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Slot Type:
video slot
9 paylines
Slot features:
Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol

Dead or Alive 2 is a slot sequel of the same title from NetEnt. The game’s theme is the Wild West of the 1800s, and it offers players nine paylines. Players can also expect to augment their winning odds through the slot’s wild symbols—a total of five bandit outlaws. There is also a scatter symbol in the form of a bull’s skull.

General Information about Dead or Alive 2

NetEnt released the game in 2019 as a sequel to the first one, which was released in 2013. Dead or Alive 2 has an RTP of 96.82%, and it has a high variance. Here, players have to take the role of bandits and complete some missions like the Train Heist and the Old Saloon.

Here is what you can expect from our Dead or Alive 2 slot review:

  • We will explain the game mechanics, including how to win and how the payouts are paid.
  • We will also share some tips on how to make the best out of this slot machine.

How Do You Operate the Slot?

To play the game, simply select your bet level, or the number of coins you want to wager for each payline, and the coin value. The coin value is the actual currency of each coin. Once done, spin the reels and wait for them to stop. If you win any, the prizes will be automatically credited to your slot balance.

You can opt for an autoplay button or max bet button. The first will spin the reels instead of you for up to 1000 times, the second will adjust the highest bet and spin the reels once.

Minimum/Maximum Bet to Play

The minimum bet in the game is CAD 0.01 per line. You have a choice to bet one coin per line or max it out at two coins by using the bet level. At two bet levels at this coin size, your bet is CAD 0.02 per line. The maximum coin size is CAD 0.50, so the highest bet per line is CAD 1 (two bet levels per line).

The slot machine has a total of nine fixed paylines, which means that your selected bet will be multiplied by nine. At the bet level two, you will be spinning the reels for at least CAD 0.18 per round, and for a maximum of CAD 9 per spin. You can complete online transactions using online casino Canada real money paypal.

NetEnt Dead or Alive 2 RTP

The RTP of the game is 96.82%. What this means is that for every CAD 100 that a customer spends, roughly CAD 97 of that goes back to the players. That amount does not necessarily have to go to the player. Rather, it is the amount that both the casino and the game developer pays out to all of those who are lucky enough to land a winning combo. The casino and the developer keep the rest as profits.

Important Feature Symbols of the Game

There are two main important symbols in the game. These are the wild and scatter symbols.

  • Wild – these are five different blocks that carry the faces of five outlaws. Each outlaw can be a base symbol or a wild symbol. If it is a wild, it is going to act as a substitute to a missing symbol that would have made a winning combo.
  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is the bull’s skull. Landing three of it triggers coin payout. This also triggers the free spins.

Free Spin Bonus

The slot machine awards free spins where the game will spin on its own. It will pay you prizes at no cost to you at each spin. You can win this if you land at least three scatter symbols on the grid. The scatter also pays out coins, which will be discussed later.

For as long as you dropped three bull skull symbols, you will receive 12 free spins initially, with a chance to get more in the bonus spins. All bets during this round will use the one that triggered the scatter symbols.

There are three selections before you begin the free spins bonuses in the game. Once you trigger three bull skull symbols, the slot machine will ask you to choose how you want to play the bonus.

Your choices are:

  • Old Saloon – if you land combinations that produce a win, the prize will be multiplied by 2x. You also get a chance to land sticky wilds. It is a wild that stays on their position. If the sticky wild appears, you get five more extra free spins.
  • High Noon – if two wild symbols appear on the same reel, they turn into a double multiplier wilds if used for a winning combo. If there are three wilds, it will become a 3x multiplier. They will also award five extra free spins.
  • Train Heist – there is a multiplier meter on this type of bonus that increases by 1x every time a wild appears. As the multiplier increases, you will also receive an extra spin. If you hit 16x multiplier, you will receive five more free spins.

Wild Symbols and Their Function

The slot machine is not typical because it has five wild symbols. All of these are bandits. They substitute for all symbols in case you are missing one from the required symbol count to make a winning line, but they cannot substitute for the scatter.

The five bandits are not always wild symbols. Sometimes, they would appear on the grid as ordinary bandit symbols. Apart from substituting, the wild also pays coins, as shown below:

  • 5x – 1,500
  • 4x – 150
  • 3x – 200

The wild pays in coins. These coins are values that will be multiplied against your bet level or coin bet, not your total coin stake. What this means is that at a bet level of two, the wild prize will be multiplied by 2, not 18.

Real Money Payout Matrix

Here is the slot machine’s paytable for the high-value symbols. All pays in the game are expressed as multipliers. They do not change regardless of your bet size.

