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Slot Type:
Video Slot
Slot features:
Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Free Spins

Five-starred almost by every reviewing portal, Leaders Of The Free Spins World by Inspired Gaming is, unfortunately, has occupied an unpopular niche at casinos, and the major reason why is probably because Inspired Gaming have not already gained that much acceptance. That’s why this beautiful and impressive slot machine cannot be found ubiquitously, but it does not deny the fact that Leaders Of The Free Spins World (let’s sometimes shorten it to just Leaders) is one of the most interesting entries ever seen. This video machine is amazing from A to Z: whether we are talking about in-game features or the overall design, Inspired Gaming seem genuinely inspired for the one as no one could possibly come up with such a creative layout without a decent portion of inspiration.

Leaders slot is a game of many shades and highlights. The very first impression and feel lock throughout the whole playthrough, and you might probably never get enough of this Inspired Gaming’s diamond. Just to clear a few points out, Leaders Of The Free Spins World did not obtain its title simply because search engines react more to ‘freespins’ keyword. This machine playfully combines a hilarious history lesson with the greatest leaders of the past and a great injection of gaming features where freespins evidently play a prime role. Casino players will get acquainted with cartoonish versions of five famous rulers – Lincoln, Cleopatra, Churchill, Napoleon and Genghis Khan, and work their way through five different levels each having a tasty surprise. Well, time to meet the world history in a humorous narrative.

Interesting features

Your trip through history begins with getting to know the vast array of features Leaders slot has prepared. To begin with, there will be a whole lot of Wildcards to keep combinations in a good shape. Next, Leaders Of The Free Spins World has an elaborated freespin system with five different layers. Surprisingly, this is not the end, Leaders slot even has random bonuses with incredible capacity. We might spend hours discussing all the features in this slot game, so let’s just briefly roll through most notable moments to build a more or less complete picture.

  1. No slots without Wilds – modern iGaming in most cases cannot do without Wildcards that gamblers find in every second entry. Leaders Of The Free Spins World also introduces a bunch of replacers to increase chances at hitting the right combo during the main game. Basically, these are classic symbols to substitute for regular icons – no other features than that.
  2. Fishing five-of-a-kind and more – Leaders slot may activate five random rewards throughout the base game with much rewarding potential. Each one would become a nice chance to win something handsome – there are features to nudge reels, complete patterns of Scatters, give away cash wins and so on.
  3. Spins and levels – no boring Scatters and a classic scheme of a number of rounds to play through – Leaders Of The Free Spins World provides an astounding level-based system with freespins. As you progress forward, new additions to spins will be offered, and when you reach the final layers, Leaders slot allows to shift between levels as you wish.

Reel modifiers

As long as random features are the kings of the base game, it is impossible to leave them out of discussion. Whichever level you walk through, Leaders Of The Free Spins World may throw one of these random actions on your way:

  • First is ‘Bonus Chance’ feature that significantly raises odds to catch a freespin set of rounds by adding extra Scatters.
  • ‘Big Win’ is a standard cash giveaway, and it is a guaranteed big sum.
  • ‘5 Of A Kind’ takes any regular symbol on the deck and adds the rest of matching symbols to complete a five-combo.
  • ‘Nudge Reel’ lands the third remaining Scatter to trigger freespins, but only if two of them are already on the reels while the third Scatter is partly visible.
  • Final one is ‘Cascade Win’ where all the reels could be nudged down to three positions – a good win may come into view.

Bonus rounds

As you’ve probably gathered, Leaders slots are centered around level progression with five consecutive steps tied to each famous ruler. Players get to collect special tokens that acts as a welcome ticket to the next level. What’s more, when you finish playing through a set of freespins, there will be shown a wheel. Gamblers are given a shot to spin this roulette which can advance them to the next level or give extra tokens.

There are five Scatters for each leader, and you have to land three of them to get into freespins. Leaders Of The Free Spins World slots game changes the gaming grid, too – freespins take place on an extended 5×4 layout. Levels go as follows:

  1. Cleopatra. 6 rounds given, three randomly chosen symbols will be fixed on their positions.
  2. Genghis Khan. 6 rounds given, the third reel always has a sticky Wildcard – an extra symbol, Compass, can expand Wildcard.
  3. Napoleon. 6 rounds given, any Wildcard dropped fixes its position for the whole course.
  4. Lincoln.  4 rounds given, every spin completed raises a multiplier by one plus the third reels is a Wild one.
  5. Churchill. 5 rounds given, spins go with Stacked Wildcards.


Leaders slot machine is mainly based on freespin levels, so your fundamental objective is to go through levels and catch free games. Random features are going to help win more real money while waiting for Scatters to land. There are 20 non-fixable win-lines to the game, and stakes go from 0.2 credits to 250 credits per round. The paytable contains lots of symbols – 16 ones, to be precise, plus two Wildcards and five Scatters. The maximum to win per hit is 125 000 credits.

Closing thoughts

Thanks to Inspired Gaming for such a revolutionizing idea to bring together slot and plot features which truly makes Leaders Of The Free Spins World a unique machine without any analogues out there. RTP, though, a little too low, 95%, but generous random features and all-included freespins will definitely get the journey lucrative.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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