Is It Legal to Play Online Casino in Canada

Gambling online is a major controversy in Canada. Each Local casino is seeking legal advice on the issue. The Canadian government remains mum in regards to gambling online. But, what many know and understand is that online casinos are illegal in the country.
This assumption is inaccurate. Casinos can’t run or own casinos within Canada. But, offshore online casinos can offer gambling services to online casino players. Here is more on the legal status of the Canadian online gambling industry.

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Who Regulates Canadian Online Gambling Sites?

Gambling laws in Canada vary with each region. These regions are the Canadian provinces. The reforms to the criminal code in 1970 allowed provinces to rule gambling in the regions. Each Canadian province has an operational gambling authority.
Land-based casinos must comply with local authorities. The regional gaming authority upholds all gambling laws. But, criminal activities fall under the Canadian criminal code. But, there is no single law governing offshore casinos.
Still, you will find online poker rooms in operation. Players can play lottery games and partake in sports betting. Gamblers must know that the lottery falls under the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. Some of its member organisations include the following:

  • British Columbia lottery corporation
  • Western Canada lottery corporation
  • Atlantic lottery corporation

These authorities have no jurisdiction over online gaming sites. There is no known online gaming operation with a legal status unless it is offshore. But, operators within the Mohawk Territory are completely legal.
Regional Canadian Gambling Authorities
The federal government has given these regions self-governing rights. Canucks can partake in horse racing in a legit online casino. Other sports betting activities in a legal online casino include lotteries.
Regional areas can also operate casinos with a charitable online gaming site. Apart from lotteries and casinos, other legal gambling activities include online casinos and video lotteries. All services fall under various authorities.

  • Ontario: The regulatory authority in this region is the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
  • Alberta: The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
  • British Columbia: The BCLC
  • Manitoba: The Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Commission
  • Saskatchewan: The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
  • New Brunswick: The New Brunswick Gaming Control
  • Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division Service
  • Quebec: The Loto Quebec
  • Newfoundland: TheService NL
  • Prince Edward Island: The Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission

There are also government-owned casinos. Players get slot machines and internet gambling platforms. Online gambling in Canada arises from the need to diversify casino services. Since illegal gambling activities are rising, players should find quality gambling commissions. One of these is the UK Gambling Commission and the local Kahnawake.
Kahnawake Gaming Commission
As online casinos are illegal in the country, the appearance and operations of Kahnawake are an anomaly. But, the commission location is within the Mohawk Territory. Here, the criminal code preventing legal online casinos in Canada isn’t in effect.
The commission saw the potential of an online casino legal Canada site. Thus, the operators launched it in 1996 to pave the way for legal gambling online casino platforms. Therefore, the establishment occurred in a sovereign region where the Canadian rules don’t apply.
Most of the recommended casinos will have a Kahnawake license. Offshore sites must meet specific criteria to get the license. Online legal Canada sites must have fair game policies. The geographical position must match player preferences. Also, a legit Canadian online casino must have fast, reliable, and high payouts.
Kahnawake issues a Canada legal online casino permit. Also, casinos get an operating license that complies with the Interactive Gaming aspect of 2010. The Kahnawake has precedence for future gambling laws on gaming sites.

Canadian Gambling Laws

The Canadian law on gambling has a rich history. Before 1969, no one could gamble online or offline. Canadian citizens engaged in illegal betting. But, the criminal code launched in the same year. Suddenly, people could play lotteries and win.
In 1985, the gaming industry evolved once more. The provinces took over the designing and implementation of gaming laws. Provinces maintained most sections in the code.
Still, there existed a gap in the laws. In 1996, the Mohawk Territory exploited the gap by designing the first online regulatory commission. The aim was to help establish a legal casino online.
The code does not limit player activities. Anyone in Canada can play on an online casino site. But, no one can own a casino website. Also, only casinos in the Mohawk Territory can operate Canada online casino legal gambling site.
So far, there have been no player offences. But, a firm in Vancouver suffered raids owing to the location of their servers. The local authorities argued the email servers were in Canada. Thus, the company was in violation.
Players have a much more comfortable gambling platform. Players have to find the most legitimate Canadian casino. Players must ask questions to avoid scams. The most critical is, “is online casino legal in Canada?” Even without a proper answer, players still get unlimited time online.
These offer great wins which are not taxable. Unless a player decides to play professionally, all winnings are deemed recreational. Players only have to check and find out whether there are online casino legal sites. Our professional experts list the best online gambling sites for you.

Legality requires precision and verification. Legal Canadian online casinos are the best options for existing and novice gamblers. Thus, when choosing, one must consider:
Online casino games on offer. Ensure the casino games are versatile. Players have a chance at lotteries, sports betting, and other casino game genres. These include live casinos, table games, or popular slots.
Welcome promotions. The casino rewards expected must meet expectations. A legit casino has high pay. The jackpot prizes must be inclusive and extensive. All recommended bonuses must appear on the site.
Legal Canadian license. Players can only go for a valid license. Operators must have a verified license. It means the casino is legitimate. Players are safe and any investments made are secure.
Fair and Fun. The casino must include third-party audits. These are organisations that test and approve games. Others ensure fair casino software, such as the RNG.
Trustworthy. The casino must have responsible gambling tools.


The question “is it legal to play online casino in Canada” has been answered with all the above elements. What remains is to choose the best site and play to win. Players playing in Canada should read the laws. Being a master in these regulations can help avoid scams. Also, you can make money online without facing stringent tax measures.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

It is a grey area, meaning it is neither legal nor illegal. Players can play in any selected casino. There are no rules governing player activities. But, the casino offering the service cannot do so within Canada, thus, the grey area.

Can Canadian players gamble at offshore casinos?

Yes. Since there are no local sites, players can play offshore.

What is the legal age of gambling in Canada?

The minimum age a citizen can gamble is 18 years in most provinces. But, some provinces require a player to be 19 years of age. Any interested player must check the terms and conditions of the legal Canadian online casino before joining.

Is gambling illegal in Canada?

No, no form of gambling is illegal or any online gambling operation. Players can gamble anytime or anywhere, including land based casinos. But, casinos offering gambling services online cannot find a home in Canada because of the gambling laws in Canada. All services online are offshore.