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Slot Type:
video slot
1,000 x stake
Slot features:
Tiger Bonus, Free Spins, Big Win

A Brief Introduction to the 9 Tigers Slot Review

9 Tigers is a game based on the ancient Chinese concepts of the Yin and Yang forces. The game revolves around the tiger symbol, available in two different colours. These two symbols are opposed to each other and the objective of the game is to bring about a holistic balance between them.

How to Play the 9 Tigers Slot Game for Real Money and for Free

This game has a 3×3 playing grid and 8 paylines. Let’s see how to play this slot and how you can control this process.

  • Before the start of every game, a bet has to be placed. Bets can be raised or reduced by I level when you push the minus or plus button. There are buttons with different bet values. You can alter your stake by pushing any one of them. Bet value can be set to maximum when you click the last button.
  • The bottom right-hand shows a big circular button with two arrows. This is the Play or Spin button. This starts the game at the current stake level.
  • To its right is a smaller button with a yellow triangle inside. This is the Autoplay button. This helps you to choose the number of games. You can stop Autoplay when a win occurs or when the bonus game starts. Autoplay can also be stopped if a single win goes beyond the predefined limit. It also comes to a stop if the balance goes above or below the set value.

The Minimum/Maximum Bet for This Slot Machine

The bottom of the screen shows the list of bet amounts you can choose from. The smallest bet amount is 0.20 credits, while the highest value is 100 credits.

9 Tigers RTP

Before playing at any casino, any person would obviously be interested to know how much he can hope to win. This is given by RTP or the Return to Player. It is 96.15% in the case of the 9 Tigers slot machine which is at par with the industry average.

Different Levels of Volatility: Volatility refers to the risk intrinsic to a particular game. 9 Tigers have introduced a unique concept in this regard which they have patented. They have given players the power to choose how much and how frequently they want to win.

If volatility is high, wins will be big but their frequency will be very small. It is quite the reverse for low volatility. The value of prizes will be less but players can look forward to more frequent wins. Players can also opt for the medium or standard mode. This indicates that the prize money may be neither small nor large in value and they may win occasionally. This feature gives players some sort of control over their game.

Key Slot Symbols & Their Attributes

As mentioned above, the tiger is the main symbol that appears in two variations, yellow and blue. These two colours represent the two elements of nature, fire, and water, respectively.

Then there is the third symbol which is circular and is formed by the fusion of the two colours. This can be seen only when the Tigers Bonus feature starts.

Free Spins

A maximum of nine free spins can be awarded. For this, the user has to land on the reels opposing icons to the greatest extent possible.

  • The Yin and Yang symbol is formed when the two opposing icons come together on the reels.
  • The bonus rounds are launched when a wall of similar icons is created.
  • The Tiger symbols which help to create the wall will remain fixed on the reels.
  • At the end of nine free spins, the prize is awarded in accordance with the Tiger Bonus paytable. Its value depends on the number of Yin and Yang symbols.

Real Money Payouts

The paytable is shown below. This shows the payouts as well as the necessary combinations required for winning real money. It can also be seen from within the game by clicking the button labelled ‘i’. You will find this at the extreme left-hand corner. One can also get to know the highest payout through this.

Combination Tiger Symbol Combined circular Yin Yang symbols
9x / 100.00
8x Exclusive Tiger Bonus 50.00
7x / 10.00
6x 1.6 7.50
5x 0.8 5.00
4x 0.4 4.00
3x 0.3 3.00
2x 0.2 2.50
1x 0.1 2.00

Wild Symbols

In most of the online casino games, it is very common to find either a wild symbol or a scatter symbol or both. Well, the 9 Tigers slot game has neither but users won’t be disappointed for sure. There are a host of other exciting and unique aspects which will keep the customers enchanted and ensure that they keep coming back for more. And of course, there is the mighty multiplier since the maximum possible win is 1,000 times the amount you wager.

Graphics, Design & Soundtrack of this Slot for Free Game

The design of the 9 Tigers video slot consists of three reels and eight fixed pay lines. Three of these bet lines are vertical and five horizontal. In the background, you can see an ancient Chinese temple and beautiful gardens. The graphics are flashy, colourful, and breath-taking. The visuals are of high quality and pleasing to the eye.

Some Tips & Strategies

It is no doubt useful to know how to win before you start playing. Prizes are given out when a combination of three similar Tiger symbols appear on a bet line. The game has been structured in a peculiar fashion. You cannot win at the same time on seven pay lines, though this may happen on eight such lines.

This explains the mystery in the paytable above where seven numbers of yellow or blue tigers do not earn credits and hence their columns are blank in that row. The prize is not awarded separately for each winning line. Rather it is given when all favourable combinations appear on the reels at the same time.

Risk or Gamble (Double) Game – The Unique Feature

This is an exceptional new feature that can be launched at the end of each win. This further leads to an additional game where players have a 50% chance to double their prize right away. It is an admirable way to expand the scope of gameplay and can be repeated for a maximum of seven times.

  • On the screen in front of you, there will be two pots.
  • The pot on your left contains the yellow-coloured fire element whereas the pot on the right has the blue coloured water element.
  • The player who selects the right attribute correctly gets a generous prize in the form of his wins being doubled. It means that the tiger spirit has a big heart.

The Mobile Version vs Desktop Version

The Wazdan 9 Tigers slot game can be played with equal ease on both desktop computers as well as mobile phones. With more and more people increasingly playing games on the move, the software developer has made sure that this slot is fully compatible with different operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS.

The game has been made more convenient for the players through the use of different aspects built into the game. Ultra-Lite, Ultra Fast, Big Screen, Energy Saving, and Double Screen are the various modes that are very popular with the users.

9 Tigers Biggest Jackpot Wins

The biggest payout in this slot game is 1,000 times the stake which also happens to be the jackpot amount.

Summing It All Up

This oriental theme of Zen, the aspiration to achieve and maintain internal balance in life is still respected and believed in various parts of China and many other countries in the Far East.

Apart from all these they also have Adjusted Variance, Double or Gamble game feature, and a unique Buy feature. The last one ensures that the players don’t have to wait for a bonus round to be activated. They can simply buy it and start the same.

Internet Slots FAQ’s

Where can I play the 9 Tigers game for free?

There are a large number of online casinos that allow you the luxury to play this game for free. You can also take advantage of many exceptional features like a no deposit bonus feature which many of them may offer. But to play for free without registration - stay on our site.

Can I use a bonus to play the 9 Tigers slot machines online with real money?

Yes, of course. In fact, Wazdan, the software provider has introduced a special “Buy Feature”. This allows players to buy any attribute they want and enter the bonus round straight away.

Does the 9 Tigers game have Wild Symbols?

No, this slot machine does not have a wild symbol.

Is it safe to play the 9 Tigers slot machine?

Yes, the game is safe for playing as it’s developer has been certified by reputed regulatory bodies.

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