The slot machine also has five low-value symbols from 10 to K. These low-value symbols pay between 2x and 100x your line bet.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line Sherriff’s Badge Revolver Fedora Boots Bottles
5 1,000 750 400 300 200
4 125 100 75 60 50
3 20 20 15 12 10

All pays are made according to your bet level and should be multiplied by your coin size. To understand it better, let us have a theoretical scenario:

  • Bet Level – 2
  • Coin Value – CAD 0.01

In this case, you are betting CAD 0.02 per line. For the spin, your total stake is 9 paylines X CAD 0.02 = CAD 0.18. If you landed a combo of four Sherriff’s Badge, your prize is 125 coins.

Now, since you wagered two coins per line, your prize is 125 x 2 = 250 coins. In terms of monetary value, you will get 250 coins x CAD 0.01 = CAD 2.5. At a bet of CAD 0.18, your profit is CAD 2.32.

To win, you must land at least three symbols of the same kind. These symbols must be on separate reels, but these reels must be adjacent to each other. Also, the symbols must be on specific spots on the grid, and you will find these positions on the game menu.

Game Design and Sounds

The game design follows the tradition of the old west where there are posters spread out across town. The slot machine does not make consistent sounds. At each spin, you will hear a single click of a gun’s barrel. If you land a winning combo, the slot will produce a gunshot that sounds like a ping.

Tips and Strategies to Improve Odds

The slot machine has a high variance, which means that the combinations are tough to land. With only nine paylines, it is a daunting task to line up several same symbols on any of these lines. Also, the high-value symbols do not compensate you for your overall stake if you landed only three of them on a line.

For example, a top bet of CAD 9 per spin will only yield CAD 7.5 if you landed a three-symbol combo of the fedora. Even if you win a combo, you still lose CAD 1.5 because you wagered CAD 9.

Because of this game dynamics, your best strategy is to hit the free spins bonus rounds or trigger a scatter pay. At a rate of betting two coins per line, or 18 coins in total, it takes only two scatter symbols to win CAD 18 at a bet of CAD 9.

To improve your winning odds, the best thing to do is to bet CAD 0.01 but wager the maximum bet level. With this strategy, you are only spending CAD 0.18 per spin, with a chance to win CAD 100 if you land five of the bull symbols on the grid.

Mobile Version vs Desktop Version

The mobile and desktop versions are the same in terms of game mechanics. You can launch the Dead or Alive 2 slot from any browser that can play HTML 5 or JavaScript.

For real cash games, you have to register at an online casino and deposit before you can bet and play. If the online casino requires that you download their app, then do so as it will give you better gaming experience. For the demo version, there is no need to register. You do not have to provide any financial or personal information to be able to play and practice.

Dead or Alive 2 Biggest Jackpot Amount

The biggest pot that a player can win here is 2,500x the total bet. Since the game allows a player to bet CAD 0.50 per coin at two bet levels on a line, the prize is as follows: 2,500 X 18 coins = 90,000 coins X CAD 0.50 = CAD 45,500.

At this highest payout, the player’s investment is only CAD 9. The volatility is high. Even if it is difficult to drop the symbols on win lines, the slot machine pays a handsome prize if you really get lucky.

To win this amount, what you need is to land the scatter symbol five times anywhere on the grid on a single spin. The odds of this happening is less than 1%. While the odds are small, the prize is surely worth it as it pays a whopping 5,000x of your overall stake.

Review Conclusion

If we have to rate this game, we will give it 7 out of 10 stars. It has the basic components that one would expect from a slot machine that sits on a 5×3 grid. The wild and the scatter symbols are great to have, but it is missing some exciting prizes like the progressive jackpot.

The game is best played by beginners. The gameplay is easy to understand, and it does not have confusing features like avalanche features or double grids.

Play Dead or Alive 2 now and test your luck. Test the strategy that we recommended earlier and see how it works for you. Use our demo version and play for a while to get a feel of the slot machine’s vibe. Once ready, head on to an online casino to play. Do not forget to claim your bonus if there is any, as this can do wonders in giving you lots of opportunities to win real cash.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Which online casinos offer Dead or Alive 2 slot game for real money?

There are various casinos that offer the slot game. Since the software developer is a world-renowned company, it has many online casino partners that offer its games, especially for a top title like this one. Some examples of online casinos where you can play are: Fun Casino, Video Slots, NetBet, Bet Victor, Coral, Genesis

How can I play Dead or Alive 2 slot for free?

If you want to test the game instead of paying in a casino, use our demo link. It is a browser-based game. As such, there is no need to download and install it. The demo version will allow you to play and enjoy the same game mechanics as the paid version. However, there is no game continuity in the demo—you will start with the same balance every time you play.

Where can I play Dead or Alive 2 for free?

You can play the slot machine for free from our website. All you need to do is to launch our demo link from your browser. Make sure that your browser can play HTML5 or JavaScript games. If you have a modern smartphone or an updated browser, this should not be a problem.

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