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Slot Type:
Video slots
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins

About Mayan Moons

The Mayan Moons game was developed by the company Novomatic, a casinos’ online game provider.   The basic concept of the game’s theme is rooted in the culture of the ancient Central American nation, one that involves high priestesses and the power of the moon. This slot requires no download and is played directly online.   Based on the outcomes when you play Mayan Moons slot machine online, it is clear that it should be classified as a low-mid volatility video slot.   The slot machine comes with 20 lines and 5 reels, providing the player several chances to activate the bonuses that are contained in the game.   There are many different symbols that are utilized throughout the slot machine including all of the following:  

  • Priestess,
  • Sacrificial Mask,
  • Pipes,
  • Stone Temple,
  • Jeweled Bangle,
  • And the Toucan.

  Each of these different symbols has implications for the way that the bonuses occur in the pokie, so it is important to know how each of them can function.

How to Play Mayan Moons?

Like most other slot games, Mayan Moons casino slot online requires a fine understanding of the gameplay to optimize the player outcomes.   In this case, the basic features of the game include matching five symbols on the payline in order to get a reward. The different symbol combinations result in various payouts.   In the case of Mayan Moons, the Wild symbol that appears is the Priestess, and her appearance will substitute for the most valuable symbol that you need on the reel with the exception of the Scatter symbol.

Bonus Rounds in Mayan Moons

The other most interesting part of the Mayan Moons casino slot online occurs with the bonus Scatter rounds.   When the Scatter symbol, the moon, appears on three of the reels, it triggers the round of free spins, so it is always a good strategy to try to focus on the moons. The free spins occur 15 times during the Scatter round, and the eclipse takes part at the same time.   The eclipsed moon symbols will replace the regular moon symbols and maintain their space on the reel as the free spins occur. If you are lucky enough to have a sun appear in that reel, then you will be able to collect even better bonuses in addition to the free spins.   These combinations are difficult to predict, and there is no way to activate cheats to get your way to a bonus. You just need a little luck and the right combinations to win the biggest money prizes when you play Mayan Moons for real money.   Of course, you can always play Mayan Moons free using online credits, but so many players prefer the risk and reward of real money.

Winning at Mayan Moons Slot

The payout range at the Mayan Moons video slot game varies, so you have to know the particular amounts that you are able to bet.   Regarding this information, your minimum bet is NZD 0.02, and the max bet is a total of NZD 100, meaning that the return amounts can be quite large in terms of the payout.   The game does have a jackpot that is rather small when compared to others, maxing out at a mere NZD 1,250 or 1,250 coins.   Either way, with all the bonuses you can rack up in the Scatter round and during free spins, there are plenty of ways to make money with this gambling machine.   Also, the RTP on this game is a high 95.16%, meaning that all players should be able to see some decent wins as they go through the game.   One beneficial tip when it comes to playing the game is to keep in mind the RTP is best played by using small to moderate bets, recouping and adding to your money over time.   This is not one of the games that are best to bet large and hope for big wins. Remember, sometimes slow and steady is enough to win.   All in all, Mayan Moons is a game that features a high chance on the RTP, moderate jackpots, and a lot of fun with its beautiful theme.   Like many other games, Novomatic has taken its time to develop a slot game that will entice gambling players with its simple rules.   This brief review has provided a fair amount of information about the way that the game is played, but the best way to get to know this slot is by playing the game at your online casino of choice.   There, you can watch the wonderful eclipse appear and do your best to win in the bonus rounds for chances at higher payouts.

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