No Deposit Bonus Casino: Best Free Cash Offers in Canada

A no deposit bonus is one of the best deals you can obtain in Canada. It allows you to earn some extra money whilst you play without spending any. This can help maximise your profits by providing extra bonus funds for you to bet with.

No deposit bonuses can be found everywhere in Canada from a variety of different sources. This review will give you the correct guidelines on how they work and where to find them and describe all of the benefits of their many variations, including no deposit bonus schemes.

Best No Deposit Bonus Codes in Canada for June 2022

10 no deposit free spins
10 no deposit free spins on slot Book of Dead (Play'n GO)
CAD 88 NO DEPOSIT BONUS + up to CAD 100 welcome bonus on first deposit

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

no deposit casino bonus canada

A no deposit bonus is a reward handed to you without having to make a deposit. This means that instead of giving something up, you are simply rewarded. There are normally several conditions that need to be met in order to trigger it, such as wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is the most important part, as even further rewards can be yours so long as you commit. No deposit bonuses can come in many forms and offer different rewards depending on the online casino no deposit offer.

When searching online, a lot of them will come from online reviews. The casino site will offer a no deposit bonus as a special promotion or a way of advertising the website in general. They can normally be quite a risky endeavour, which is why they can be quite rare. The casino itself is essentially offering free prizes to you.

Remember to check the terms and conditions before committing. Read up the rules so that you understand how it all works. A lot of sites may offer unofficial bonuses, so remember to stay safe out there when researching online.

How does a No Deposit Bonus Work?

The way a no deposit bonus works is simple. Canadian online casinos will offer the bonus as part of a promotion. There are numerous ways for you to activate it so that you can reap the benefits. For the most part, it comes down mainly to a wagering requirement. You must agree to wager a specific amount before you are allowed to withdraw the total winnings you have earned from the bonus.

For example, let us say the wagering requirement for this no deposit bonus is 30x. This means that you must wager 30x the amount you gained before you can proceed to withdrawals.

Some of these bonuses come in bonus codes or promo codes. A promo code or bonus code can be typed into your account to give you access. The same wagering requirements may still be present, however.

Different rules can also apply if a no deposit bonus is part of a larger scheme. A loyalty program may include this as part of a larger bonus reward. Something extra may be gained that doesn’t take away any more money from you. Always be sure to check the rules for further confirmation.

What are No Deposit Bonus Codes?

No deposit bonus codes are a series of numbers and letters that can be used to unlock the bonus without placing a deposit. Think of it as a password that you can use to type into the online casino account so that casino rewards are granted to you. Some of which can be used to unlock more prizes or may even give you access to exclusive slot games. Promo codes can be found in numerous sources. Some of them are handed as a reward for completing other activities.

They may even be tied to holiday events or promotions that are ongoing in the casino. Others can be found in online reviews and used as adverts for the casinos themselves. An example of a no deposit bonus code would be SPINWINS3 or CASINO555. They normally begin with a word in all capitals and then followed by a single or series of numbers. You type these codes into a specific part of your account. Many of them will be labelled as such, with signs that point to where a casino coupon can be placed.

The code may come with its own set of instructions and could have further requirements in order to be properly activated.

How Do no Deposit Bonus Codes Work?

As mentioned before, a no deposit bonus code is given to you by stringing along with a few different letters and numbers. The bonus code is created at random, or it is written in relation to the specific event that is taking place. For example, if a bonus code takes place during Christmas, it may end up as JINGLESPINS003. Some of them can come in funny and unique ways, which make them easier to remember. If you can remember them easily, you can quickly type them into your account.

The bonus code can be written into a special box that appears on your account. This box can appear on your own account page or in the main lobby of the gambling site itself. The bonus code is written in a way that you should type it all in capital letters, except the numbers.

Once the code is typed in, the reward will be added in one of a few ways. This can be either money transferred automatically into your gaming wallet or bonus spins that will remain inactive until you play a slot machine.

Top 5 no Deposit Bonus Codes in Canada

Types of Free Casino Promotion Canucks Can Claim

Canadian players are allowed to choose whatever bonus can award back the most benefit. For no deposit bonuses, this can be from various sources to click on the casino or from online review websites. A few of these promotions will have differences between them that can alter their state of effectiveness.

