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Unlike other video poker variations, the introduction of the joker card makes the game quite different. Joker Poker video poker is a game that has the joker as the wild icon. One has to consult two charts, unlike when playing a video poker game without a joker. When gamers have it, they will use the joker-enabled paytable to see their winning probabilities. If not, the regular one is used. Thus, anyone trying their luck in Joker Poker has to have mastered the art of video poker before they can try it out. Read this text to find out how this game works.

How to Play Joker Poker

The objective of the game is to ensure that one remains with the best cards. Before getting to this point, one has to do a few things. They are:

  • Pay for the game – One can either play the max bet or reduce the amount. The number of credits a player uses in each turn will determine how many cards they get at the beginning of the game
  • Hit the deal button for the Joker Poker machine to deal the cards – This is similar to pressing the play button in other casino games. Considering that the match is an electronic one, the set will deal the card with the help of a random number generator
  • Pick the cards that are not worth keeping, discard them, and get new ones
  • Hit the draw cards icon and wait to see what new cards are offered
  • Use an efficient winning strategy for Joker Poker to get the best results
  • Close the game if one gains a hand that has high paying cards.

The number of funds won will depend on the hand a person gets.

Winning Strategy

Gaining and discarding cards is one of the many ways that lead a poker lover to win. However, a gamer has to know which card to get rid of and which one to keep. A player can use a few strategies to better their odds of winning when they land a joker. For instance:

  • If one has any four or three cards of the Royal Flush, they should keep them if they have them
  • One can continue paying the pairs of the high cards that they have on their collection
  • If the gamer lands four consecutive cards, it is essential to keep them; the other remaining card should be discarded
  • Any three or four cards to a straight flush should not be discarded.

In the absence of a joker, gamblers should do the following:

  • Players can retain five cards of a Full House
  • If a king or ace that does not have a partner is dealt, the gamers should keep either of the cards, especially the one with the highest paying value
  • Any cards that are part of a consecutive straight or straight flush should be kept
  • Three or four cards leading to a royal flush should be retained
  • Any ace or king that does not have a suit should be kept.

Any player who does not have any of the above combinations or any other possible ones should get rid of the cards and deal for new ones.

Hand Rankings

As is the case with other video poker variations, sets of cards make the Joker Poker Paid hands. These cards create combinations that can lead a player to win. Getting a hold of the highest paying hand requires skill and strategy. These are:

  1. Natural Royal Flush
  2. Five of a Kind
  3. Joker Flush
  4. Straight Flush
  5. Four of a Kind
  6. Full House
  7. Flush
  8. Straight
  9. Three of a Kind
  10. Two of a Pair
  11. Kings or Better

These hands pay in the order that they have been arranged above. The natural Royal Flush has all the lettered cards including the Jack. Number ten is also part of this lineup. One has to be a paying client for them to enjoy the benefits of these Joker Poker hand rankings in real money.


The joker adds the gist to this game variation that a player who lands it during the dealing session can win attractive amounts of funds. However, it is essential to learn how to play the regular poker game before one can indulge in Joker Poker.

Manuël Brusse
Manuël Brusse

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