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There are many great games to play at online casinos, and baccarat is one of the most exciting and enjoyable. If you’d like to play this game at Canada’s top online casino sites, keep reading. Below, we’ll cover all you need to know about how to play baccarat for real money, as well as recommend some top casinos to play baccarat in Canada.

Best Online Baccarat Sites in Canada 🏆 2023's List

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How to Play Online Baccarat

Interested in playing baccarat? Well, if you’re ready to dive into your first online baccarat games and have a chance to play baccarat for winnings, let’s take a look at the key steps you should follow for the best experience.

Choose One of the Best Baccarat Online Casinos

There are lots of online casinos where you can play baccarat online. But some casinos to play baccarat are much better than others. The best baccarat casino sites can offer great game variety, ease of use, and fun promos for baccarat players.

Register and Verify a Casino Account

Once you’ve picked a casino where you’d like to play baccarat online, you’ll need to sign up. This process is usually quite quick and simple, and it involves entering some basic data and verifying your new online casino account.

Choose a Baccarat Online Game

The next step in playing baccarat at an online casino is to pick an online baccarat game you want to play. Some baccarat casinos may offer a range of baccarat variants, so you’ll have to pick one that you like the most.

Choose a Strategy

Luke Thompson, on Gambling News, says:

“Winning at any game, be that baccarat or something else, starts from the same place – by learning the rules.”

Baccarat is a simple but strategic game. You can do research to learn more about ways to play and pick a method that works for you.

Place Your Bet

Next; it’s time to start betting. You can place your bets on either a player win, a banker win, or a tie. Baccarat online casinos in Canada may allow you to place various kinds of bets with different limits and values.

Enjoy Baccarat Online Gambling

From there; you can simply continue on with the game and have fun! Baccarat online betting can be a great way to play online for real cash, and there are lots of different strategies to consider and big changes for you to win money when you play now.

Online baccarat

Online Baccarat Rules

Before you play a free baccarat game or try online baccarat for real money, it’s important to know the rules and basics of the game. So, what are the baccarat rules? Well, even though there are a few different versions of baccarat, with some slight differences and complexities, the rules are pretty simple. The dealer hands out two cards to the players and takes two cards for themselves. Each card has a value, and the values are added up for each hand. Whichever hand is closest to nine wins.

Betting Options in Baccarat

If you want to enjoy online baccarat for real money, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the betting options. When you play baccarat online for real money, there are three different outcomes that you can bet on: a player wins, a banker wins, or a tie. In general, the odds for a player win or a banker win are almost identical. These are the most common bets people place when they play baccarat.

Bet Type Odds Payout House Edge
Player 45.86% 1:1 1.36%
Banker 44.62% 1:1 1.06%
Tie 9.52% 8:1 or 9:1 14.4%

Free Online Baccarat vs Real Money Baccarat

The best Canadian casinos for online baccarat may offer both free and real money games. But which is right for you? Should you play baccarat for free online, or is it better to play baccarat online for real money in Canada? The table below offers a quick comparison of the two options.

Baccarat Online Free Real Money Baccarat
No real risk, as you only play for fun. Risk of losing real cash when you play.
No way to win any actual cash. The possibility of winning actual money.
A good way for baccarat players to practice. Better for more experienced players.
Limited access to baccarat casino online games. A wider selection of games available to you.
No access to casino bonuses. Take advantage of bonuses and promos.

One of the first things you need to know about the baccarat card game online is that there are multiple versions of it. From mini baccarat to lightning baccarat, here’s a quick explanation of some of the common options.

Mini Baccarat Online

The unique feature of mini baccarat is that the dealer always plays the part of the banker, so the role of “banker” never switches. Other than that, it’s baccarat in its simplest form, with two cards for each player and the banker, and the winning hand being closest to nine.

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning baccarat is a lot like regular baccarat but with a twist. It’s a much faster-paced game, allowing you to get through the hands more quickly. Plus, a lightning effect gives the cards random multipliers, letting you potentially get a bigger payout.