It can even change how you should obtain them and what you will receive from them. This is especially true if you are a new player or a veteran player. New players tend to get the easiest bonuses, while veterans may need to put in extra work. Here are a few of the best examples you can find online.

Free Spins no Deposit Bonus

A free spins no deposit bonus means being awarded free spins without having to pay up any money at all. You can achieve a lot of money when free spins are rewarded to you, as these can earn big casino bonuses in slots. Free spins serve as a way of getting a lot of free stuff, and you can find many types of deposit casino bonuses or no deposit that are awarded.

A welcome bonus can offer you 50 free spins, which can be used on your favourite slot machine. If you want no deposit free spins, you can try earning some and maximise your profits even further from welcome packages.

The number of free spins they give you can vary between online casinos. Some can give you a minimal amount of 10 or 5 for continued progress. Others can award 100 or even 300 in online casinos in Canada as part of a big deal for newcomers.

No deposit Cash Bonuses

This is the most simple reward you can earn from a no deposit deal. Match bonuses or cash rewards are just simple money added to spend on any casino game of your choosing. They can be from table games to video poker. Since slots are the most popular, you will most likely be spending on them.

Cash casino bonuses are the ones that will mainly come with wagering requirements. The casino needs to offer you the chance of making a lot more money so that the cash they gave you before will be worth the investment. After all, the casino needs to make a profit as well. They cannot afford to keep giving you free cash without making some money themselves in the long run.

Free Chips No Deposit

This is similar to the free spins deal, only this time it applies exclusively to table games. Chips are what you use to place a bet on a table. This includes tables like the roulette wheel or blackjack. The more chips you have, the bigger the bet you can place.

Normally, you have to spend money in order to gain chips, which is done by placing a deposit. With this kind of deal, you can place bets with free money and earn more cash in return. Not to mention, you can afford to take some riskier bets if it’s your own funds you aren’t using.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes for Existing Players

Here is a table of existing examples for players who have been with a casino for a long time. Each bonus code can apply to them and offer a different reward. These are only eligible for people who already have a casino account. Newcomers must first reach further requirements before they are qualified to have such a bonus.

Bonus Code
MrQ 20 Free Spins TED20
Amber Spins 100 Free Spins + C$30 SPIN100
IrishLuck C$25.00 worth of Chips HOLMES

Casino Games that can be Played with no Deposit Bonus

There are quite a few games that can be played with no deposit bonuses, as mentioned above. Some of these deals will only apply to specific games on the market. If the casino offers such content, then odds are, they will have no deposit bonuses that can work. More information on these games will be available below, as well as how the bonus can apply to them and offer certain benefits.

Slots Games

no deposit bonus casino canada

Slot machines are one of the most common methods of online gambling out there. They exist solely for the purpose of introducing new gamblers to online gambling through simple yeе fun activities. Slots can come in all sorts of categories and sizes. Examples include the Book of Dead or Bonanza. Bonanza is a progressive jackpot.

They can come in both three reels and five reels. The three-reel slots are more of the simple kind, weaving in classic casino gameplay. The five-reel slots have more graphics tied to them and shown with a lot more details. The five-reel slot machines have more gameplay features for you to take advantage of. They can include more opportunities to use your free spins and gain even better winnings.

You can start by learning the rules and using each game’s information page. You can then decide the size you want to bet. By using no deposit bonuses, you can place a bet without having to spend anything and win more prizes with free spins. Make sure to see if the bonus applies to any slot game and not specific selections to click on due to the theming.


Poker is a classic card game that is found in most casinos that suggest table games. Online poker, in particular, has become a popular game to play for players all over the world. You can find plenty of opportunities to make friends and compete in specialised tournaments held all over Canada.

Video poker has different variations you can find online that need you to learn different gambling rules. Some of which can be traced to more traditional gambling, with others that are more streamlined to work for the ideal online format.

