Zorro Pokie Machine

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Zorro Pokie Machine
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Slot Type:
Video Slots
5 000
Slot features:
Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol

Action movies are a favourite of many people, and the Mask of Zorro plus the Legend of Zorro are two such action movies which are highly popular among movie lovers. In this slot game, the developer brings to the gaming industry the action adventure.

All of your favourite characters from these two movies are present in this game as they re-enact what they did on the movie screen. For those who might not have watched the two movies, let’s just give you a glimpse of what to expect.

The first movie, i.e., The Mask of Zorro is about a young man who finds himself a mentor named Zorro. The young man is taught all there is to know when it comes to handling emotions and using the sword.

After a successful learning experience, the young man goes on to get his revenge on a group of policemen who worked in cohorts with a ruthless gang to kill his father.

The sequel follows in the same path. In order to enjoy this story unravel when spinning the reels, players need to set in motion the game’s five reels that come with 25 paylines.

Game Layout

The background of this slot game is not particularly stunning as it’s covered by a solid black colour that is patterned by some which lines.

The reels of this game are covered by a solid white colour while on the edges of the reels are two huge poles that have some coloured and numbered balls.

These poles resemble all the paylines that this pokie comes with. In all, Zorro’s graphics are not particularly impressive.

Game Features

This game comes with a loaded Control Panel. Gamblers playing Zorro free need not worry about the Control Panel, but gamblers playing Zorro slot for real money do need to consider some few things on the Control Panel before setting the reels in motion.

The first thing that concerns gamblers playing this pokie for real money is the Lines button. The Lines button is the button which allows players to adjust the number of bit lines that they want to wager across.

Players who want to save their funds may opt to adjust the bet lines downwards to a low of just one bet line.

However, gamers who are playing this slot machine for profits may opt to wager across all the 25 paylines. Regardless of the number of paylines that the player opts to wager across, the minimum bet amount that a player can use to spin the reels is 0.01 coins.

For players wagering across all the 25 paylines and using the maximum bet amount allowed, they will need 175 coins. Another important button that comes in handy is the Autoplay button which makes it possible for the player to let the reels spin automatically for a set number of times.


When playing Zorro casino slot online, your Wild is the Zorro character. This main character does come with incredible powers that allow it to substitute for other icons on the reels.

Players playing Zorro slot machine online will not have a scatter symbol. There is also no bonus icon when playing Zorro slot.

The standard symbols in this slot include Monastario, Juliana and letter icons including Z, O, R, A, J, Q and K.

Bonus Features

The main bonus in Zorro game is the Zorro Bonus round. This bonus game comes with its own set of bonus games. To trigger this bonus, all that players have to do is to land the letters Z, O, R, R, O in their correct order on an active payline.

The first sub bonus is the Z Wild which sees players earn three free spins in addition to an additional wild represented by Z, the second bonus is the Tornado in which the Zorro awards the player with a random cash prize.

The third bonus is the Magic Door in which the player has to pick one among three doors to reveal his/her prize, the fourth bonus is the Golden Coins in which the player has to flip two coins until they both land on the same side and in turn wins the combined cash prize reflected thereafter.

And the last bonus is the Barrel Bonus in which the player has to choose the multiplier and free spins s/he wants.

Additionally, there is the Gamble bonus that players can activate after a win which has the potential of doubling the player’s winnings.

This gambling casino machine comes with a progressive jackpot that can rise to a high of 5 000 coins.

Winning Tips

  • Zorro pays the most in this play fetching 5000 credits for five, 500 coins for four and 100 coins for three.
  • Juliana fetches 2000 coins for five, 250 credits for four and 50 coins for three.
  • Monasterio fetches 1000 coins for five, 100 credits for four and 50 coins for three.
  • Wine drum fetches 500 coins for five, 100 coins for four and 40 credits for three.
  • The red bag fetches 400 credits for five, 100 coins for four and 40 coins for three.
  • Back horse fetches 50 coins for five, 20 credits for four and 5 coins for three.
  • Letter symbols pay the least.

This is a slot game for action movie lovers as it focuses on action-adventure derived from the Legend of Zorro. This gaming machine comes with an RTP of 94.99 per cent.

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