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Canucks wishing to play live and do so on ranking live roulette casinos. But, the internet has hundreds of live casino online roulette websites, that even include free live roulette games or live roulette no deposit bonus opportunities, making it difficult for novice and professional gamblers to decide on one. Our experts go through the available Canadian live roulette casinos and list the best options for you here.

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Live Casino Online Roulette Gameplay and Rules

Playing roulette is simple, both live or on a virtual gaming platform. All a Canadian gambler need is to:

  1. Find a suitable online roulette live casino platform and join.
  2. Choose a specific roulette table.
  3. Play by placing a wager when prompted by the live dealer.
  4. Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and the ball to land.
  5. Check the ball’s final destination and interpret the results.
  6. Collect payouts according to player bet results.

Even with a seamless gameplay plan, players must know the factors below.

When to Bet

Each game session has a bet timeline attached. Live dealers clear the tables of previous wins or losses. Then, they are responsible for announcing the commencement of betting for the next gaming session. Betting only takes a minute or two before the dealer closes the bets. A wave over the table or a “no more bets” announcement closes the chapter. But, some casinos allow players to bet when the roulette ball is in motion.

Where to Place Bets

Roulette bet types vary in payouts, winning odds, and house edges. Betting on a single number can be disastrous, but you can choose several numbers, colours, or columns that can help minimize the loss incurred or garner you a win. Experts advise placing your bet on lines as this offers more possibilities. For instance, a chance on a line between two digits means the bet is across the two numbers. If the offer is an intersection, the bet is on all numbers touched by the stake.

Bet Types

Live casinos offer real money games for novices or professionals. But, each table has a specific limit, and each offers several roulette table bet types. Each game variant has its odds and house edge. But, bets offer an advantage, have risks and differ in payouts.

Bet Type Payouts
Single Bets
Reds / Blacks 1:1
Evens / Odds 1:1
Lows / Highs (1-18 / 19-36) 1:1
Double Bets
Dozens 2:1
Columns 2:1
Line Bets
Line Bet (6 numbers) 5:1
Top Line Bet (5 Numbers 6:1
Corner Bet (4 numbers) 8:1
Street Bet (3 numbers 11:1
High Payout Bets
Split Bet (2 numbers 17:1
Straight up (1 number) 35:1

Live Casino Online Roulette Game Variants

The casino game’s popularity arises from the high payouts and immersive gameplay. Plus, as a classic table game, it is traditional to play the game of chance. Therefore, almost all online casinos in the Canadian iGaming market will offer a roulette game even if it is not live. Players have a choice to play live or virtual, including live dealer roulette. But, also, live casino online roulette has several game variations. The most popular include the following.

Live European Roulette

The variant is the most popular among all live roulette options, and the game features 37 numbers on the wheel and a single zero (0). Live European roulette is popular due to the low house edge of 2.63%. The advantage means that players can gather wins more frequently than other variants.

Live French Roulette

It is the only variant that gives players returns on bets placed on even numbers if the roulette ball lands and stops at zero. This rule lowers the Live French roulette game house edge to 1.32%. The lower advantage benefits players, but it has decreased the chances of the variant availability on online platforms. Also, players can announce different bet options on groups or number mixes.

Live American Roulette

European and American roulette tables are almost similar. The only difference is the 38 numbers on the American roulette table. The table has two zeros that impact players’ winning odds by raising the house advantage to 5.26% for real money bets. Whether playing the American or single zero roulette games, gameplay and rules remain the same.

Why Play Live Casino Online Roulette

Playing a live casino game has its perks. Some of the benefits associated with live roulette include the following:

  • Several game variants: The online gaming platforms provide unique roulette games. Players can play different game titles, with slightly varying gameplay and real-time roulette dealers. Gamblers witness the whole gaming process, starting with placing bets to the dealer’s wheel spins and ball throw. Play American, French or European roulette variants and any other new releases.
  • Human touch: One of the perks of playing live is to bet against an actual casino dealer and actual people. The live casino employs a chat function with recent technologies allowing you to communicate directly with the live game dealer. The croupier can respond to queries, give suggestions and allow you to place bets before a game starts.
  • Real-time results: The live game operates under a real-time concept. For instance, you bet, and the bet appears on the list, the dealer spins the wheel, and you can see it happen, and any wins appear on the screen once the game is over. You become part of the action while in the comfort of your home. Plus, all your gaming information is firsthand when playing live roulette.
  • Live stream: Experience a quality HD and live streaming technology with live roulette casinos. The video technology employed ensures that the roulette table is visible from multiple angles. The payout table and the bet sections are also clear for your personal view, whether on a mobile or a desktop screen. Plus, the gameplay is immersive, allowing you to partake in almost all activities except throwing the roulette ball and spinning the wheel.

Live Casino Online Roulette Site Review Process

Finding one online roulette live casino website that will guarantee a quality gambling experience isn’t easy. In the Canadian online gaming market, top-rated live casinos are numerous. But, not all are genuine, and thus, it isn’t easy to choose wisely without a guide. Here are some guidelines to help make an informed decision.

