Canadian Online Casino That Accepts PayPal: List of Legit PayPal Casino Sites

Do you still worry about how to pay for your expenses when you leave the house? People have a wide range of payment options and one of these online payment methods includes Paypal. Gamblers know that they need a payment option that will give them fast deposits and withdrawals, and that option is PayPal. Paypal has become a common online payment method and casinos have to accept the means of payment.

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Reasons to Use PayPal to Do Transactions

You have probably not used PayPal before, and you are wondering, what is all this fuss about Paypal. For starters, PayPal is a safe and secure means of payment with over a 200 million user base. Paypal has been on the rise over the years and has gradually become people’s best form of payment, even in casinos! So why would you prefer to use PayPal to make your deposits and withdrawals in Paypal online casinos? Is the risk worth it? What benefits will I reap from this idea? How safe does PayPal guarantee my transactions to be? These are some of the questions we shall be answering in this article. Let us start by looking at the advantages of using this form of payment.

Advantages of PayPal

There are pros every player can benefit from while using this mentioned method.

Guaranteed Safe Transactions

As a gambler, you are not ready to risk any of your transactions, be it a deposit or a withdrawal. With PayPal, you can be sure that your transactions will be safe. There is no denying that this form of payment review is amazing. With the use of PayPal, you cannot hear of cases like misuse of customers’ information; whatever transactions you make, be sure that your secret will be safe with PayPal.


Let us talk about how great the flexibility of the systems is!. With Paypal, you can always add multiple payment cards and options easily.

Paypal Has a Mobile App

Talk about your phone carrying your bank. Paypal has a phone app that you can use anywhere, anytime. No wonder most casinos nowadays accept PayPal as a form of payment.


You are looking for a payment method that will not waste your time. In a casino, every second counts! Paypal is fast and convenient, not to mention easy to use. Standard transactions and processing times are surely fast.

No Processing Fee

Suppose you have used a bank to pay for any service or goods; you know how many transaction fees you have had to deal with over the years. But, on the other hand, Paypal has no processing fee for its transactions, and for sure, it can not get better than that.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal

Paypal is, without any doubt, the best online means of payment. However, some drawbacks come with the use of PayPal. Some of them include:

Not Available in Many Countries

Not all countries use PayPal. Therefore, it may be a tricky form of payment if you intend to use PayPal in one of those countries.

No Customer Service

We are all used to calling and asking for customer guidance whenever we incur any tiny problems in our accounts or wherever. Unfortunately, with PayPal, it is not the case! No customer service will attend to you when your PayPal account starts acting up.

Not a Direct Form of Payment

Paypal acts as the best middleman in the entire process of payment. In order to use Paypal, you have to withdraw the money into your account, simply known as PayPal casino depositing. With all said and done, the good that comes with the use of PayPal outweighs the bad. Therefore, PayPal still manages to be the utmost best form of payment in online casinos.

How to Test the Best PayPal Casinos in Canada

While it may be tempting to use PayPal in any PayPal casino, it is important to understand that there are some casino features you should look at before settling for a casino that allows PayPal as a form of payment. These features include:


As a gambler who plays for real money in online casinos, selecting a casino with legit licensing information is vital. You do not want to place your money on casinos that are not licensed and risk losing your money to fraudsters.

Casino Games

Another factor you should consider is the type of games in a casino. Before settling for any online casino, it is crucial to know the type of games that are offered in the casino. It really saves you from paying and then getting stuck playing boring games.

No Deposit Bonus

Every gambler loves a good bonus, including the welcome bonuses. When trying to find the best online real money casinos, you will notice that some of these casinos will match your deposits with a bonus, sometimes even a 100% bonus, to help you play in their casinos. Some of the casinos even let you make your first deposit with PayPal, which is quite advantageous.


Does the PayPal casino use any encryption technology to help secure their customers’ information and data? It is a question that most gamblers ask, considering the fact that most of them wish to remain anonymous. However, when you deposit with Paypal casino real money, you are assured of high-security measures. Most importantly, go through the casino’s terms and confirm how they maintain the security standards for their clients.

How to Locate PayPal Casinos in Canada

Can I find an online PayPal casino in Canada? Unfortunately, for now, there are no mobile PayPal casinos in Canada. For now, Canadians are not allowed to make any deposits to online casinos due to certain legislative laws in the government that are yet to allow the use of PayPal as a form of direct payment in the country’s casinos for any slot games or sportsbooks. However, you can use your PayPal account in Canada to facilitate the deposits into the casinos. What you should not do is, use PayPal as a direct means of payment.

