What Casino Game Has the Best Odds: All Card and Table Games Stats in One Place

What comes to your mind first when you think of casino games? We think of the best casino game odds, right? As much as we believe that we are playing for the thrill and action that the game provides, we are all playing to play successful bets. Even for fun, we never forget to think of our chances of winning and what could be the best odds in the game we play at our favourite casinos. Of course, the worst odds scare us too.

There are many casino games and various odds. As casinos are a source of money-making for many, some even use them for a living. This is the reason why it turns out to be imperative for them to keep a proper idea of the best casino game odds before they spend their money any further in the game. So, it is always better to have a good idea of the best casino game odds. By reading this article thoroughly, you will master this art in no time.

What Is The House Edge?

The house edge can be understood by considering the average loss that you can potentially have based on your initial investment. The return to the respective player can be calculated by subtracting the house edge from 100%. The casinos always aim to win more than their players earn to keep their casinos up and running. The best casino game odds are often fair and do not deliberately aim at stopping the players from winning the games. However, there would still be a certain percentage that would not favour the player.

While determining the best casino game odds, you must choose the game with the lowest house edge percentage. That would ensure that the odds against your success are significantly less. The house edge should not be seen as something that is an obstacle between you and the casino games. Some specific people audit the laws that have been made and enforced concerning gambling. The casino games are considered random, so everyone does stand a chance at winning and winning a considerable amount of money. However, you should always make sure that you are playing at a legitimate casino so that the odds are fair enough.

Guide to House Edge

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the house edge is calculated on the original amount you earn and not on the average wager; otherwise, it will be difficult for the player to estimate the amount they are going to lose. Let us make it even more straightforward for you. Assuming that the house edge is 10% and your original wager is $10, you can think of the house edge as 10% of every time you invest $10. It is always calculated on the original wager because the player does not know how much he will be wagering by the end of the game.

You must be thinking that knowing the percentage of house edge is all you need to understand while evaluating the best casino game odds. Still, it is essential to calculate the amount that could be lost on the basis of the original wager. For example, the game Caribbean Stud Poker has its house edge of 5.26%, but the ratio between potential money lost and the original wager is just 2.56% only.

This way, people can evaluate the best casino game odds even better. You are bound to find it helpful to include the possibilities of ties while calculating the house edge. That would give you a better picture of the risk that you are taking even after choosing the best odds. So, make sure you read this carefully.

How Do Casino Game Odds Work?

The best casino game odds are not very hard to find. Odds are an essential consideration when choosing the game you want to play, and this is the case not only with casino games but with all sorts of gambling games. Every casino game has different odds, and they can be defined as a fraction, decimal or percentage. The other types of odds are not included in the casino odds. The odds can be used to calculate your probability of winning or losing. They can also be used to calculate your winnings.

Let’s help you understand how the three types of best casino game odds work. The first one is fractional odds. Here, you can interpret the fraction 5/1 as winning $5 for every $1 you wager. The next one is decimal odds. Here, the decimal number represents the amount that you would be winning. The last one is percentage odds. Here, you can calculate the money you could win by applying a certain percentage to your wager. It can seem a hassle to sit and calculate the odds in your favour, but it is essential to find the best casino game odds for you.

Casino Games With the Best Odds

Wondering about the best casino game odds? We got you!


This game is a fun card game that requires a bit of strategy and luck. It is considered one of the best casino game odds and requires a bit of edge on your Mathematical skills as well. The odds in Blackjack are considered to be around 49% approximately. It is a commonly chosen game among beginners as well as professional players because of the best odds. The house edge of this game is also 0.5%, so you only use this much of your original wager, and that makes it more appealing to the players. Blackjack’s best and most attractive part is that it can be played against the dealer when the dealer is also relying on luck only.

Blackjack is one game that is based on luck as well as skills and strategy. Even after other players are in the game, you can always bet against the dealer who, as mentioned above, is also relying on luck only. This game can help you win a big prize if you keep the odds in mind along with the house edge. In many casinos, the advantage that the dealer has is also 1% only.


One of the most famous card games, also considered one of the best casino game odds, is Craps. It involves making a bet against the player or the bank. Craps is believed to have its odds as 50% in your favour. This game is one that does not involve skills and strategies but is based on luck only. However, it has one crucial trick that everyone should know: making different bets. This would increase your chance of winning. If you keep making the same bets, thinking that your luck will shine, you might have the odds against you.

It is not tormentful to get the odds in your favour in the case of Craps. It just requires you to place bets on dice rolls, but this does not mean that you can not try and be better at this game. With practice, there is a chance of you being well-versed with the types of bets that could be in your favour, or you would have a better understanding of the number of bets you can make to avoid losing money because your changes were not enough. There is also a trick to go for bets with lower odds of success, but the winnings are high.