Texas Hold’Em is one of the more common forms of poker you will find. The aim of the game is to combine your own hand with cards dealt by the dealer. You will win the pot if you can create a combination of cards with a higher value than your opponents’ cards. This has more challenges for online play as you cannot read the bluffing signs on players without looking first. If you use these bonus deals, you can enter the games for free and learn everything there is to note to become an expert.


Blackjack is a simple card game that anyone can get into and is found quite often in the best online casinos in Canada. With blackjack, you can win by simply turning over the cards and watching them climb higher in value. Some of these games also have their own variations on how to play.

This will all depend on the software providers creating them, which can add some new rules to be acquainted with. If you participate in live casino events, you can even go up against real players and see how you fare. For the bonuses, it can be a good choice to spend your free chips or bonus funds. The game is very easy to get the hang of. Your aim is to collect cards and get as close to 21 as possible without going over this number.

Whoever is the closest wins the pot that everyone was betting on. You mainly have to beat the dealer in order to win, so you can keep what you win. No deposit bonuses mean going up against the dealer without any real risk coming to your finances. No harm, no foul against you or the dealer.


best no deposit bonus casino real for canadians

The roulette wheel is a symbol of casino gaming. This wheel can be seen in almost all types of land-based casinos, so it makes sense that it is seen in the world of online gambling. The wheel will be digital and based purely on an RNG (Random Number Generator) format. All the dealer has to do is spin the wheel and see where the ball lands as it is thrown into the wheel. If it lands on either the number or colour that you predicted, you win the bet. You win more money if the ball lands on both the colour and number that you predicted at the same time.

With no deposit bonuses, you can make many bets with free chips you can use. The free chips deals will come in handy with this specific game, as all types of betting are done using chips, including types of no deposit bets. It’s a great way to get a feel for the game on your first deposit before you start putting some serious money into it. The best way to play is to find out if there are any specific rules that come with different variations. Some roulette games use more numbers on the wheel, such as the number 0.

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Canadian no deposit bonuses come with many terms and conditions you should know about. Almost every kind of deal will have specific rules you need to follow to be given the full amount. The best way to make sure is to read them on the website. Each casino will have its promos held on its own section of the website. The T&C’s should be found right below the advertisement, with full details on what deposit requires and what steps needed to be taken.

These are all quite common with no deposit deals and should be treated with the utmost sincerity. The punishment for not following these rules can be as strict as having your benefits taken away or having to pay a fine yourself.

No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are one of the biggest criteria to meet when it comes to no deposit bonuses. They are used to make sure that all of the free cash being given away is put somewhere profitable in the casino.

If players are lucky, it will be profitable for them as well, even more with any regular bet they make. The wagering requirements are designed so that the player can continue betting on games within this casino and win money through loyalty.

The wager must be a certain time bigger than what they are given before the player can be allowed to make a withdrawal. If the wagering requirement is bigger than usual, this means it is riskier to take. On the plus side, it also means there are bigger rewards in store for you. It is up to you to see if the risk is worth the cost. Even welcome packages also gain money from no deposit bonuses.

Maximum Winnings

Every casino has a limit on how much they can offer you. This rings true for bonuses, as casinos can only afford to give away so many freebies. Some of them will have maximum bet winnings enabled so that you are not capable of winning anything more.

The maximum bet winnings you can earn can still be incredibly big. It could reach up to the five digits, if the requirements beforehand are merciful. Always check the maximum winnings in the terms and conditions to see if these wins are worth the risk. If you believe you can reach this maximum amount, then by all means, continue to trigger the bonus. Be on the lookout for the minimum amount of wins too, as these can also have an effect.

Game Restrictions

The casino may only permit some games to be used with the bonus. Sometimes they may not let you receive a prize until you have played the correct game. This may be due to a number of different reasons.

One of them is because there is a specific theme going on so the casinos may want to match that theme. It may even only exist because of such an event. Another reason is that the game in question might be exceedingly popular and the casino wishes to promote it as much as possible.

If the game restrictions apply, make sure it’s a game you’re familiar with and not one you aren’t skilled in. The more likely you are to win, the better the benefit will be. It may not just be one game the bonus applies to. It might even apply to a whole series of games from software providers, including its sequels.