European Baccarat

European baccarat is seen as the traditional form of baccarat. It differs from American baccarat in the fact that players may choose to stand or draw if their hand is valued at five. The banker can also choose if they want to request a third card or not.

Punto Banco

The Punto Banco variation is another classic kind of baccarat. The key difference between this version and other types of baccarat is that it doesn’t include any optional plays, and the dealer is completely in charge of the game.

Chemin de Fer

Chemin de fer, also known as “railroad,” is the French version of the game. In this version, the key aspect is that the players actually compete against each other rather than playing against the dealer.

Three Card

As the name suggests, with three-card baccarat, the players and banker get three cards. In addition, the picture cards have a bigger role, as the hand with the most picture cards wins the main bet.

Best Online Baccarat Strategy List

If you want to play baccarat online for money and be successful, you need to have a good strategy. There are multiple possible strategies that you might like to use or try out in your baccarat online practice sessions. Here are some examples:


The 1-3-2-4 strategy is useful for any kind of gambling bet that has a 50/50 chance of winning. With this strategy, you bet 1 unit to begin, then move to 3 if the first bet loses, then 2 for the third, and 4 for the last. The idea is to make small gains and minimize losses.


The Paroli system of betting involves increasing or decreasing your stake based on the results of the previous round of betting. It’s another good method for 50/50 bets. If you lose, you stick with the same stake, but if you win, you double your stake on the next bet.

One Sided

The one-sided strategy is quite a simple one. With this strategy, you basically pick a side (either player or banker) and stick with it. The idea of this strategy is that if you stick with the same side, you should theoretically win around half of your bets and potentially make a small profit.

Baccarat Tips

Want to have the most fun and best experiences when you play this classic card game? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are always ways to improve. Here are some handy tips to help you up your game.

Examine the Game Odds

Before you start playing the game, it’s always a good idea to look closely at the odds. Some players make the mistake of assuming that the odds are always the same, but they can vary from one casino to another.

Try Different Betting Strategies

As explained above, there are a few different strategies you can try with this game, like the 1-3-2-4 strategy and the one-sided strategy. Try out a few different options and see what works best for you.

Don’t Bet on a Tie

It might seem tempting to bet on a tie, as this can pay out quite high with rates like 8 or 9 to 1. The reason for that is that ties rarely happen. It’s not common for a tie to occur, so you’ll lose way more bets than you win.

Effective Bankroll Management

No matter what kind of casino game you play, it’s always smart to manage your bankroll. Keep an eye on your bankroll at all times and set yourself limits in terms of how much money you want to bet to avoid losing more than you intended.

Online Live Baccarat Casinos

So, what is the best online casino for baccarat? Well, there are lots of different options out there that offer live card games. Betway, Spin Casino, and Casino Tropez are a few of our favourite examples, and these sites stand out for their great game variety and attractive designs.

Baccarat Terminology

There are lots of different phrases and terms, but what do they all mean? Here are some brief explanations of some of the most common terms, like banco and punto.

  • Banco: Banco is simply the Spanish word for bank or banker. It usually refers to the dealer or banker of the game.
  • Bankroll: Your bankroll is the amount of money that you have in your account and plan to use for gambling purposes. It’s important to manage your bankroll effectively.
  • Burn: The idea of “burning” a card in this game means to discard it. Before the start of any new game or shuffle, the top few cards (sometimes up to six cards) are burned or discarded.
  • Callman: The callman or caller is a casino staff member who handles the cards and calls the various hands during a session.
  • Commission: Since this game has a very low house edge, there needs to be a way for the casino to still make money. This is the commission. On each winning bank or player bet, 5% is usually taken by the casino in commission.
  • Down card: A down card is one that is turned face down.
  • Face card: A face card is any card that has a picture or portrait on it, including the Jack, Queen, and King.
  • La Grande: Translating to “The Big” from French, this is the name given to the best possible hand: a natural nine.
  • La Petite: Translating to “The Small” in English, this refers to a hand of eight.
  • Natural: Natural refers to a good hand where the two cards in hand add up to either eight or nine.
  • Punto: Punto simply means “player”.
  • Shoe: This is the dealing machine that may be used to deal with the cards.
  • Up Card: An upcard is one that is face up on the table.

