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Slot Type:
video slot
10 paylines
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbol

Super Fuego Review

Super Fuego by Cayetano Gaming is a ten paylines slot game that comes packed with a party theme and exciting bonus features, like Cracking Booster Bonus and Free Spins Bonus. The gamblers are sure to find an abundance of firecrackers, which also form the slot symbols in this online slot game of 5 reels and three rows. 

General Information and Features

Super Fuego by Cayetano Gaming is a slot game that spells out party in bold letters. Find two masked women dressed for a party next to the reels on the screen. The backdrop of the slot game resembles an English town. The slot symbols in this game are firecrackers that have been personified for a cartoonish resemblance. This slot game has a number of special features that you will come across on this Super Fuego slot review. These features help the online slot machine stand out among the rest of the party-themed slot games online.

This five reeled and three rowed slot machine is vibrant and energetic, due to the great graphics and sound. Among the slot symbols, the round purple firecracker with a mustache is the wild symbol that substitutes all symbols on the reels to form winning combinations. However, the red lady firecracker is the highest paying symbol out of all the symbols on this slot machine.

How to Play the Super Fuego Slot?

Cayetano Gaming’s Super Fuego is not a slot game of great difficulty. It is easier to get going once gamblers are aware of the unique features of this slot game. We will breeze through the features in the next segment of this article. In this segment, we will understand the basic rules of playing this slot game.

Keeping the casino balance in mind, the gambler should click on the Total Stake box on-screen and select a feasible bet value. The value you choose is taken as the Total Bet Amount or Total Stake.

Next, you can spin the reels manually, or you can set the Autoplay option after selecting the Total Spins and Loss Limit. The Total Spins can be between 10, 20, 50, or 100.

In this case, the reels on the slot game spin uninterruptedly. This helps you control higher losses and thereby minimize them. The advanced features under Autoplay include Stop if Single Win Exceeds. The Spin button spins the reels on the screen and starts the game.

There are no jackpots on this slot game, but you will find bonus rounds. However, there is a calculated maximum multiplier of 21,000x in this slot game.

Minimum and Maximum Bet on Super Fuego

The minimum bet value that gamblers can wager on the reels is 0.20 coins, while the maximum bet gamblers can place on the slot game is at 4 coins. This bet value denominations are given as the following options: 0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, and 4.00 coins. The Minimum/Maximum Bet Value is shown in the Bet Value display screen on the gaming interface.

RTP and Variance

The Super Fuego slot machine has a Return To Player percentage of 93.99% and high variance. Thus, gamblers should wager carefully as they can make huge losses instead of wins. The high volatility makes the wins infrequent. However, the gameplay is sure to keep gamblers spinning the reels.

Slot Features and Slot Symbols

Cayetano Gaming makes sure to incorporate some of the unique features in the Super Fuego slot machine, making it one of the best software from this gaming label. The slot symbols are designed to match the party theme quite well. The symbols on the reels make winning combinations that pay out depending on the active pay lines on the slot. The red firecracker is the symbol with the highest payout, while the green firecracker is the lowest paying symbol on this online slot machine.

Some of the features which deserve mention in this article are given below.

Cascading Reels

The symbols on the reels disappear after forming a winning combination, thereby making way for new symbols. The slot symbols drop down from the top of the grid.

Reactions Fuse

If you notice the top part of the grid layout on the gaming interface, you will notice that a string of firecrackers is hung above the reels. This string of firecrackers comes to play when the Free Spins Bonus Win Mark needs to be allocated on a particular firecracker on the string. This happens randomly when the reels are set to motion.

On each spin, a Free Spins Bonus Win Mark is displayed on the firecracker fuse position on the string in a random manner. Once you make a winning combination, the fuse starts to burn and then moves through the firecrackers one after the other with every subsequent win on the reels.

