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If you’ve never been to Japan or has not read some fun literature about this East Asian country, then you’ll be forgiven for not knowing what Pachinko is. It’s actually a fun gaming machine that fuses the design elements of pinball and slot machine. When playing the game, the player is just a passive observer with the main task of controlling the speed of small steel balls.

Traditionally found in many parlours in different parts of Japan, this game is now available online in a new version. Pachinko 3D is a fun interpretation of the popular bingo game from Patagonia Entertainment. This may seem like an odd pairing, but it’s definitely a gripping casino production which can work for players looking for instant wins and memorable gaming experience.

Playing Bingo the Pachinko 3D Way

When you open Pachinko 3D, you will be introduced to a screen with four cards. The main objective of this game is to create patterns to start winning. At the start, you can decide on the number of tickets that you want to play. Keep in mind that all four bingo cards are set as active by default, but you can actually turn a card off by clicking on the image of the playful cat in the middle of the card. You also need to configure the bet for Pachinko 3D video poker using the buttons found on the lower left portion of the screen. They start at 3.00 credits and can go up to 30.00. The chosen bet will apply to all cards in play.

The cards that are used here are inspired by the popular 75-ball bingo game. Each card features a 5×5 grid with the centre being assigned as a ‘free space’ which is represented by the playful cat. When you click ‘Play’, balls will start to fall, and the numbers on each card are automatically checked if they are matched. It also comes in bright colours and Oriental sound effects which can be fun for some and may be irritating to many. If the sounds are starting to get in your nerves, you can simply turn it off using the menu bar.

Unique and Playful Patterns to Keep in Mind

Just like the traditional bingo title, you can start winning if the cards can form specific patterns. In Pachinko 3D video poker, the paying patterns are mostly inspired by the letters of the game title. Here’s a quick look at some of the highest paying patterns or the Pachinko 3D paid hands won with the min bet as displayed on the screen:

  • Four Corners pay 2;
  • Two lines pay 8;
  • O pay 10;
  • K pays 15;
  • N pays 20;
  • I pays 25;
  • H pays 30;
  • C pays 50;
  • A pays 100;
  • P pays150;
  • Inner corners and perimeters pay 1,500;
  • Full card or bingo pays 3,000.

Compared to traditional slot games, this fun instant game does not feature a separate paytable. Instead, the Pachinko 3D hand rankings or patterns are displayed on top of the playing screen.

Ranking of High-Paying Patterns in Pachinko 3D

Compared to the game of poker which requires an understanding of straight, royal flush or a pair of Jack, this online bingo variant requires the completion of certain patterns. As mentioned, most of the low winnings are earned by forming one of the many letters as identified in the paytable.

But if you are looking for larger wins, pay close attention to elaborate patterns like inner corners and the perimeters which can give you an award of 1,500. And for the biggest prize, you can go home with the payout of 3,000 made if you can score a bingo or a complete blackout of the playing card!

Minimum Strategy, Bigger Chances at Prizes

Compared to many card games that require specific strategies when handling the cards, this Patagonia Entertainment product requires minimal strategies. Remember, this is basically a bingo game, and it is played at random. The choice of numbers to appear when playing it is beyond your control. What you can do instead is to play as many cards as possible and play the maximum bets to ensure higher prizes. This is by far the winning strategy for Pachinko 3D.

Pachinko 3D – Not Your Average Online Bingo

One thing is clear- this is not the traditional social game popular in Japan. In this Patagonia Entertainment production, it gets inspiration from the popular Japanese machine and fuses it with bingo to come up with an innovative and exciting casino title. If you want clean fun and lots of prizes, then you can’t go wrong with Pachinko 3D. Just don’t expect that it’s the same social slot and bingo machine that made waves in Japan.

Manuël Brusse
Manuël Brusse

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