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Slot Type:
Video Slots
100 000
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol

Fisticuffs bring history back to you. Fisticuffs slot is a boxing themed-based game provided by NetEnt. In the early 1900s, boxing was considered as a gentleman’s sport.

So Fisticuffs game has culture and some history behind it. NetEnt has given you another video slot type game to enjoy and earn at the same time.

Fisticuffs slot has 5 reels and 10 ways to win. If we talk about the symbols used, then they are pretty much linked with the title of the slot game.

This slot game includes icons like cups, golden belts, boxing gloves, shoes, bell signs, chairs, and Wild symbols. Wilds have greater reward valve as compared to other tokens.

There are three types of Wilds each having its own reward for players. First is the straight one, then diagonal and stacked Wild signs. Their rewards are discussed under features.

You can play Fisticuffs slot for free and also for real money. If you’re a boxing lover, then this game will not let you be bored.


First, there is no download required to play this game as Fisticuffs casino slot is played online on different casino websites.

When the game gets loaded, you’ll have a nice looking screen having 5 reels in 3 rows and some control buttons. These reels will be loaded with eye-catching symbols.

Under these reels, you’ll have some options like setting the level for gambling. The levels are from 1 to 10 each having a different bet value.

Then there is auto-play button along with the spin button and max bet button. This will set a maximum bet value. Lastly, there is an option for setting the coin value.

Besides these buttons, you have an option of a pay table which contains all the information about the rewards from different combinations. It has information about how much points each symbol has and also restrictions about which symbol can land on which reel.

It’s very easy and simple to play Fisticuffs slot machine online game. First, you have to select the amount of bet from the level. 20 is the lowest bet at level 1 which goes up to a maximum of 200 at level 10.

You can also change the coin value ranging from 0.01 to 1.00. It’s done, just click the spin button to make a winning combination.


If we talk about features of Fisticuffs, then it has a lot to give its players.

  • Wilds will help you to make winning combinations. They can also double your winnings. There are 2 main Wild icons and a stacked Wild symbol for re-spins.
  • The Straight Wild symbol is the heavy boxer with a hat which can punch the light boxer to make a straight combination in any of the sides. It can only land on the 3rd
  • The Diagonal Wild symbol is the light boxer with mustache. It can punch the heavy boxer diagonally to make a winning combination. It can only land on the 2nd and the 4th
  • Re-spin can be awarded to you if you manage to get two fights at a time. When 2 diagonal Wild symbols and 1 straight Wild symbol land on their reels, then it will trigger a re-spin.
  • For this re-spin, all the Wild symbols will remain in their positions to make a winning combination.

These features are really very interesting. Watching the boxers fighting is lovely to watch in Fisticuffs. Go and try to find how good you can fight.

Winning Combination

All winnings depend on the combinations made by symbols. The greater is the number of similar symbols on reels, the higher will be the reward. Combination starts from the leftmost reel.

You’re not bound to have adjacent places for symbols on reels to make a combination. Tokens can have a different place, but they should be on adjacent reel to make a winning combination.

Rest of the work is done by Wilds because they can replace other symbols to help in making a combination.

You can win up to 100000 coins in Fisticuffs slot game, but for this, the highest value of bet with a maximum value of a coin should be selected before spinning.

Fisticuffs slot has an RTP value of more than 97% which is a fantastic percentage for gamblers to play for real money as well.

The Wild symbols really help players to win maximum rewards, so if you just try to play the Fisticuffs slot game then try to land the Wilds, so that they can fight and in return, your reward can be doubled or tripled.

If we talk about overall experience, then NetEnt has done a great job for gamblers. Every feature and button is managed according to the needs of players.

It really knows what its players want from a casino game and developed a lovely title to play. We highly recommend you to give this game a chance. You’ll really enjoy it.

Manuël Brusse
Manuël Brusse

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