Cracker Booster Bonus

Once the Reaction Fuse completes its turns on the string of firecrackers, it progresses to eliminate all the low paying symbols from the reels with the following wins. This reaction triggers further reactions as you continue to make wins.

Free Spins Bonus

When the fuse keeps burning with subsequent winning combinations, it ultimately reaches the Free Spins Bonus Win Mark. In this case, a number of free spins are awarded, which is equal to the number of wins that were made to reach the mark. If the fire of the fuse passes the Free Spins Bonus Win Mark, then the number of free spins offered is increased to a maximum of 8 free spins.

The Free Spins Bonus Win Mark is not available during the Free Spins during the bonus rounds.

Progressive Win Multiplier

Multipliers worth x2, x3, x5, x7, x10, x20, and x100 can be won, which lets gamblers improve on their wins on the first seven subsequent reactions while the Free Spins Bonus Round is on. 

However, after the seventh reaction, the win multiplier that is given to the gambler remains x100.


Green firecracker 4 8 16
Blue firecracker 6 10 20
Orange firecracker 8 16 30
Yellow firecracker 10 20 40
Red firecracker 12 24 80
Super Fuego Wild 50 100 200

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on Super Fuego is in the shape of a purple firecracker with a mustache. This is a regular wild symbol that replaces all symbols on the reels. Since there is no scatter symbol, the wild symbol remains the most valuable special symbol on the reels of this slot.

Game Design

Cayetano Gaming incorporates some of the best graphics and sound effects in this software. The theme, as mentioned before, is a party with ladies in masks and firecrackers in the slot design. The background music sets in the mood, and the sound effects are loud and clear to make sure the gambler knows that a change is registered by the gaming interface.

The gaming interface is also quite smooth and buffer-free. Gamblers of all age and experience will find it easy to navigate through the interface.

Tips and Tricks – How to Win?

As the features on this slot game are quite unique to this slot machine, one should try the slot for free to understand how the game actually works before they wager money on an online casino. The Help section on the gaming interface guides gamblers through in case they have queries regarding certain symbols or features.

It is advised that gamblers do not deplete all the money they deposit into the casino as the casino balance as there is always risk more than one wins.

Super Fuego Mobile Slot

Cayetano Gaming has made sure to optimize this video slot so that it runs on all interface and screen sizes starting from Android to Windows. No matter whether you are playing on a mobile or a tablet, you can access the game from a suitable web browser from any place of your choice.

Super Fuego Jackpots

There are no jackpots to be won in this slot game, and as a result, there is no jackpot amount. However, the maximum calculated multiplier that this slot game offers is 21,000x. So, wager wisely, and you can win big.

Concluding Thoughts

The Super Fuego slot game by Cayetano Gaming is a real winner when it comes to great gameplay and excellent graphics. The graphical interface combined with the gaming interface makes surfing through the slot a dream come true. The theme of the slot machine keeps the mood light and young. The game has background music that tags along with the jolly mood.

Starting from free spins to cascading reels, this online slot machine has a lot to offer in terms of traditional features. However, it brings some fresh new elements to the gamblers who are tired of the same old slot games. The Reaction Fuse and the Cracker Booster Bonus make things all the more interesting as every spin of the reels ensure a second chance at winning a bonus round.

Given the Return to Player percentage is 93.99% and the volatility is high, players should be careful about the amount that they are wagering on the reels. This is so as the wins are infrequent and less even if they do occur. Nevertheless, the look and feel of the game is sure to keep you hooked on to it.

Play Super Fuego slot game for real money at any online casino or for free on our site.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

How can I play Super Fuego for free?

You can use our website to play a demo version of Super Fuego. Any wins made in the demo version do not translate to actual wins.

Can I download this slot machine online?

No, you cannot download this slot machine as it is a no download slot game that can be played only at online casinos.

Does Super Fuego have a wild symbol?

Yes, the game has a wild symbol.

Does this game have free spins?

Yes, it has free spins in a Free Spins Bonus Round within the base game.

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