Betsoft Slots and Games

Since its inception, the online gaming sector has made massive strides in game development to make them more immersive than ever before. Among the companies that have contributed to these advancements is Betsoft, which is especially recognized for its use of three-dimensional graphics and animations.

Betsoft has been running since 2006, which makes it well established on the online platform. In the development of Betsoft games, the company opts for a cinematic presentation of games, similar to those used in the film industry; this has greatly contributed to its massive success in the industry. Even though its early releases were made more than a decade ago, they were far ahead of their time at the period of their release, which has kept them as popular choices among gamers. The software company has consistently broken the bar in the use of 3D imagery to set new standards and make it a worthy rival for other companies in the niche such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil Gaming.

Over the years, this software firm has gained recognition for its finesse in game development, which spans across different categories from Betsoft free slots to table games. Numerous awards granted in different conventions stand as a testament for their adroitness in the field, and some of the most notable in the list include:

  • The 2017 Login Casino Award for the best manufacturer of gaming solutions – slot games.

  • The 2018 GSE Asia Award for the best Business to Business digital platform and software solution.

  • The 2018 MIGEA Malta iGaming Excellence Award for the best gaming supplier.

Unique Features of Betsoft

Betsoft has been propelled to great popularity heights in the past decade by providing services that blow those of most other companies in the business out of the water. The extent of the developer’s prowess lies within and beyond game production, which has made it a popular choice for not only players but casinos as well. Some of the elements that are unique too Betsoft include:

  • Slots collection

Considering its mastery in the use of three-dimensional technology in slots and casino games’ development, it is no surprise that Betsoft created a unique collection for punters looking for as much cinematic value as possible with simple gameplay. Betsoft slot machines in this category of games bear an evocative image display that makes them look real. The first pokies machine in the Slots3 collection was launched in 2010, and the game developer has made numerous more releases ever since.

This collection is divided into two categories to suit the needs of different gamers. The first category dubbed Slots3 Arcade carries slots that focus on fast gameplay without the inclusion of too many scenes and dramatic effects. Even so, the distinct element of cinematic 3D tech is used.

The second category, which is Slots3 Interactive, provide a deeper immersion into gameplay than those in the Arcade category. The complexity of features used can also accommodate the use of console controls like those of video games, which has commenced a new form of slot gambling. This mode of gambling is yet to be seen with other software developers, which makes Betsoft a trendsetter.

  • Casino Manager

Aside from providing entertainment to online gamblers, Betsoft also looks to meet the needs of the gaming site using its services; this is achieved with the provision of a full back office package that aids in the running of the casino all in one system. Aside from reporting the day to day activities of the site, the Betsoft back office system also allows the customization of tools to help the smooth flow of activities from payouts to bonus triggers. That way, casinos can save money that they would have otherwise used when looking for a third-party provider of these elements. Some of those that are enjoyed when using the system from Betsoft include an alert system, game reporting, promotional tools, KPI reporting, and financial reporting.

  • Shift platform

Numerous web browsers used in the access of casino games have announced that they will be dropping support of Adobe Flash Player after the firm announced no new versions would be released. Considering many desktop games are built using flash technology, most have opted to change their games to HTML5 technology, among them being Betsoft. Using the Shift platform, the transition from flash to HTML5 by desktop users is made easy and comes with advantages over the previous version of speed, security, and simplicity. The elimination of third-party plugins means that gamers are less exposed to hack threats without sacrificing the quality of games and gameplay.

Popular Betsoft Casino Games

Slots, table games, video poker, and arcade games are some of the casino sets Betsoft is best-known for developing. Betsoft online slots are most developed and face the highest popularity among all the categories. Numerous slot categories are explored such, especially when it comes to themes, but no progressive jackpot slots are included. Some of the provided titles include:

  • 4 Seasons

The 4 Seasons slot showcases Betsoft’s mastery in the use of 3D graphics and immersive gameplay in all its glory. The set is built the four seasons experienced in the Asian highlands. Each season is displayed in the rocky green backdrop with the spinning of the zodiac calendar placed at the bottom of the screen. One special element in the game is that each icon gets the chance to be the highest paying as determined by the same Zodiac calendar.

  • Birds

Betsoft takes a unique direction with the creation of the Birds slot, which makes for immersive gameplay. In the place of the usual five by three grid sits three cables with birds perched on them in five columns. When the spin button is hit, the birds fly off, and new ones come onto the screen. The game pays in clusters rather than play lines and win ways. The game screen also changes after a free spins bonus is triggered with settings like a city background view and a small town with an ice cream truck.

Mobile Affinity

Betsoft encourages efficiency within its systems with the use of a variety of platforms. The same case applies to its mobile division, which is dubbed ToGo. The platform was first launched in 2011 which allowed mobile users to access Betsoft casino games by the developer. In the beginning, flash technology was used in the creation of these games, but the venture was abandoned for HTML5 in 2016, which made it open to an even wider range of mobile games users.

Social Gaming

Facebook and other social media platforms have become popular affiliate platforms for punters to engage in casino games, and this provider has not been left behind. The options found on social media are only engageable in free to play mode, and any that one wants to try for real money can be found in an array of Betsoft casinos.

Strategies of Play

The distinct nature of Betsoft slots does not add any complexity to how games are played. Even with the lack of strategy application, which is a popular element in slot games, players can make their experience with the games better by choosing those with high RTP rates. When these percentages are high, the respective game stands a higher chance of providing steady wins.

Secure Gameplay

With Class 2 and 4 Betsoft licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, Romanian National Gambling Office, and AAMS, punters can rest assured that the services provided by this developer have been vetted for fairness and security; this goes for both free and real money play.

Parting Shot

Betsoft gaming software continues to revolutionize the online gaming scene, especially in the slots department, and new releases continue to be made every year to keep up with the entertainment demand of players.

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