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This slot game is one of classics by EGT. Low level of volatility, interesting bonuses, and lots of ways to win big make this game truly amazing. If you are a fan of good old slots with simple rules and tons of colorful fruits, you will fall in love with this creation from EGT.

Interesting Features

This is a game for those who want to go big or go home. Low volatility reduces variability, but the game does not give you a lot of winning combos on each spin. However, when you win, you win big. This definitely attracts people who are hunting for those jackpots and huge prizes that you get rarely. Such winnings raise adrenaline levels and make you come back for more.

The game features four jackpots that can be acquired during the gambling process. You can win any of 4 jackpots by randomly hitting a bonus game mode in which you need to find 3 cards of the same suit. Each suit corresponds to one of the jackpots that are up for grabs at the moment. The amount of money that you can get for winning one of the jackpots is constantly displayed in the top bar.

Jackpots 40 Super Hot are represented by card suits. Clubs are the cheapest. Diamonds cost a little bit more. Hearts give you an even bigger prize. The biggest jackpot is for finding three spades.

These jackpots are reasons enough to make you try your luck in a couple of playthroughs. 40 Super Hot is a cool game with lots of other interesting features, but jackpots are the main attraction for all kinds of players. If you are interested in celebrating a big victory, you will definitely find this option of winning a huge sum of money at once quite appealing.

Visual Style

The game looks like a dated slot machine that you would find in a gambling hall in Vegas at the beginning of the 2000s. This design is intentional. As mentioned previously, this game is an old school classic. Fruits of all sorts and lucky sevens make you feel the same tingling feeling of excitement that many gamblers in Las Vegas felt when playing slot games.

The color scheme is quite plain. The background has a soft wooden texture and has a deep brown color. The blue playing field with reels contrasts with the background and provides more clarity. All interface elements are grouped in the bottom part of the screen. Some players may find it difficult to distinguish different icons from one another. They are all very small and look kind of the same.

Sound Design

One of the problems that this game has is that sounds are “unnecessary”. For example, the game may randomly play chiming sounds or remind you that you are inactive by playing a bell sound.

The Setup

You will have a standard playing field with 5 reels and 3 horizontal lines. There are 40 fixed pay lines. It is a common structure for many traditional slot games. It is intuitive and allows for more variation without compromising your experience. Some games try to invent better setups, but this layout seems to be working best.

You don’t need to change the number of pay lines. You can regulate your bankroll by choosing the total bet which is a nice and simplistic way to control your playstyle. Many conservative players may find this approach a bit too limiting, but the majority of gamers will be happy. You just need to click once and the reels start spinning like crazy!

40 Super Hot by EGT is a game with less cool flashy stuff compared to many other modern games, but it has its own merits. We consider the simplicity of the reels layout to be one of the advantages for newer players. You can also use the autoplay function to further automate the process.

40 Super Hot provides you with many opportunities to win big. However, you still need to control your bankroll and try to reduce losses.


There are several types of symbols that you will encounter when playing in 40 Super Hot. Many casino players will be happy to see a limited list of symbols that you have to memorize. Some games go way too far to create versatility where it is not necessary.

Basic symbols are fruits. You will get up to x100 for getting 3-5 cherries, lemons or oranges. Watermelons and plums will grant you up to x200. X400 is the reward for getting 5 grapes. Golden stars are scatters. If you catch five of them on screen, you will be awarded a massive x20000 multiplier on your bet-per-line.

The last important symbol is the lucky seven. It functions as a Wild in the 40 Super Hot slot machine. Five wilds will give you x1000 multiplier. As you know, wild symbols substitute for any other symbol other than scatters.

Note that multipliers are very big, but you will get winning combinations much rare compared to some other games where multipliers are lower. The payback ratio in 40 Super Hot slots game is above 95%, but you will need to wait for your big winning combos to see the real difference in playstyle.

Bonus Rounds

Sadly, 40 Super Hot does not have any bonus rounds. However, there is a stage where you need to choose from a bunch of facedown cards. If you pick three cards of the same suit, you will win a corresponding jackpot. This stage activates randomly. The chance is very low and the probability of winning a jackpot is also quite low, but it exists.

The gamble mode can be activated whenever you win a sum below 7000 credits. In this case, you will be offered to pick red or black. If you guess right, your prize will be doubled. However, the prize will be lost in case you guess wrong. This is a standard game mode that has been around for ages. Nothing really interesting to see here.

Many classic slot games such as 40 Super Hot do not have additional game modes. It significantly simplifies the gambling process which is a good thing for a variety of reasons. You won’t have to memorize extensive rules of specialized game stages or disrupt the pace of gambling to play a side mode.

The Best Strategy in 40 Super Hot Slots

This game does not have any particular ways to increase your chances to win. While the variability is very low, the game is still pure luck. If you are living for chance and adrenaline, this is the best game out there. It has 4 types of jackpots, high multipliers, lots of wilds and scatters regularly popping up on your screen, and infrequent but big wins will make your gambling sessions that much more enjoyable.

Demonstration and Real Money Play

We suggest you try out the demo mode before engaging in the real game. The demo mode will help you to grasp the basics of the gameplay. While rules are simple and the variety of symbols is far from overwhelming, 40 Super Hot is a game that needs you to understand how to control the bankroll. Without constant streaks of winnings combos popping up on your screen, controlling the bankroll may become a tall task. Some casinos will gladly offer you an opportunity to try this game out in a demo mode.

The Main Takeaway

40 Super Hot has a lot of upsides. It is a simple yet addictive little game from EGT. It does not have heavy variability, but its 4 jackpots make up for the lack of variety!

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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