Best Cashback Casino Bonuses

From the exact wordings of the term Cashback, you can determine what it means: to get back some of the cash you deposited to a casino account. Cashback in online casinos is usually given by the establishment as a form of incentive to ameliorate the harshness of losing. Some online casinos give back a fixed percentage, usually 5 to 30% of the total loss of a player on their casino within a particular period. This period could be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The major idea is to ease the stress that comes with losing and give gamblers a head-start or motivation to keep playing. It will also interest you to know that most online casino cashback bonuses are usually with no wagering requirements. In other words, players get to spend the cash without having to fulfill any bonus redeeming requirements like it is in the case with a welcome bonus, for example. This refunded cash is usually paid back into the player’s casino wallet.

How Does a Cashback Bonus Work?

The way casino cashback bonuses work depends on the individual casino’s system of trade and style. However, most online casinos give cashback to players depending on their category of subscription on the platform. Take, for example; some cashback casino bonuses are given by gambling sites to players that qualify in the following ways:

  • For VIP users only
  • For General users
  • For New Players only
  • For Table games players only
  • For High Rollers only
  • For Live Gamers
  • For Slot freaks, etc.

A practical example of how cashback bonuses work is as follows:

  • Mr Patrick, a VIP member of Casino A has had a hard time winning on the casino, and he has spent over NZD 1,000 within a week without winning.
  • Casino A offers 20% cashback of the total net loss per week to their VIP players.
  • Mr Patrick can lay claim to NZD 200 as cashback from Casino A if he does not get credited automatically.

Find details on how to lay claim to your cashback in online casinos.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

How you claim the bonus depends on the terms and conditions of the establishment. However, claiming a cashback may not be much of an issue since the bonus is usually credited into a qualified player’s casino wallet immediately after the calculation week (or duration period) is due. Although, you should note that some casinos require you to send a request for the percentage you are entitled to. Usually, you do not need to use any bonus code or make an extra deposit to claim it.

Consequently, you can claim your online casinos cashback in three major ways:

  • Automatically: The casino credits your account with the total you are entitled to.
  • Manually: You are required to send a request email to the support services or fill and submit a request form on your account information dashboard.
  • Cashback Code: You may also need a code to redeem the offer. Check the promotion dashboard to see if there is a code specifically for cashback.

Where to Find Casinos with Cashback Offers?

There are several cashback casinos online, and all you need to do is locate them and play your favourite casino games for real money there. We are going to list some of the top cashback casinos where you can enjoy the offer. The following cashback casinos offer you a chance to enjoy extra value on every amount you stake their platform:

  • Yabby Casino: This casino offers you 30% cashback.
  • Win a Day Casino: Offers you 20% of your net loss per week, not exceeding NZD 50.
  • Virgin Casino: Offers you 100.0% cashback not exceeding NZD 100.
  • Tropicana Casino NJ: It also offers you 100.0% of your loss per week, but the sum must not be more than NZD 100.
  • Vegas Casino: Offers you 25.0% of your weekly loss, not more than NZD 50.
  • Spinfinity Casino: In addition to the 500% (not more than NZD 5,000) of your first bitcoin deposit, this casino gives you 40.0% of your net loss per week.
  • Slots Plus: Offers you 25% of your loss, not more than NZD 50.
  • Slots of Fortune: Get up to 100% of your loss back.

Please note that all these casino cashback promotions listed above have specific terms and conditions to be followed. So, apply due diligence and check each T&C section to know what it takes to redeem them. However, relax a bit, we provide you with some general (standard casino) terms and conditions in the next section.

Cashback Casino Bonuses vs Standard Bonus Offers

There are notable differences between the standard bonus offers and cashback bonuses. A standard bonus can come in different forms; this could be a cash prize given as an addition on a particular deposit made (first deposit or deposits made on specific days), free spins are given for the player to enjoy top slot machines with in-game effects such as respins, wildcard effects, gamble feature, and special mini-game bonus round. Standard bonuses may also include cash prizes awarded in casino promotions, such as slot race tournaments, VIP ladder milestone rewards, etc.

However, the differences are that online cashback casinos offer you this benefit based on your loss of cash in the casino. In other words, you can only get cashback if you lose some money. Also, where standard bonuses usually come with wagering requirements such that you have to wager up to 50x the prize given, cash backs are usually available for the punter to either stake in games or withdraw as real cash. Another major difference is that in standard bonuses, you can engage in games with no deposit or payment, but you must play for real money and make deposits to enjoy cashback bonuses.

General Terms and Conditions for Casino Cashback Offers

Find below some of the major terms and conditions on most casinos with cashback:

  • Punters must be legit, i.e. you must not be banned from casinos, and you must not be below 18 years old.
  • You must be duly registered and verified.
  • You must have continuously used online casino services and play for real money for a specified period. (The period required here may vary from one platform to the other).
  • Pay attention to the expiry date of the offer. In other words, most bonuses only last for a short period, such that if you do not redeem it on time, you lose it.
  • Casinos usually reserve the right to revoke cashback, especially if a punter violates any of the casino’s rules.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • This type of bonus gives you a chance to enjoy double value on your money.
  • Most offers came without wagering requirements.
  • Relieves you of the stress that comes with losing all your money.
  • It gives you a chance to come back and win big with the little recovered.
  • You may be lucky to hit the jackpot with the little cash recovered.
  • You can decide to withdraw the bonus money from some casinos, in case you do not wish to bet with it.


  • You have to lose before you get a cashback casino bonus.

  • The recoverable percentage is usually very low, with 25% as the most you can withdraw.
  • You much deposit cash to enjoy the benefit.


Every punter wants any leverage they can get to give them a push or heal the wounds caused by losses in betting. This is why the best cashback casinos online have included this type of bonus in their incentive package. Cashbacks are the specified percentage (usually 5 to 30%) of the net sum of the losses incurred by a player within a specific period (usually weekly). We advise that you check the bonus T&C section of the website you are playing on for specific information as regards cashback bonuses on it.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

What is the highest casino cashback percentage I can get?

The percentage differs depending on the casino of your choice. However, you can expect to get from 5 to 30% of your total loss on cashback casino online that offers it.

Can I withdraw my cashback bonus in real cash?

Yes, you can withdraw your cash directly, this is the usual practice. However, you should check if the casino allows you to withdraw the cash or that you have to wager it.

Can I get a cashback bonus without a deposit?

No, you cannot. You have to spend money on casinos to be entitled.

How can I claim my cashback bonus?

You can claim it in three major ways; automatically, manually, by sending a request mail to the support services.

Can I get free spins as cashback?

Depending on the terms on a casino, you can be awarded free spins worth the cash amount of your cashback percentage. However, most of these bonuses come as real cash.