Roulette and Craps rank at the same level when it comes to the best casino game odds. This is one game where you spin your luck along with testing your skills. Here, we have a ball that is turned on a wheel, and the wheel is rotated in the opposite direction. Roulette is popularly known to people who like to make a lot of bets. So, if you are a beginner, you can have a great experience playing this game because of the number of chances you can put in and the pace at which this game moves on.

The odds in your favour in this game is 50%, the same as Craps. This game is entirely based on luck, and your chance of winning goes up with every bet you make. You can put your bets on an either number or, even more simply, they can be placed in either Black colour or Red colour. This makes your odds of winning a more precise 50-50. However, in many cases, for beginners, it is easy to get confused as to what is happening or what to bet on. In that case, you can always seek someone’s help at the table.


Poker is also a card game with a larger number of players. It is the last among the best casino game odds because there are no numbers that define the odds in your favour. It still makes it to the list because it is a game of skill strategy, and it gives you more power to decide your odds with your skills. An essential skill for Poker is the skill of bluffing. Most people, while playing Poker, love to bluff their opponents. However, this way, everyone starts to bluff so that you can use less bluffing as a strategy also.

The skills and strategy requirements in this game tend to drive away beginners. However, if you do not try it, how do you expect to learn the skills required to play this game? To get good Poker skills, you can try to play the game online for free and get better at it before you start playing it.

Video Poker does not make it to the best casino game odds list, and some of us tend to confuse the two. Considering the requirement of skills and strategies in Poker, professional players tend to win a lot through this game, which is what scares the beginners even more. They tend to think about how they possibly compete with professional players who not only play Poker for fun but also to make decent money.

Casino Games With the Worst Odds

Got a good knowledge of the best casino game odds? It is time to learn about the casino games with the worst odds.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune game is one of the most popular games under slot machines. However, these games have very low odds in your favour, around 10% to 25%. The people who are not a big fan of betting can play this game and keep their money based on luck. It is not that you can not win any money from this game, but there is not much chance that your luck will support you. Many people still choose to play it for fun, though. The house edge in this game is also 24%, and the wheel that you will be spinning has a few outcomes. One is also the Joker. You have to bet on which result from the wheel will stop at.

Even though this game is based on luck, you can always adhere to a few tips that can make the odds a bit in your favour. The information you can keep in mind is trying to stretch your money on several bets and increasing the number of rounds you can play. You can also try to make a fair plan for how much you wish to use while gambling on this game. If you are playing online, you can always check for bonuses and promotions.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most commonly played casino games. Do we know why this is so widely played even after not being one of the best casino game odds? We have an answer for you. These games are famous because they hold a lot of luck and fun. It is somewhat similar to what you read above. The more money you spend, the more are the chances of you winning this.

Tips to Beat the Casino Odds

We learnt a lot about the casino odds, including the best casino game odds and the worst casino game odds. Let’s see how you can beat the casino odds:

Focus on the Prize

Casinos come with many distractions that could keep your mind off the game. This is one of the tactics of the casino owners to get your mind away from the game so that your odds in favour of winning go down. As such, it will be wise for you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Trying the Law of Nature

When you are playing Roulette, notice how used up the wheel is. This will provide you with a rough concept of the velocity and intensity it will spin. The slower the wheel, the more chance it is to stop at specific numbers that you bet on.

Go Big with Your Betting

Do not hesitate to make a large number of bets. The worst casino game odds require you to make a lot of bets for them to work in your favour.

Know when to Quit

It is a bad idea to let yourself get carried away in the heat of the moment. The best casino game odds are attained when you know well when to call it quits.

Keep a Watch

Try always to wear a watch while playing at the casino. The casino owners are very smart, and they tend to keep their casinos free from any devices that could put the eyes of the player on the time they have spent playing. This contributes to you forgetting that you have to stop it which may ultimately lead you to play more and risk your winnings.


Remember that you have to practice it right even at the best casino game odds to stand a better chance at keeping the odds in your favour.

Try to Get Hold of the Most Unorganised Players

If you get hold of the most unorganised players, you have a great chance of outshining those players and winning.

The Bottom Line

The ultimate trick at the best casino game odds is to know how much is feasible for wagers and when to stop wagering your money. So this guide is here to help you be familiar with the things you can do and keep in mind. However, you must always try to put them to practice to become a professional casino player who plays like no other.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

What are the casino games with the best odds?

The casino games with the best odds are Blackjack, roulette, and craps with the odds of winning being at 49, 50, and 50 per cent respectively.

Are there any strategies to win slots?

The best strategy for slots is to leave while you are winning instead of waiting till you lose. Also, it is always better to bet on simple slots.

What are the games with the maximum House Edge?

Sic Bo, Keno, Slots, and Baccarat have the maximum house edge that goes well over twenty per cent.

Which game has the lowest House Edge?

Blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge. You can use different strategies that can bring the house edge down to 0.4 to 1.5 per cent.