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Double Double Bonus Video Poker slots online
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Double Double Bonus Video Poker is a variation of video poker games that gives winnings in double portions. It is based on the Jacks or Better. This video poker variation is only available for a hand or hands that have the four of a kind tag. All other hands get to use the usual compensation forms as in the standard Jacks or Better video game.

Playing the Game

One has to find an online casino that provides the game before they can start playing. The player should then register as a casino member to access the real money game. The gambler should then pay for the set. Toggle buttons are provided on the screen to assist in adjusting the amount they intend to use. However, if they do not want to play the cash game, they can make use of the free version. Dealing of the cards is what comes next. The Double Double Bonus game gives the player five cards. The gamer can then choose to deal or draw. Dropping the cards will force the gamer to pick others, which can be more or less favourable. Luck determines the type of card a player gets.

As is the case with other video poker games, playing aims to gain the highest paying combination of cards. A player who lands such a hand receives the payout accordingly.

Paid Hands and Hand Rankings

Several combinations of cards make up the desired Double Double Bonus paid hands. Each hand has a different amount of money that it avails to the winner. After the royal flush, which has an ace, king, queen, jack, and the number ten, the best paying formation is the aces’ Four of a Kind with a kicker of 2, 3, 4, and five. However, this hand is not easy to get. It can take up to 16,000 hands to get this combination. Players, however, can still make use of other hands that pay equally well as the four of a kind. These are:

  • Straight Flush
  • Four Aces
  • Four 2’s, 3’s and 4’s with a kicker of 2, 3. 4 or A
  • Four two’s, three’s, and four’s
  • Four Fives
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Pairs of J, Q, K, and A.

One should note that this game is highly volatile. Thus, they may need to spend more than in sets with lesser-paying options.

Winning Strategy

Winning at this game requires more luck than skill. But, a gamer can still incorporate the use of gambling strategies to sway the odds in their favor. A winning strategy for Double Double Bonus video poker game is streamlined with the cards that a player has in their hands. The critical thing is to know which cards are worth keeping, and which ones are trash material.

Gamblers are advised to keep any high-value card that they come across especially if they are three or two cards short to the Royal Flush combination. Four of a Kind card collections are also worth keeping. Considering that the set uses rules that are similar to Jacks or Better, any cards that lead to this combination should also be kept.

In most cases, it is proper for a player to keep the cards that almost create a winning hand. However, some instances may not allow the gambler to keep some cards. If whatever one has does not lead to any paid hand, the best option is to get rid of the cards and deal five new ones. Considering that one cannot control the flow of the game, it is crucial to think critically before letting go of any card.

Wrap Up

Double Double Bonus video poker is one appealing game to play. Knowing the Double Double Bonus hand rankings and play strategies keep the player on top of the leaderboard. They will try their best to ensure that they get the best hands. This high variance game is not for those who are afraid to spend or lose their funds. Those who do try the game and land the four of a kind hands that have a licker get to enjoy lucrative rewards.

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