Yggdrasil Slots and Games

With the ever-growing nature of casino games on the web, software companies are constantly cropping up to meet its high demand. One of the companies that have cropped up in the past half-decade is Yggdrasil Gaming.

Yggdrasil Gaming has been operational since 2013 when it was launched by Fredrik Elmqvist. Fredrik worked as the Chief Executive Officer for NetEnt, one of the three biggest online gaming companies in the world. The massive experience carried by its founder has been labeled an undeniable reason for the quick success of the company. Fredrik left NetEnt with the vision of providing games that not only focused on the math behind the running of games but also delivery a great deal of entertainment value. Yggdrasil has since succeeded in achieving this with the provision of A1 games that have placed it in the same ranks as pioneers the likes of Playtech and NetEnt.

The peculiar name of this software developer, Yggdrasil Gaming, is based on the ash tree that features in Norse Mythology. The Yggdrasil is home to dragons and eagles while acting as a door to each of the nine realms including Asgard, the land of the gods, and Vanir, home of the old gods. The connection of the worlds is in line with the motto to provide an array of gambling options all under one roof, which they have succeeded in doing thus far.

Elements of Yggdrasil Gaming Games

When it comes to game development, Yggdrasil Gaming games developer has been labeled one of the pioneers of the next generation of slots and other casino games. The somewhat recent entry of the firm into the gambling industry has allowed it to explore the latest technology in game development; this has led to the release of games that have thoroughly impressed the online realm and hastened its rise to the top. The game releases by Yggdrasil are likened to those of NetEnt, which is no surprise considering the founder is experienced with the prowess of the developer’s game developing skills.

Within its first year in operation, Yggdrasil Gaming software has already released twenty-three titles, most of which went on to grace popularity lists across the globe. Today, the game developer has a portfolio of over one hundred games in different categories, the biggest being that of slot games. In this category, the provider stays in line with the usual layout and gameplay of pokies, but the graphics and animations used in development have been labeled out of this world. Each game portrays unique development depending on the theme they are built around with some becoming so popular that they prompt the release of sequels. Even with the distinct nature of each Yggdrasil Gaming slot, some basic features remain the same in most of them including:

  • Use of CSS3 transitions

CSS, known in full as Cascading Style Sheets, are used to dictate rules to the web browsers on how images are to be displayed, especially those that run using HTML markup. The CSS3 transitions used in Yggdrasil Gaming slot machines and other sets allow the easy control of animation speed selector and declaration elements of CSS  being changed. That way, instead of immediate change that can alter the realness of an image, the transition takes place over some time. Additionally, this kind of shift eliminates the use of Java or Flash software, which require additional installations in web browsers for games to run.

  • Frame motion animation

Frame motion animation, also known as stop motion animation, has been in use for more than one hundred years in the film industry. When using the technique, the filmmaker uses real objects which are captured in numerous frames in different positions. When the frames are played continuously, the item seems to move on its own. Yggdrasil is one of the few game developers that use this element, which elates the entertainment value of gameplay

  • Particle animation

Yggdrasil Gaming has been labeled a master in the creation of three-dimensional slots, some of them even opening up with scenes like in films. Such remarkable images, in most cases, are achieved with the use of particle animation. When applying this technique, the provider uses three-dimensional models of small specs that make up a big fuzzy effect such as in the case of fire, flowing water, waterfalls, and other naturally occurring phenomena. One slot that displays this animation style in superb nature is the Vikings Go to Hell slot, which begins with an opening fight scene between Vikings and a demon in fiery hell.

Yggdrasil Gaming Slots

Like is the case with most software developers, Yggdrasil Gaming’s catalogue mainly consists of the slot games. Yggdrasil Gaming free slots are developed entirely using modern video technology, which makes it a suitable option for new generation players. Out of these games, some of the most popular ones include:

  • Beauty and the Beast

The tale of Beauty and the Beast is among the most told in literature and films, and Yggdrasil Gaming adopts it as a pokies machine. The game features beautiful three-dimensional development on a five by three grid placed in the middle of a castle. The common storyline of a young prince turned into a beast is supported in the set. Belle, who is the beauty in the story, has the chance to save him in an act of true love. The game is adorned with free spins, multipliers, and unique betting round bonuses that increase the chances of landing wins at extra costs.

  • Vikings Go Wild

The Vikings Go Wild slot is among the titles that placed Yggdrasil Gaming on the map as among the best software companies in the world. The slot is inspired by the warrior-tribe of Vikings that is best known for its conquering expeditions in Europe. The popularity of the game has inspired the creation of sequels like Vikings Go Berzerk and Vikings Go to Hell, both of which feature improvements in graphics and animations. None of the sets carries a progressive jackpot.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

All Yggdrasil Gaming online slots and casino games are developed using HTML5 technology, which makes them compatible with any mobile operating system including Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, and Windows among others. The mobile games are provided in no download modes, and neither is the installation of flash software required. Desktop devices can also be used for gameplay on web browsers as well.

Social Gambling

The bid to reach a wide fan base has seen online gaming software developers provide free games on social media platforms, the biggest being Facebook. Yggdrasil Gaming has fallen in line with this trend and made its games accessible on social media where punters can play among friends in free to play versions.

Gameplay Strategies

The complexity of game development exercised by Yggdrasil Gaming does not apply any changes to the procedure of play, which means that games still rely heavily on chance. Playing the free versions first and choosing a convenient set before placing cash stakes. That way, one does not have to spend cash on games that do not resonate with their gaming preferences.

Yggdrasil Gaming Security

The Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission are the main bodies behind the provision of Yggdrasil Gaming licenses as a provider of safe and secure gambling services, which has done wonders for the company’s reputation online.

Yggdrasil Gaming casino slots and games are provided in both free and real money versions. The former can be found in affiliate sites and casinos, but the latter is only accessible in gaming destinations after registration.

Yggdrasil Slots and Games
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