Electrocoin Slots

This gaming manufacturer is a London based company, formed in 1976 by veterans in the online entertainment industry, John Stergides and John Collinson. This group has great expertise and a widespread product portfolio that includes pinball machines, photobooths, video games and other types of products.

Electrocoin is long-standing and over time they have spread to include gambling products as per the demand of the online gaming and gambling industry. Besides items produced for land-based amusement venues they also make prize machines and slots. It is a licensed and regulated company that adheres to the industry norms and standards.

Unique Technologies

The modern portfolio offerings of the company include slots and other gambling games for the casino domain; some of their unique offerings are as follows:

  • Amusement with prize machines, also known as AWP;
  • Simplistic and popular Bar-X line of games that are popular at live UK casinos and iGaming sites.

Over the several decades of its existence, it has partnered up with other brands to provide to live as well as online casino and gaming venues. Their partner network is extensive and includes brands such as Bandai Namco Games, Konami, Sea Amusements; some specialise in pinball usage and distribution such as Pinball Heaven and Stern. Their products reach out to venues and platforms of the Middle East and other parts of Europe through distributors like Crown Direct and ASI.

The company is also known for photobooth models such as Panther, Eclipse and Nexus that are popular and in-demand at amusement parks, arcades and can be booked for special events like weddings.

Casino Games and Slots

Electrocoin games have been produced for decades. Many are classic, old-school styles while some are designed with redemption or bonus features with a jackpot as well as tests of skills. Players can try GoGo Chicken and Snowmaster which come with lucrative prizes. 

Skill-based titles such as Toy Story or SpongeBob SquarePants are known to help develop certain skills and entertain with bright, attractive visuals. There is a Golden Tee that represents a live video game played globally. Some of their arcade video games are popular such as Dance Dance Revolution that has been launched over the years in different versions.

When it comes to Electrocoin slots the Bar-X line is most prominent, some titles in this category are Bar-X Magic 7, Bar-X Bonus Ladder and Bar-X 5. The Electrocoin slot machines comprise of simplistic gameplay, especially Electrocoin free slots; the unique technology incorporated is the presence of Xs and bars on the reels that signify wins for players when they try them with real money. Other popular titles list includes Vegas Strip and Monte Carlo and the series that belongs to the Super Reels category.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

Mobile gaming presence of the company is small as its line of offerings for the online domains remains limited, especially since their product catalogue includes items for live venues as well. However, those who are interested in their popular slots such as the Bar-X line series or different video mobile games can find information and mobile-friendly versions of these on different websites.

Presence on Social Media

From AWP to Bar-X line of Electrocoin online slots, related company information and updates of their new releases are found on Facebook. The software developer has several followers on their social media sites, from partners, affiliates and distributor companies to associated brands and direct customers as well. 

Some Strategies

The company ties up with mostly UK sites and gaming venues or domains to distribute their products as Electrocoin casino games. Several gambling sites online have their Bar-X series available. Some are also offered through top bingo and casino sites, mostly those that are the UK licensed and regulated portals. 

Security and Safety

Electrocoin license is by the UK Gambling Commission; hence, all its products are regulated as per fair gaming and gambling standards and security compliance. This covers all their products and support, whether they are used in live venues or at online casinos. 


Though Electrocoin gaming company’s name does not frequently appear on most gaming or casino websites, their product range of video games and slots is unique and offers different gameplay and features that players can try for diversity and tests of skills.

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