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Slot Type:
video slot
10 paylines
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Multipliers, High Payout, Wild Symbol

Joker Strike Slot Machine Review

The Joker theme is one of the most loved in casinos online, and Quickspin’s Joker Strike slot machine has also proved itself to punters to be worth its name and category since its launch in April 2018. This slot comes with visuals like that of a classic fruit slot machine. Gamblers can play for free or spice things up with deposits (bets) for real money. Your winning potentials are boosted by special features such as multiplier wildcard effects, and superb payouts from High Rollers’ game mode. Learn more about the game in our Joker Strike slot review.

The Stage Is Set for the Jester to Dazzle You

Joker Strike online slot machine’s display and graphics are quite simple: no animated images or crowded reels. All you see are classic casino slot symbols on a 5×3 reel structure. These 5 reels and 3 rows are further framed with an exciting joker strike spin portal that is activated on every win you make. The backdrop displays a view of the nightlife of a city taken through a satellite camera – you can readily see the blinks of lights from passing vehicles.

The soundtrack is not bad also, especially if you are the type that likes jazz music vibes. You hear a sharp sound on clicking any button, and a different sound plays along when the Joker Strike feature is triggered.

Pick a Colour and Get Amused

Now, as we have said earlier, Joker Strike slot machine comes with classic fruit slot symbols. These include the lucky 7s, golden star, silver bell, red heart, purple club, green spade, and blue diamond. The Lucky 7s is the highest paying icon among the regular gameplay symbols. However, the Joker’s head pays way more than every other icon. It is, in fact, the centre of attraction in this slot machine. Learn more about the Joker’s head and other special features in the bonus section of this review.

Note that, to win on Joker strike, you are required to land at least 3 identical icons within any of the available 10 paylines.


Playing with max bet NZD 100 per spin

Symbols 3 of a kind

Normal – High Roller
4 of a Kind

Normal – High Roller
5 of a kind

Normal Game – High Roller
Joker Head 1,000-20 3,000-60 10,000-200
Joker Head 400-8 800-16 2,000-40
Lucky 7 300-6 600-12 1,500-30
Silver Bell 200-4 400-8 1,00-20
Red Heart 120-2 200-4 400-8
Purple club 100-2 150-3 300-6
Green Spade 100-2 150-3 300-6
Blue Diamond 80-1,60 120-2,40 300-4,80
Wild 1,000 3,000 0

Special Features/ symbols

Joker Strike video slot machine comes with unique bonus features and extra-special game modes; although, it does not come with free spins or any scatter symbol. You get to enjoy the Joker Strike Feature, Wildcard wins, and juicy wins in the Hi Roller gameplay modes. Find full details about the aforementioned special features below:

Joker Strike Feature

This Joker Strike feature is triggered anytime you land a winning combination, and it occurs throughout your gameplay. Once this feature is triggered, the outer wheel activates and a symbol selector runs around randomly and lands on an icon. If the selector stops one of the active symbols on the wheel, you have won the feature and 6 to 10 identical symbols are dropped on the reels to boost your chances of winning. Note that you only get 6 extra symbols for 3 of a kind, 8 symbols for 4 of a kind, and 10 extra symbols for 5 of a kind.


Land 4 of the “wild” in the normal game mode (You can only land a maximum of 4 wilds in the normal game), with a maximum bet of NZD 100, you win a mouthwatering sum of NZD 3,000. This symbol also completes winning symbol combinations for every other symbol in the game.

The Hi Roller’s Gameplay

This Hi Roller gameplay mode is for the experts who are ready to risk a lot for a huge win. This game mode comes in three different forms with 5 spins on each. See more details below:

  • NZD 20 Hi-Roller: This is a fixed 20 NZD bet gameplay; you get 5 spins with a guaranteed wild symbol that goes around clockwise the reels randomly to land on a spot where your wins are boosted.
  • NZD 30 Hi-Roller: You also get 5 spins here with a guaranteed wildcard on the main reel. An added advantage here is that a joker strike feature is triggered on every win with two wilds being the selectors on the outer wheel.
  • NZD 50 Hi-Roller: Here, you get triple bonuses for your 5 spins: a guaranteed wildcard, the double chance of winning Joker strike, and a wild strike feature. Now, your chances of hitting the Joker strike feature is boosted with an added symbol selector on the outer wheel.

Betting during the Hi Roller feature is fixed, thereby reducing your chances of winning big with your winning combinations during the gameplay.

