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Slot Type:
Video Slots
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Scatters

The title of this Playtech game to many people will suggest one thing, i.e., this slot is all about a jackpot (progressive or fixed) which comes with huge prize money.

While this is indeed true that this game comes with a huge ‘progressive’ jackpot, there is also another element that’s not highlighted in the title which is, the theme of the play.

This game focuses on a huge volcano. This huge volcano unlike any other volcano that you may know does not erupt due to natural forces, but it erupts when the ‘giant man’ wants it to erupt.

In essence, we can say that this is a man-made volcano. In order for players to start playing this adventure game, all they need to do is to set in motion the game’s five reels which come with 50 paylines.

Game Layout

Jackpot Giant ranks easily as one of the best slot games from Playtech when it comes to the graphics. When the player loads the pokie, but before the reel set is presented, there is a little intro video that players get to see.

In this intro video, players are presented with the giant man, the man who is responsible for letting the volcanoes erupt. After the intro video, the game presents the reel set. In the background of the reel set, players get to see an aesthetically brilliant mountain landscape.

In the distance, there are some huge mountains and a huge volcano which has just erupted. As the eyes move closer to the reels, the player gets to see the beautiful lush lawn that’s punctuated by some sparsely spaced trees.

Set in broad daylight, the background of this slot is shiny and bright. The reels of Jackpot Giant slot game are transparent, therefore the player gets to see the beautiful, shiny and bright background graphics when spinning the reels.

Slot Features

Jackpot Giant is a slot that caters to the needs of virtually all players whether those who like playing slot games for free or players who like playing games for profits.

If looking to play Jackpot Giant free, all the player has to do is to select demo mode and then receive free credits to wager with, in the game. If looking to play Jackpot Giant slot for real money, the player needs to have at least 0.01 coins to start spinning the reels.

When playing with the minimum, the player needs to know that s/he shall not expect to win big as the winnings in this game correspond to the bet amount a player is wagering with per each spin.

Players are free to adjust the bet amount upwards to a high of up to 4.00 coins per spin which is the Total Bet. In addition to the coin sizes per each spin, there are also other things that a player needs to consider when spinning the reels for real money.

One such thing pertains to the Autoplay button. The Autoplay button gives the player the freedom to set in motion the reels for a consecutive number of times; ranges include 10 uninterrupted spins, 25 uninterrupted spins, 50 uninterrupted spins or 99 uninterrupted spins.

Additionally, there is the Turbo Mode button. The Turbo Mode button allows the player to spin the reels faster than normal.


When playing Jackpot Giant casino slot online, your Wild is represented by the Golden Coin that’s inscribed with the word WILD.

The Golden Coin at times can shift and change its form and shape and in the process take the shape and form of any other symbol on the reels. On most occasions when the Golden Coin changes its form and shape, it will complete a winning combo.

Jackpot Giant game comes with a Scatter symbol that’s represented by the huge hand of the giant.

When playing Jackpot Giant slot machine online, your bonus symbol is represented by the volcano. The common symbols in this slot include the giant, red precious stones, blue precious stones, gold precious stones and traditional poker symbols.

Bonus Features

The main bonus feature in Jackpot Giant slot is the Giant Bonus feature. To activate this feature, players need to land the volcano bonus icon on reels 1 and 5. When this bonus is activated, a new screen will pop up.

On the screen, there is the giant and also six active volcanoes waiting to erupt. The player, therefore, needs to pick and set three among the six volcanoes to erupt and in the process reveal his/her cash prize.

When the giant is in a good mood, it can actually let the player pick a fourth volcano or even all six at once!

Jackpot Giant comes with a progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot can rise to a high of 50 000 coins. In order to hit the jackpot, all the player has to do is to land five of the Golden Coin Wild symbols on the reels.

Winning Tips

  • The Wild in Jackpot Giant slot carries the game’s highest prize of 1000 coins for matching four of these and 500 coins for matching three.
  • The red precious stones carry the game’s second highest prize. For matching five of these, the player gets 500 coins, for matching four of these the player gets 300 coins and for matching three of these the player gets 100 coins.
  • The blue precious stones carry the game’s third highest prize. For matching five of these, the player gets 300 coins, for matching four of these the player gets 200 coins and for matching three the player gets 80 coins.
  • The gold precious stones carry the game’s fourth-highest prize. Five fetch 200 coins, four fetch 100 coins and three fetches 60 coins.
  • The giant carries the game’s fifth-highest prize. Five fetch 100 coins, four fetch 80 coins and three fetches 60 coins.
  • Poker icons are low-value symbols.

Jackpot Giant ranks as one of the best titles from Playtech both in terms of play graphics and the overall layout of the slot. Gamblers playing this game can expect an RTP of 94.22 per cent.

Nate Dreyer
Nate Dreyer

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