Games Played in PayPal Casinos

As already mentioned, PayPal is a reliable form of payment, and its transactions are fast and convenient. Therefore, as soon as a PayPal user applies to the online platform for a Canadian casino, they are allowed to leave PayPal as their more stable payment option. In most Canadian PayPal casinos, there are different types of games offered for all enthusiast gamblers. There are different types of slot machines. To choose any, you need to prove the legitimacy of your casino by providing licensing papers. For all these games, the software and graphics of the game are vital. For any Canadian best online casino that accepts PayPal as a payment option, that is wonderful. Some of the games you can choose to play in such a casino are table games, blackjack, roulette, and poker. However, most casinos that do allow PayPal are registered through other states giving their clients the confidence and a great opportunity to use PayPal to receive and make deposits. Other online casinos also work together with other online casinos that accept PayPal deposits in the accounts they use for gaming, hence an advantage to both casino owners and their clients. Some of the PayPal casinos you can choose to gamble at safely and freely include:


  • Jackpot City
  • Spin Casino
  • Ruby Fortune Casino
  • 888 Canada
  • Casino for Parties
  • BGO
  • Roxy Palace

PayPal Live Casinos

With technology improving every day, gambling has also been made great! Live dealers can also start dealing matches giving Canadian gamblers the opportunity to play with them. Playing with live dealers provides different ways of cooperation for players, remuneration, and communication directly with their live dealers. Isn’t it lovely how just a few years ago, live casinos were just being innovated? Gamers find it great to interact with live dealers in PayPal live casinos. In addition, the other alternatives to gaming from using live casinos also provide the same amazing opportunities for cooperation, communication, and remuneration with the dealers. So, in both cases. No commission is collected during the introduction of the online casino PayPal deposit. Therefore allows them to have the chance to take a small amount and only for banking methods that are publicly available from the place of payment of the work that has been done.

Paypal Mobile Casinos

Paypal platforms provide 960 amazing support for portable games played on mobile devices. Today, without any hassle, you can purchase an entry for the ios, iPad, Windows, or Android version. However, many gamers should understand that there are different versions of the release of mobile games.

This includes fast internet games and application-based games. Fast internet games are meant for gamers who do not intend to download different documents at all but are always ready to take input based on different matches directly from the internet. The second option, application-based games, is faster compared to the internet games and is aimed at gamers since mobile platforms online can provide many soft alternatives, functions, and much-needed distinctive features. It is important to note that all mobile phone matches can exist quietly and online without any difficulties.

This also means that any games played online, even in the public domain, can now be entirely easy to use regardless of the device you wish to play the game from.

How to Use PayPal at Online PayPal Casinos

Using PayPal should not be a hard procedure for anyone who really wants to use Paypal to make their payments. The procedure for using PayPal as a means of payment is quite straightforward and easy to implement.

Making Deposits via PayPal

The procedure is easy and can be put into action immediately.

  1. Sign in to your Paypal account that you had created.
  2. Load money into your PayPal account.
  3. Sign in to your selected Paypal online casino.
  4. Click on the payment sections to open and select PayPal as your payment option.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Make the deposit.

Withdrawing Your Money via PayPal

The procedure is not really different from the one used to deposit. The withdrawal period does not last any longer than 24 hours which is really convenient to use. However, this entirely depends on the casino you choose to play at. Despite the fact that the system is fast, the casino’s processing time might take much longer. So what is the procedure for making withdrawals via PayPal?

  1. Sign in to your casino PayPal Canada account.
  2. Click on the payment sections.
  3. Select withdrawals and choose PayPal as your preferred method of withdrawing.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Make your withdrawal request.

While using PayPal, you should not incur any withdrawal fees unless the gambling site wishes to impose admin fees or banking restrictions.


Not all casinos accept payment as a form of payment. However, if you are lucky enough to get a legit casino that allows you to use PayPal in Canada, then grab that chance with a smile on your face. Paypal is a secure and reliable method that you should not miss out on if you are a gambler at any PayPal casino.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

How are PayPal users protected?

All PayPal users are guaranteed safety while using PayPal. Transactions made through PayPal for online casinos are encrypted. It means that the data is translated into a readable format that is hard to translate unless intercepted. Therefore one can be sure that no personal information can be breached or leaked.

What is the PayPal casino payment option and how does it work?

PayPal casino Canada allows you to transact in a somewhat secret manner. It will just take a few minutes to link your account to the gambling website profile or your actual bank account, allowing you to spend more time playing and winning. There's no need to disclose your bank account information with the casino because this online payment system will transfer it for you whenever you need it.