Mobile Baccarat Real Money Casinos

Many people like to play casino games on their mobile devices, like phones and tablets. Luckily, all of the best casinos that we recommend to our users work wonderfully on mobile. These are great casinos to play at on the go, and some examples of our favourite mobile casinos include Betsafe, 888 Casino, and Dream Vegas.

Quick History of Baccarat Game

So, where did this game begin, and what’s the story behind it? Well, people have actually been playing baccarat for many, many years, but the exact origins of the game are something of a mystery. Some people say that it was invented in the 19th century, but others argue that it existed centuries earlier, as far back as the 15th century, in European nations like Italy and France.

Either way, what we do know is that the game was very popular with French nobles in the 1800s. They played it a lot during the Napoleonic times in private gambling rooms before gambling was legalized. Over time, various versions of the game developed, and it started to spread around the world, becoming popular in places like Cuba and the US.

How We Rate the Best Canadian Casinos for Baccarat

There are lots of different online gambling sites out there that offer baccarat as one of the many games that you can play. But how do we choose which sites to recommend and which casinos our users should avoid? Here are some of the main factors that we focus on.

Casino Legality

One of the first things we always check with any new casino is its legality. While many casinos operate legally and have the necessary licences from authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority, there are also many sites that are illegal. We only review and recommend honest, legal, and licenced sites that you can trust.

Security & Personal Data Safety

Another hugely important factor is user safety and security. The best casinos have high standards of security and are approved by leading authorities like eCOGRA. You can count on these sites to protect your data and identity.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, a lot of people like to play casino games on mobile devices like phones and tablets. That’s why we also check to see if each site works well on mobile or if it has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This can help you have the best mobile experience.

Best Bonus Offers

We also check to see what kinds of bonuses and promotional offers each casino has to offer. This helps us to recommend the best sites to our users where you can get lots of free money and unique bonuses when making your account and playing games.

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support is also key for any online gambling site. We check to see what kinds of support are offered by each casino and how fast and responsive support staff is when dealing with complaints or queries.

Honesty and Transparency

If you want to have a safe and enjoyable experience when playing these kinds of games, you have to choose an honest, transparent site. We only recommend the safest sites that are honest and clear with their players.

Problem Gambling

Gambling can be a lot of fun, but it’s also possible that gambling can turn into a problem. Some people suffer from issues like gambling addiction or problem gambling and may gamble large amounts of money or chase after losses. This can lead to a lot of negative consequences, including financial problems and relationship issues with friends and family.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid encountering these problems. You can consult leading organizations like the Responsible Gambling Council to learn more, and always remember to manage your bankroll, avoid betting more than you want to lose, and never gamble under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Best Online Baccarat Canada FAQs

❓ What is baccarat?

Baccarat is a card casino game that involves the dealer dealing two cards to each player and themselves. The cards each have values that are added up, and the player with the hand closest to nine wins.

🆎 Is baccarat better than blackjack?

It depends on your tastes and preferences. The two games have lots in common in terms of their simplicity and basic rules, but some people prefer <a href='/ca/online-blackjack/'>blackjack</a>, and others prefer to play baccarat instead.

🃏 Where can I play baccarat in Canada?

The easiest way to play baccarat in Canada is at online gambling sites or casinos. There are lots of different sites that offer this game as part of their game library, and you can even play live games with real dealers, too.

🏆 How to win online baccarat?

Like other games, baccarat is a game of chance. If you bet on either the player or banker, you’ll have a close to 50% chance of winning each time. Experiment with different betting strategies to boost your chances of making a profit.

✨ Do casinos cheat in online baccarat games?

No, an honest and trustworthy casino should never cheat in any way and will be very honest and up-front about odds and payouts. They may, however, take a small commission on winning player or banker bets.