Follow the Jester’s Instructions

Now Joker Strike slot machine gameplay buttons are not hard to figure out. Find below a breakdown of what every button does:

  • Settings: Click this to toggle on the sound, use the space bar to spin, and display splash screen on startup.
  • Menu: Click on this and clear image info about the pokie is displayed on the screen. Check the game features, paytable, and game rules with this button.
  • Bet Indicator: Click the up or down buttons to adjust your bet upwards to 100 NZD or down to 0.10 NZD .
  • Autoplay: This allows you to spin the reels continuously for 10 to 1,000 times until you stop it.
  • Spin: This activates the game for one round once clicked.
  • Hi Roller: This takes you to the Hi Roller gameplay mode.

Laugh Anywhere and Anytime

The online casino gaming system has evolved over the years, and one of such notable improvements is the introduction of mobile compatible software. Quickspin, a futuristic thinking casino software provider has also performed due diligence by exploring the HTML 5 technology. This is why Joker Strike slot and many other games from this provider comes with a mobile gaming opportunity.

We have launched Joker Strike on mobile devices such as Androids, iPhones, Windows, etc. and the game quality and graphics are not any different from that of a desktop. We, however, noticed that you must have a strong internet connection as well as a device that supports Adobe flash player to run the game successfully.

Learn Some Tips and Strategies

In anything you do in life, proper planning and adequate knowledge about what you are up to can improve your chances of succeeding. The same principle applies even more here since gambling is just a game of luck. Apply the following tips and strategies to learn how to win or increase your winning chances:

  • Test the game: First thing we suggest you do is to play Joker Strike slot for free. Launch the demo mode to see if the game theme is something that captures your attention and is worth investing your time and some spare cash on.
  • Have a budget: Ensure you set a periodic budget, say NZD 200 per week, as this gives you a chance to control your betting habits. Make sure you stay true to this budget, otherwise, ban yourself from playing the slot game for real money for some time.
  • Your intention: To save yourself from the depressing feeling that comes from losing, change your mindset and play only to have fun. Do not play with the mindset of a business person, gambling is pure luck.
  • Follow all game instructions: Avoid using tweaks and cheats on the software as malfunctions voids all pays and plays.

Obtain Tickets for the Show

After you have enjoyed the free mode for a while, there is nothing bad in trying out your luck for some extra cash in the real money mode. You might just be lucky to hit the highest jackpot amount, which is NZD 10,000.

Now to play Joker Strike for real money, you need to make deposits and fulfil some requirements. Find below these requirements:

  • Age requirement: You need to ascertain to the online casino that you are 18 years old or older. It is illegal and unethical for an infant to gamble.
  • Sign Up: You are also required to register on Quickspin casinos online to play Joker Strike for real money. You need to provide a valid means of identification. Also, you have to provide your email address, full name, and address.
  • Make Payments: For the online casino to credit or debit you for betting purposes, you have to provide a valid means of making online transactions. This could be your direct bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, or cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etc). You can make deposits and withdraw your funds through these acceptable means on online casinos.

Money Talks on Joker Strike

Once you have provided the Quickspin casino online with a payment method, you are required to place bets on one of the 10 paylines available (deposits are only required when you are playing for real money). You can bet a minimum of 0.10 and up to a maximum of 100 per spin, except you are playing the High Roller game. You can then click on the “spin” button to start your game after placing your bet.

Joker Strike RTP is 96.4%. You can also expect to win quite huge sums because the game volatility is within the medium/high variance.


Quickspin software provider is one of the best in the business. The provider has super-exciting games such as Joker Strike and others like Ark of Mystery, Volcano Riches, Pirate’s Charm, Eastern Emerald, etc. in their portfolio. In this Joker Strike slot review, we realize that the game comes with bonus rounds such as wildcard effect and wins, 3 Hi-Roller gameplay modes, the Joker Strike feature that is activated on every win on any of the 10 paylines available. Know that you are free to play Joker Strike for free (without making deposits or registering on a casino online), or for real money where you are required to place bets ranging from 0.10 to 100 NZD per spin. Also, feel free to run this slot on your mobile devices: the mobile gameplay is just as smooth as that of the desktop version. But remember, play for real money only with your spare cash; do not place bets with your life savings or play to do business, just play to have fun.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Can I play Joker Strike for free?

Yes, you can. Feel free to play the demo mode on our site.

Where can I play Joker Strike for real money?

eel free to play for real money in Quickspin casinos online such as Vegas Club, Gaming Club, Euro Palace, Big Spin, etc.

Can I play Joker Strike if I am below 18?

No, you cannot gamble as an infant as this is both illegal and unethical.

What is the biggest jackpot ever won on Joker Strike slot machine?

The highest payout possible (jackpot) on this slot is NZD 10,000 which you can win only if you land 5 of the Joker's head on any of the 10 available bet lines during the normal game mode.

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