888 Slot Machines

888 is indeed a software developer that began its operations more than two decades ago in the year 1997 and has since then undergone considerable advancements. Nevertheless, it is still reliant on its initial business policy which entails simplicity without compromising the quality of the gaming products available.

Bettors have quickly discovered that the casinos which use the 888 software, depict user-friendliness, provide dependable customer support along with being easy to navigate. Despite the company has not introduced Flash technology soon enough, the download variant still had its perks.

For instance, participants did not have to undergo the hassle of downloading and installing one gameplay option at a time, which means that they had the capability of luxuriating in any game of their preference, as they pleased.

888 certainly offers a glut of more than 15 languages accompanied by 3D games, Live gaming, and a superfluity of payment processing alternatives. Hence, this has notably contributed to its long-term success.

Incredible Features of 888 Slots

With over one hundred 888 slot machines in the collection, there is a surfeit of features accessible for the different categories of punters.

  • Progressive Jackpots. Millionaire Genie slot, for instance.

  • The Free Spins Bonus which is a progressive feature along with sporadic bonus credits which trigger multipliers in addition to other extra features.

  • The Gamble feature which nourishes plungers with the chance to proliferate their wins by accurately determining the colour of a hidden card pulled up from a deck

  • Expanding Wilds which result in Wild symbols filling up a reel, thereby generating a mélange of earnings across the respective paylines.

Well-Liked 888 Online Slots

Slots with a travel theme, such as:

  • Love In London

  • Café De Paris

  • City Life

888 slots with an Aladdin theme along with a progressive jackpot of up to GBP 2 million, for example, the Millionaire Genie which is a five-reeled machine comprising a cartoon-like genie, free spins and more.

Being mindful of that, 888 games are obtainable either through downloading and installing software or via Instant play (HTML5, or Flash). Moreover, they support more than 20 different languages.

Other Gambling Options

The provider’s portfolio does not end only on slot machines. They also develop such types:

  • Video Poker

  • Roulette Variants such as French, ‘Rocking,’ American, and European.

  • Scratch Cards

  • Caribbean Stud

  • A Live Croupier Casino which a player can either download and install or partake within his/her web browser. Over and above that, this casino which has won a glut of awards is usually targeted towards high rollers.

  • A ‘Quick Play’ set of games with constant odds.

Mobile Gameplay

It is no secret that mobile gadgets have become a vital part of our lives, as we spend at least 80% of our time on them than we do on PCs. Therefore, it is no surprise that real money or 888 free slots and games are optimised for Android, along with iOS tablets and phones. In addition to that, mobile games using the provider’s software are also accessible via the proprietary applications for iOS alongside Android.

The pokies contain all features and function just as they would on a PC, with the only difference being the size of the screen. Some preferred 888 casinos slots or pokies which you can try out on mobile are listed below.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

  • Doctor’s Orders

  • Ultimate Universe

  • Treasure Fair

Social Gaming

Slot games are indeed quite popular online, along with brick and mortar casinos. Throughout the years, gambling software from 888 has significantly evolved to be at par with the ever-changing player requirements. As such, the outcome has been the advancement of Internet slots.

To the date, these intriguing games are not just limited to wagering sites which implement software from the developer but have also penetrated the social gaming world. Hence, from the cream of the crop of web-based slot game simulations, there is no doubt that Facebook proudly boasts a plethora, for instance:

  • Kitchen Run

  • Blonde Legend

  • The 7 Great Wonders of the World

  • 4th of July

The Tips to Winning 888 Gaming Slots

  1. Select 888 machines with the lowest jackpots. For the best chance of winning at slot games, it is advisable to select the games containing the lowest jackpots. Hence, the lower the jackpot, the simpler it is to score it, which boosts your winning opportunities. On the other hand, the greater the jackpot, the more challenging it is to hit it and in turn, the higher the likelihood of incurring a short-term loss.

  2. Set an objective and withdraw upon achieving it. The common problem with online slot games is that a superfluity of players does not know when to draw the line. Therefore, it is important to come up with an objective bankroll and upon reaching it, cash out your earnings and log out of the official gaming site until the following day, or when you are amped up about playing.

  3. Pinpoint your strongest 888 game. There is a mélange of variants of 888 online slots, and thus, it is only expected that you will excel in some, more than others. Accordingly, you should play the games which you thrive in and have the most confidence in. If you are good at a certain game, then consequently, the more you participate in it, and the greater your skills become, which means that you have a higher likelihood of winning.

  4. Target the games which offer free spins. For the increment of playing time along with the maximisation of your winning opportunities, you should select the 888 slots which contain free spins. In doing so, you will acquire an additional lifeline coupled with winning chances when you would have otherwise run out of luck on the slots which lack these features.

  5. Money management. Upon being in a predicament of losing more than winning, it is best to refrain from increasing your wagering size, and instead, lessening it. In doing so, you will have additional time to swing the odds in your favour.

  6. No streaks of luck. Punters should treat wagering sessions as being independent of one another and be aware of the fact that streaks of luck are non-existent when it comes to 888 machines which use Random Number Generators.

  7. Sufficient Preparation. Players should prepare their environments physically alongside mentally which involves the avoidance of unwarranted distractions that set off the loss of concentration or focus. Moreover, they should refrain from betting at the gambling platform while they are heavily intoxicated on drugs, alcohol, or both. Failure to adhere to these triggers losses more than wins.

Top-Grade Security

For 888 it is quite essential to ensure that their participants are aware that they can play in a safe environment. Therefore, the company is affiliated with PGP along with SSL security technology for the curbing of illegitimate access.

The 888 licenses are granted by the UKGC and accompanied by the GCC, both of which are dedicated to responsible gameplay and undergo independent validation of compliances with the processes of e-COGRA.

Closing Thoughts

Largely, while 888 initially started out in the early times of the Internet wagering business, it has undoubtedly withstood the test of time through the provision of stellar products alongside services to its customers.

With its plenitude of slot machines, top-level customer support and more, it is the reason that this software provider is a number one choice for a plenteous of gamblers.

888 Slot Machines
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