thereby possibly creating winning patterns.
  • Gargantoon: It’s the bonus feature that punters certainly want to trigger. However, he only comes to life once you complete the other game bonuses. Furthermore, players will still require spinning an extra 25 icons in the Reactoonz Meter. Nonetheless, if steaks of luck are on your side, then this monster could award you a handsome payout. He leaps onto the reels, occupying 3×3 spaces and since he plays the role of a Wild, he can trigger some amazing wins. But, it’s all based on where he appears, which means punters can assume anything with this slot machine. The Gargantoon then splits itself into 2 independent 2×2 symbols that can also trigger some life-changing cash rewards. Lastly, the beast morphs into 9 separate Wilds which grants players the opportunity to generate even more large payouts.

Real Money Payouts

The payouts in the paytable change according to your stake. Here is the winnings with the maximum possible bet of 100 credits.

Symbol For 5 For 6 For 7 For 8 For 9 For 10+ For 12+ For 15+
Single eyed yellow alien 10 15 20 30 60 80 100 300
Single eyed green alien 10 15 20 30 60 80 100 300
Single eyed red alien 15 20 40 60 80 100 300 1000
Single eyed purple alien 15 20 40 60 80 100 300 1000
Blue Alien 50 70 100 150 200 300 500 7500
Orange alien 60 80 100 200 300 500 1000 15000
Green Alien 80 100 200 300 400 1000 2500 30000
Pink alien 100 200 3000 500 800 2000 5000 75000

Play’n Go’s Reactoonz has a midnight-blue backdrop throughout the reels, coupled with vibrantly-coloured aliens that take centre stage. However, few things are going around the edges of the slot machine that play a crucial role in gameplay, as it unfolds. To the left-hand of the screen, you’ll see the Reactoonz Meter that logs winning patterns as they crop up.
Theme and Design
To the right-hand side of the screen, players will see the Quantum Meter that is packed with energy balls for each win. What’s even more intriguing is that the balls of energy increase in size with each subsequent reaction. Then, if the meter fills, an energy bar will automatically light up at the top of the Quantum Meter. A Modifier is then unleashed onto the reels. And, keep in mind that the Quantum Meter triggers four modifiers alongside an Instability Modifier that sporadically takes place after non-winning spins.
Just below the Quantum Meter lies the Gargantoon or Gargantuan. Players will also see a large three-eyed monster that rests peacefully in his bizarre vortex capsule. However, he’s awakened by the spinning reels and the occasional Wild symbols that land on them. However, when punters land winning combinations of reactions, activate winning clusters, and all the Quantum Reel Modifiers, the Gargantoon comes alive. So, featuring on the reels in all his glory, the three-eyed beast spreads himself to guarantee clusters of wins that could trigger the jackpot amount.

Tips on How to Win

It’s no secret that slot machines are entirely random which means players cannot predict winning outcomes. However, below are some of the tips that come in handy to boost your chances of walking away with some decent wins.

  • Play within your budget: Some gaming sessions on Reactoonz will result in losing money, and it’s inevitable. And, at times, you’ll have winning streaks, so revel in them while they last. However, avoid betting more cash than you can afford to lose, and you’ll certainly delight in gameplay sessions that tally with your bankroll.
  • Don’t overlook the bonus features: It’s no secret that a multitude of slot machine players chases the jackpot or highest payout. But, what they don’t realize is that focusing on lucrative bonus features such as the ones offered by Reactoonz is the way to go. The reason for this is that more often than not, the chances of walking away with the jackpot are significantly lower compared to the wins that stem from the different bonus features.
  • Play for free: When you delight in the Reactoonz slot for free, you get to study the paytable, available bonus features, and how to use them to your advantage. By not jumping right in to play this slot game for real money and taking the time to get in enough practice sessions, you get to learn the tools of the trade. Therefore, when you feel confident enough to delight in the gameplay with some cash on the line, your chances of winning are higher. After all, practice surely makes perfect!

Mobile Compatibility

With the advent of technology, it’s no secret that the popularity of mobile gaming is skyrocketing by the day. This can be attributed to the fact that nearly everyone owns or has access to a mobile device. Therefore, the Reactoonz slot machine is the go-to option in a multitude of online casinos that are powered by Play’n Go software.
You get in on the thrill via your iOS and Android smartphone and tablet when you’re out and about and don’t have access to a PC. Furthermore, there is no requirement to download and install any software or application as you can access the game instantly on a web browser (Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla). The reason for this is that the Reactoonz slot game is developed in HTML5.


The highest payout when revelling in this Play’n Go slot machine stems from landing at least 15 pink aliens at a go. If this occurs when the maximum bet is activated, then you can score a whopping 750x your stake (75,000 coins). However, when multipliers and Quantum Modifiers feature on the reels, then it ushers in even higher wins of up to 4750x your bet, which represents the jackpot.

Where to Play

There is a barrage of gaming sites, as listed below, where you can revel in the Reactoonz slot machine for free (which is the practice version that requires no deposit) or with some real money on the line. Nevertheless, both require a trustworthy and reputable online casino that offers a myriad of games from Play’n Go.

  • Mr. Green
  • Royal Bet
  • Betsson
  • Casumo
  • Leo Vegas

Playing with real money also entails you signing up at one of the following casinos with your details: verify your account, and then making a cash deposit using the available banking methods.

Closing Remarks

The Reactoonz online slot seems complicated at first because of the absence of free spins, scatters, and other generic bonus features. But, once you get the hang of it, the gaming sessions become a walk in the park. And, its high-quality visuals and sound effects spark a smile on gamblers’ faces.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Can I delight in the Reactoonz slot machine for free?

Yes! Play’n Go designed the game such that players can enjoy the thrill with no deposit needed for as long as they need it. So, with no cash required to play, it’s all about some free fun during your spare time.

Does the Reactoonz slot game have a free spins feature?

No! Despite the absence of this feature and a Scatter symbol that’s commonly found in a barrage of online slots, Reactoonz has an array of other bonus features that make up for it. They entail multiplier wins, the Gargantoon that’s the game’s wild icon, and more, that allows you to walk away as the elated winner of substantial wins if you’re lucky.

Does the Reactoonz machine require a download to play?

No! Thanks to HTML5 technology, there is no app required to enjoy the game. This means you can launch it directly from a web browser and get a piece of the action, thus saving you on time and device space.

Which online casinos offer the Reactoonz slot machine for real money

You can play the game with some cash at stake once you sign-up at a gaming site (that uses Play’n Go software) and make a deposit which you’ll use to place cash real wagers. Some examples include Mr. Green, Royal Bet, Casumo, and Leo Vegas, to mention a few.