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Slot Type:
video slot
Slot features:
Free Spins, New Slots, Scatters, Wild Symbol

It’s time to gamble in style with the sparkling and fresh Golden Casino slot by Espresso Games. Enjoy a time of glitz and glamour as casino players will gain a taste of true VIP treatment, with flashing lights and showbiz style aesthetic. At the Golden Casino game, players will have a chance of winning amazing prizes like a real celebrity. With high jackpots and great bonuses on offer, there is no end to the party as it immerses you in a real, high-class casino setting. An old-fashioned look with a modern twist and no cheats allowed. If the player wishes to feel like a star and apply his/her strategy, then play Golden Casino slot machine online now.

Hot to Play the Game

  • Play the Golden Casino free game as a standard 5×3 slot reel machine, with a total of 18 paylines and simple rules.
  • The basic symbols are the traditional card numbers used in most casino slots. The 10, J, Q, K and A, offering payouts between 5-300.
  • The higher tier ones are represented as poker chips. The red offers 25-400. Green awards 2-500. Finally, blue offers the most with 4-750. There is also the 100,000 gold bar which rewards between 2-1,000.
  • The Wild symbol is the game’s logo. This substitutes for any other symbol on a play line which helps fill in gaps for possible combinations. From the 2nd reel onwards it can double the payout of the higher tier symbols.
  • The Scatter is in three different variations. If you score three or more of these symbols, a mini-game will start depending on which one was landed. There are the dice, the Blackjack and the Roulette wheel.

Play Golden Casino for real money, with its coin betting system. The number of coins that can be bet is a total of five. The coin value size can be adjusted from 0.01 to 2.00. When converted to real money, this means that the minimum bet that can be made is CAD 0.18. The max bet that can be made is a CAD 180.00. An auto-spin button is available to make bets for the player automatically, with the choice of instantly making the max bet by pressing the button right next to it.

The jackpot of the game is done by scoring five Wild’s in a row. This rewards a payout of 2,500. When the maximum bet has been made, this means the player can win a grand prize of around CAD 4,500.00.

How to Win the Golden Casino Slot Online

It has three different Scatter symbols when scored a number of times activate a mini-game:

  • The dice game allows the player to select a different multiplier, which applies to the next payout.
  • The Blackjack bonus game lets the player choose three different Blackjack hands offered. A bet multiplier will be rewarded after all hands have been revealed and the result the player receives. If they lose both hands, it’s 1x multiplier. If they win/tie against 1 hand, it’s a 2x. If they win/tie against 2 hands, it’s a 3x. If the player has a Blackjack hand, they are awarded a 5x multiplier.
  • The Roulette game is the hardest one to activate. Once done so, a Roulette wheel will spin round and stop on a colour, a number and how many free spins the player will receive. The reels during the bonus spins will contain the different numbers on the Roulette wheel. Multipliers are awarded every time the player’s number or any number of their colour appears on the centre reel.

The most obvious tips point toward aiming for any of these mini-rounds. Even if they score less than the jackpot, having them appear more often means that players can win more rewards in the long run. For example, if they score the 5x multiplier during the Blackjack game, this can turn the 1,000 payouts from the gold bar combination into a 5,000 win. When betting with the most money, players can win a massive CAD 9,000.00.

Parting Thought

While holding onto a retro feel, Golden Casino maintains that classic slot machine function whilst adding the twists and turns of modern gaming with a decent RTP rate. The bonus features are also a clever way of integrating famous casino games into one package, adding the bonuses that come with them even better. While most casinos online go either way, Golden Casino perhaps has the most balance of both world, making it an opportune and gripping slot machine to play.

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