  • Mobile compatibility: The best live casino should have an app or an optimised mobile casino. Issuing a live casino APK for android phones or a download link for iOS devices makes gaming more convenient for smartphone players. Gamblers using iPhones can download the app, and those owning tablets can play on mobile casinos.
  • Customer support: Players need support with sign-ups, bonus activations, game loading, payments and cashouts and much more. Thus, a live casino with several customer support access points is advisable. Players are looking for a live chat function, mobile number, comprehensive FAQs section and specialised email addresses. Plus, prompt responses to queries helps with improving player experiences.
  • Payouts: Fast payouts through a convenient banking method are a factor to consider when choosing reputable live roulette casinos. Today, players seek casinos that issue payouts within a day or half after the request. Instant payouts are a great offer. But, players also look at the casino’s payout rate before joining.
  • Banking options: Gamblers love convenient payment methods. Players look for instant, free of charges and useful banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. E-wallets are most convenient, but bank transfers are most secure. But, digital currencies such as bitcoin are fast, discrete and highly convenient. Live casinos must provide these options, including prepaid cards to players for diversity.
  • Game variety: A live roulette casino provides other casino games: players who love Sic bo, blackjack. Keno or poker can be played in these casinos. Some live sites have sections dedicated to online slots with free spins bonuses. Also, players must always consider the game’s RTP and house advantage. Always choose a casino with high RTPs for games but very low house edges.
  • Security and safety: Any ranking live casino online roulette website should have secure technologies to keep your financial and personal information private and confidential. The sites use SSL encryptions and other anti-malware technologies to enhance website security. Also, casinos only attain licenses from known and reputable gambling commissions such as Kahnawake, UKGC, and Malta. Plus, a safe and secure site will have responsible gaming tools and partner organisations to help players with gambling challenges that may arise.

Live Casino Roulette vs Virtual Roulette

The casino games may have similar gameplay, but the games have many differences. The most apparent include:

Live Casino Virtual Casino
The live casino roulette is real and visible with live bets and live outcomes. The game is computer-based, and the player has no interactive platform.
Real human interaction. Play against the RNG computer software.
The live casino only provides high limit roulette tables. It has both high and low limit tables.

Mobile Live Roulette Casino

Players can play, bet, win and collect real money payments from an online live roulette casino app or mobile casino. But, it is advisable to use mobile devices with large screens such as tablets and up-to-date operating systems. Live roulette only plays on high-end technologies, thus requiring the latest technologies. Large screens allow players to move the floating window across the betting grid for easier betting and game table view. Thus, a live casino with an app or a mobile casino is comfortable or suitable for Canadian players. The mobile casino must include all aspects of a desktop website, including demo games and payout rates.

Picking the Right Roulette Table in a Live Casino

  • Choose the right table limits: Live roulette table limits vary from regular virtual casino limits. Thus, players must carefully consider the live offers before joining and playing. It will help you choose the right table limits, which can extend your bankroll and gaming sessions.
  • Check game software and graphics: Always choose mobile devices with the latest operating systems due to game software and graphics. The latest devices incorporate the latest technologies and, thus, are compatible with any live game software. Plus, the graphics will be clear and enticing.
  • Ensure quality internet connection: Live casinos require broadband or cable internet connection for a seamless gaming session. The best internet connection allows fast connection, easy uploads and downloads and no interruptions while playing. You are good to go if you can access and watch YouTube videos with your connection!
  • Choose the right live roulette playing site: Not all online websites are for real money live roulette bets. The site should be safe, trustworthy, licensed and highly recommended on notable review websites.

Live Casino Online Roulette Winning Tips

Every gambler wants to play their favourite roulette games, win amazing prizes and withdraw winnings with minimal challenges. But, this is only possible with a few gaming tips.

Always know and understand special roulette bets

Identify neighbors and other special bets on the game table. Know the outcomes of betting on each of these before placing a wager.

Identify each roulette variant house edge

House advantage or edge indicates the player’s odds of winning. The lower the advantage, the better your winning odds. The higher the house advantage on a roulette game, the less the chances of you as the player emerging a winner after a wager.

Choose a new variant each time

New game variants offer new gameplay and winning opportunities than regular games. You may be lucky to find a lower house edge with new releases improving your winning odds.

Live Casino Online Roulette Blacklisted Sites

Knowing which sites to avoid can help players with their gambling experiences. For a comfortable gameplay session, fast payouts, and unique game collections, be sure to read through the denylist. We provide the lowest sites, meaning these have poor gambling services ranging from delayed payouts, poor game selections, or poor player reviews and ratings.


Live casino online roulette is an exciting and immersive game of chance. Players should exercise caution when selecting a casino site to join. Choose a casino with quality customer support, high payout rates, fast withdrawals, extensive game range, and is secure and licensed. Apart from these, players should also consider player table limits, mobile compatibility, bet type and game variants!

Internet Slots FAQ’s

What is the best way to play live roulette?

Live dealer roulette online or live roulette games online follow the same principles as traditional roulette. To place a wager, simply enter your stake amount, select your wager, and confirm. The live dealer will then begin the round by placing actual chips on the table to reflect your bet.

What is the best way to win in live roulette?

When a player's chosen bet is successful and results in a payout, they will win live roulette. Try brushing up on the most popular roulette techniques for suggestions on how to win at live roulette.

Is it possible that live roulette is rigged?

When played at casinos with proper gaming licenses, live roulette games are not rigged. Live games will be provided by major software companies such as Evolution Gaming or NetEnt, whose games are regularly certified for fairness by third-party regulators.