Time Limits

A time limit can be applied to many bonuses. Especially those games without the need for depositing. This is due to the casino only being financially able for a set time. The offer will only last until the casino allows it. Limits can range from a matter of weeks like 30 days to just a single day. Sometimes it may be due to the holidays that take place over 30 days. When a specific seasonal event takes place it can bring good news for a no deposit bonus casino, such as Christmas, for example.

Make sure to read the T&C and check if there is a time limit. If the bonus requires multiple criteria to be met, there is a good chance the time limit will be for a while longer. The casino would like to offer players some time to complete all these requirements so they can at least gain the full benefits of the bonus. The latest offers could also extend the time per spin.

Maximum Bets

Betting limits are also common when it comes to the work of bonuses. NDB may include limits on the bets so the players can not go overboard with how much they want to win. Bet limits will always occur with deposit bonus offers that are pretty generous.

If casinos offer a big match bonus, then making a small bet will only lead to some moderately wealthy wins. If you want to make bigger bets, you need to search elsewhere and find promotions with more reasonable terms and conditions.

Make sure to at least meet the minimum bet requirement as well. This is key to triggering the bonus full stop. Once again, this is all for new casinos to make a profit after all of their generous offers. Different types of payment methods also attract new limits.

How to Get a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get a no deposit free casino bonus. Some of the guidelines can differ depending on the type you come across. This provides a general view of what you can do to receive one:

  • Search any offers online you come across at online review sites. These should help you find some good recommendations that are considered the best in current times. Not even only from top-rated casinos as well.
  • Once you find the NBD, you can read up on the terms and conditions to find out what the requirements are.
  • Follow these requirements to the latter whilst also registering an account with the casino. If you already have an account, you can then proceed to log in with your created details.
  • Complete the criteria to earn yourself the official bonus and use it on any game that the T&C’s allow.
  • Complete further requirements, such as the wagering requirement, to earn yourself the full winnings. Even then, you will be allowed to withdraw these winnings too.

Why do Online Casinos Offer no Deposit Bonuses?

There are many reasons why casinos offer these kinds of deals. The main one can be for commercial and advertising value. The best way to get more customers to sign up is to get more players involved with the games. Players are more likely to get involved if there is free stuff for them to make use of. That way they don’t have to spend their own money.

Another reason is to keep players who are already registered. After completing registration, there could be less incentive to keep playing. Offering more ways to play for a free no deposit bonus can remotivate them to continue trying out games and seeking out winnings.

No Deposit Bonus on Mobile in Canada

Playing on casino mobile devices can mean different mobile bonuses to make use of. Because players will set up separate casino accounts for both the mobile and desktop versions, that means that different bonuses must also be used.

These can be found on mobile websites or got from the browser version of the site itself. Links towards the available app to download and the associated benefits will be included on both mobile and browser search engines. Limited versions will require to be updated.

How Do We Select the Free Bonuses?

no deposit bonus for canada

The way you can receive a free bonus that is right for you is through multiple checklists. For starters, it is important to see the numbers and how much is going to be won from it. You might agree that bigger is better, but in some cases, this can mean more requirements you need to fulfil. The final prize may not even be worth it in the end.

The wagering requirements will be a definitive factor in this. If the wagering requirement is simply too much to achieve, then the end result may not be worth the journey. Try to find a balance between a reasonable wagering requirement and a decent enough prize to win at the end of it all.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Is no deposit bonus real?

Yes, the casino no deposit bonus is real. Just follow the appropriate guidelines to find the ones you are looking for.

What online casino has a free bonus without a deposit?

You can find plenty of Canadian casinos that provide free bonus offers without any deposit. Examples are Jackpot City Casino, Bizzo, and Spin Casino.

Can you withdraw a no deposit bonus balance?

This can only be accomplished if you complete the wagering requirement. Only then you will be allowed to make a withdrawal.

Which online casino has the biggest no deposit bonus?

LV BET is currently ranked a top no deposit casino with the best free spins option awarded on a regular basis. They even offer free spins on registration.

Are no deposit bonuses in Canada cashable?

To win real money casino in Canada and cash it out, you have to fulfil the criteria. Casinos will settle for nothing less.